The Most Common Gout Causes

By Bart Icles

Gout is one of the centuries-old diseases known to man. This potentially debilitating disease typically affects men who are in their 30s, 40s or 50s, but can also affect any male or female of any age. While several kinds of treatment are available, many people still as what causes gout so they can help keep themselves from developing this kind of dreadful disease. There are several gout causes, and they can vary from genetic traits to lifestyle problems.

One of the most common gout causes involves genetics. If your family has a history of gout, it is more likely for you to develop this dreadful disease. In fact, about'% of those who suffer from gout have a family history of this medical condition. This is usually due to an enzyme defect that can interfere with how your body breaks down purines. Another common cause of gout involves gender and age. As have been mentioned, gout is more commonly observed in men than in women. It also affects more adults than children, although it is possible for a 7-year old kid to suffer from this kind of disease.

Obesity is another common risk factor for gout. Being overweight can increase your chance of developing gout because you have more tissue to replace or breakdown. When this happens, you have more chances of producing excess uric acid.

The kind of lifestyle you lead is also one of the most common gout causes. Eating too much food that is rich in purines can increase your chances of being affected by this potentially debilitating disease. When you are already suffering from gout, it is best that you keep your diet free of purine rich foods. Drinking too much alcohol is also a primary cause of gout. Alcohol can greatly interfere with the proper elimination of uric acid from the body, so it is best that you try to drink moderately.

Other gout causes include exposure to lead in the environment, as well as the intake of certain medications. There are some cases wherein the use of medicines can lead to excess production of uric acid, which can result to having high levels of uric acid in our body fluids. These medications include diuretics or medicines taken to help eliminate excess fluids from our body. Other medications that are considered as risk factors for gout include salicylates like aspirn, niacin or nicotinic acid, cyclosporine (which is an immunosuppressant), and Levodopa (which is used in treating Parkinson's disease). - 30540

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