High Blood Pressure And Depression, Is There A Connection?

By Christian Goodman

Jokingly a customer of the high blood pressure program recently asked me if there could possible be a link between hypertension and depression.

Both ideas have been studied; hypertension leading to depression as well as depression leading to high blood pressure. Research does reflect a link between the two.

Depression as the Primary and Hypertenstion as the result: People suffering from chronic depression or other anxiety are up to three times more likely to also develop high blood pressure.

What makes things worse is that people who have depression are more likely to over eat, smoke and drink too much. And they're less likely to seek treatment for high blood pressure.

Even from the result it is evident that people who did not engage in poor eating habits, smoking etc. also suffered from high blood pressure.

Therefore, researchers have concluded that change in hormones due to anxiety and depression can be a huge factor in causing high blood pressure.

Another factor are medications taken for depression which can have high blood pressure as side effects.

We can therefore definitely conclude there is a link between high blood pressure and depression.

Now we'll look at hypertension as the initial issue.

If you read on the label of many blood pressure medications, you'll see that one of the side effects most of them have is DEPRESSION. That's the main reason why high blood pressure caused depression.

This demonstrates how trying to solve one problem - in a wrong way - can cause endless problems in other areas.

And although the person who asked about depression was half joking, there is not doubt anxiety that goes along with knowing the hypertensive condition exists.

Stress shows up again and again as at least a contributor if not the cause of many problems. It really is no surprise that hypertension and depression can also result from it.

There are some way through which high blood pressure can be cured

Basically don't drink to excess when you see a rise in blood pressure after a drink.

Stop Smoking. It can create many problems including blood pressure.

Eat vegetables and fruits. It should be first on your list.

I have created several natural health guides. Including my natural blood pressure exercise program and weight loss breeze - which uses simple exercises to increase the oxygen level in the body and improve metabolism.

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