Treatment For Gout Can Be Natural

By Kathy Nelson

In most cases gout will normally, attack one joint only in the body but when it does it is often very sudden as well as being a very intense pain. In most cases, the most common part of the body that this ailment affects is the big toe (metatarsophalangeal). When it comes to gout treatment, there are certain things that the person suffering from this ailment are looking for it to do.

Gout treatment needs to deal with not only the pain but the inflammation or swelling of the joints. There are many medical solutions that seem to treat either the pain or the inflammation, treating both while also keeping the user lucid and active is the ideal solution.

As we all become more wealthy and our lives become more busy our diet is becoming worse. Gout is a disease that is directly affected by what you eat, if you eat a diet high in purines and don't take in enough fluids then your chances of getting Gout are high. If you already have Gout then your attacks will be made worse by your dietary habits.

When someone goes to their Dr looking for some Gout pain relief they are normally give some anti inflammatory drugs and sent away to see how they get on. If the pain continues then the Dr may try other options , all these treatments will be most effective when combined with a change in diet.

In most cases when prescribed a person is required to take the maximum dosage of NSAIDS until such time as the symptoms of the gout attack begin to subside. Then once they do, a person will be required to continue to take the medication prescribed for at least another 48 hours when both the inflammation and pain should no longer be present.

As well as the NSAIDS, another form of prescribed treatment for acute gout attacks is Colchicine. But unfortunately unlike the NSAIDS this form of treatment does not actually cure the problem instead what it does is reduces the inflammation caused by an attack and so it only relieves the inflammation or prevents an attack from occurring altogether.

Gout affects different people in different ways, some people will have a small amount of constant pain while others will get rare but more intense flare ups. With this in mind you may need to change your regime of medication taking, some people benefit from taking small amounts of medication regularly each month while other s who have gout will take huge doses much less frequently.

However, which gout treatment you use will be largely depend on your current health conditions along with which one you prefer. But before taking, your doctor will look closely at how acute the gout is before they make a final decision on the course of treatment for you. - 30540

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