The Truth Behind Nicotine and Lung Cancer

By Marc Riley

Does nicotine, the infamous substance in cigarettes, actually cause lung cancer? It is known that cigarettes are harmful, but what is the relationship between nicotine and lung cancer?

Lung cancer is widely known as a by-product of cigarette smoking. In fact, Lung cancer take more lives than all other cancers combined. There is no denying that cigarettes are bad for you, but is it the nicotine in cigarettes that's making trouble?

Nicotine is a component in almost all tobacco products, and it affects the users in a number of ways. In low doses, nicotine provides relaxation. In higher doses, it activates the nervous system, constricts blood vessels, speeds up the heart rate, and energizes the person. Nicotine is known to be addictive.

Although nicotine is addictive, it is not carcinogenic by any mean (cancer causing). There has been no good scientific report that shows nicotine cause lung cancer, or cancer of any kind. Moreover, some studies have shown that nicotine itself is not that addictive. When people go on nicotine supplements such as gum and patches, they discover that nicotine is easy to cut off than the cigarettes themselves.

So what in cigarettes actually causes lung cancer? It is simply the smoke. When tobacco leaves burn, they generate carbon monoxide, tar, free radicals, and other chemicals. When inhaled, these chemicals irritate your lung tissue and cause cell damage. Not only does this make the tissue more susceptible to infections, the damaged cells may develop into cancerous tumors.

So does nicotine cause lung cancer? No. The fact that nicotine gum and patches exist as OTC supplements is solid evidence. If nicotine was carcinogenic, the FDA would simply pull it off the shelves. After all, why would you quit smoking with the substance that causes problems in the first place? Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually the rest of the chemicals in smoke that cause cancer. Interestingly, the big and rich tobacco companies still manage to allow consumers play Russian roulette with their lives, one pack at a time. - 30540

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