Treatment Can Be Used in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Tom Nicholson

Newer studies are showing that visiting a chiropractor can be helpful for those who suffer from carpal tunnel. It can help just as much as conservative types of car, which can include pain killers and even splints on the wrist as well. As more research is done, it has shown that those with repetitive stress injuries can definitely benefit from chiropractic treatment. It can even help with healing and be just as helpful as other types of medicinal treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The philosophy behind chiropractics is based that the form of the body follows the function. This means that problems to the body that are not caused by an unfortunate accident are usually a result of misshapenness or even misuse of certain body parts. Specifically this form of medicine focuses on the spine and its problems, since the spine conducts all the energy to the rest of the body from the brain, which makes it very important.

Quite a few carpal tunnel patients are beginning to look to chiropractic medicine for some relief. Many like this option because they don't want to take drugs, they don't want to have any surgery, and they don't want to deal with immobilizers that can interfere with their life. Chiropractors are able to use other methods in order to treat problems with carpal tunnel.

In many cases this treatment can include manipulating the spine, the arm, or even the wrist. In some cases there are spinal issues that may cause carpal tunnel to occur. Usually chiropractors are able to use their hands to adjust the spinal column and they also use other tools that are very safe as well.

One tool they often use is ultrasound therapy. Special sonic waves that can't be heard by humans are used with ultrasound and are used on a specific part of the patient's body. The sound waves are able to deeply penetrate the body. They can help provide muscle relaxation, can take away some of the pain, and even take down some of the inflammation in the area. This helps to promote better healing.

And, DCs might put wrist supports on the CTS patient. These are used to prevent movement in the wrist so that no further irritation and inflammation can be caused. Wrist supports are typically worn just at night during sleep, so that during the work day there is not too much interference with the hand's functioning.

There is a lot of merit in another approach to CTS treatment, too, one that also uses "manipulation". This is the use of physical exercises that are specially designed to diminish the symptoms of CTS, and then prevent it from coming back again. Although chiropractic works for some people, there is not clear evidence that it works for all. But the exercises get right to the heart of the matter and can be used by anyone. There is also no need for the expense associated with paying a DC. Why not give exercise a try to prevent CTS? - 30540

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