Begin Finding Relief for Yourself With Easy Carpal Tunnel treatment

By Tom Nicholson

Some studies have led medical health practitioners to the conclusion that carpal tunnel syndrome can be successfully treated with increased supplementation of vitamin B6. This research concludes that CTS is brought on by the joints and ligaments in the hand and wrist becoming weakened by too little of this very important vitamin.

For instance, in research conducted by the Portland Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Center in Oregon, 441 people were examined and it was concluded that in these patients higher levels of vitamin B6 corresponded with fewer incidences of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. PHSRC also concluded that higher levels of vitamin C in proportion to lower vitamin B6 levels corresponded with more incidences and greater frequency of flare-ups of carpal tunnel symptoms. Similarly, Japanese university student research with a random sample of 174 students concluded that lowered levels of vitamin B6 led to increased risk of getting CTS.

There are many ways to get enough vitamin B6 into your diet besides the ubiquitous gel caps. You can also get this vitamin from a long list of good for you foods. Turkey, sunflower seeds, salmon, pork, mangoes, chicken, brown rice, barley, bok choy, bananas, and avocados are all high in the vitamin. Also be aware that drinking a moderate amount of beer can raise your levels of B6. There are several ways, though, that you might find yourself in a vitamin B6 deficit. For instance, women who take oral contraceptives can find themselves running low on it, while consuming too much food with Yellow Dye #5 in it can have the same effect; it is found in some processed cheeses and some pickles. High stress is another thing that can deplete the level of vitamin B6 in your system.

When you go to start taking vitamin B6 supplements, you'll find that you are usually encouraged to start with 50 mg doses at three times a day. Be aware that they might cause increased urination and that you should not take more than 200 mg a day unless a physician tells you to do so. The concern is that when it is taken in quantities that are too great that they can harm you sensory nerves.

The issue of vitamin B6 being taken too often and acting a neurotoxin is something that has been a problem in the past. The fact that the vitamin is often routine prescribed by doctors and because it has become a natural part of the management of carpal tunnel syndrome have led some people to take it unwisely. When you are thinking of taking this vitamin for your CTS, remember that you should keep good dosage in mind and that you should understand your body needs.

So, can increased levels of vitamin B6 really prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? Or is this research too "iffy" and this supplementation too dangerous to be tried? One treatment for CTS which is known to be safe is performing a set of exercises designed specifically to removed CTS symptoms and then prevent future onset. No drugs, no possibility of overdosing, no "iffy" results; you strengthen your hand and wrist and CTS is gone and prevented. - 30540

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