Two Vital Tips On How To Stop Panic Attacks When Driving

By Mimi Gelds

Those suffering from panic attacks often have their life grind to a halt because of them. They may not be able to participate in some of their daily activities. Staying home and not dealing with life is sometimes a better option for those suffering bad panic attacks. They can begin to "lose control" over a lot of things when they suffer a panic attack after all.

For instance, they may lose control over their bowels where they will need to spend time in the bathroom until the panic attack ceases. Many times a panic attack may feel like a heart attack; the person may be unable to breathe, the chest feels tight and races.

being behind the wheel of a car is the worst time to have a panic attack. Stopping panic attacks while driving is a common question for those who suffer form them. This is because they would like to keep themselves, and others on the road, safe.

Some Tips On How to Stop Panic Attacks While Driving

There are a couple of tips a person can utilize so that they know how to stop panic attacks when driving. How do you stop panic attacks while you are driving?

Tip 1 - Prevent An Attack/ Seek Outside Therapy

The single, most important tip that any person should follow when trying to stop panic attacks when driving is to prevent it from taking place. This means that the person should seek the help of a therapist who can figure out why the attacks seem to take place. Once identified a therapist will show you some relaxation techniques based on the triggers of the panic attacks to overcome them while driving. Once calm, the person can look for a place to stop for a time until the panic attack has completely ceased. This is without a doubt the best way to stop panic attacks and ensure everyone's driving safety.

Tip 2 - Pull Over

It is sometime not possible to remain calm enough to pull over when having a panic attack. So it's important to stop the car before a panic attack takes full hold. They should pull over to the side of the road and turn on their emergency lights. Once the vehicle has stopped, they can concentrate on keeping the anxiety at bay before the attack gets too bad.

Why is it so hard to stop a panic attack when driving when the person has all the tools they need? Concentrating on driving and the panic attack at the same time make sit more difficult. Not only do they have to worry with the anxiety and potential panic attack, they have to worry about the roadway and everyone else on it. What's the best way on how to stop panic attacks when driving? The most assured way is to find a safe place to pull over and then do the breathing and relaxation exercises discussed with their physician. - 30540

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