7 Dry Skin Causes And Their Treatments.

By Peter Albertonach

Youve got dry skin, but why. What dry skin causes could possibly do that? Dry skin, its quite a scourge especially as you grow older. But what causes dry skin and what can you do about it?

There's many factors that can cause dry skin, and some are much more common than others.

Dry skin is much more common than you'd realize, especially as we get older, and there are so many people who are searching for treatments for dry skin. Some common dry skin conditions are easier to treat than others.

And dry skin can be so irritating. You skin can be dull and flaky, red, swollen and painful. And really really itchy.

Normal skin has an outer layer of oils that are naturally produced by the skin, and help protect our skin. But for various reasons these outer oils can be removed resulting in what is known as dry skin.

So lets have a look at 8 dry skin causes. Some easy to treat, some not easy to treat.

1. Long hot baths. Now of course like most women you love that bath as hot as you can stand it and for as long as you have the time. But that bath is stripping away those natural skin oils. A shower is better, not for as long and not as hot.

2. Skin care products and cosmetics. Is this a surprise to you? Is this the first time you've heard that many big brand name skin care products and cosmetics actually have ingredients in them that are dangerous to your skin?

Many of the ingredients used in big name products actually dry out our skin. For example mineral oil does just that. Mineral oil is common in skin care products, is a petrochemical derivative, in other words comes from crude oil. It dries and damages your skin but is used because it's cheap.

You are much better using high quality natural skin care products that won't damage your skin and will help you overcome your dry skin problem much more effectively.

3. Exposure to the sun. Sunburn is very damaging to the skin. It dries it out and can cause skin cancer. Avoid sunburn like the plague.

4. Weather. Dry cold weather can dry your skin, so if you live in a place where you get very cold dry winters you may get dry skin in winter. More humid summers and it may go away. Use a high quality natural moisturizer or even better a fully formulated natural skin care range that is designed to combat skin dryness.

5. Soaps and detergents. Modern soaps and detergents can also do this. And shampoos. Many of these contain harmful ingredients as well, and should be avoided. Deodorizing and anti bacterial soaps should be avoided, you don't need them. Any soap that makes a huge lather and makes you feel squeaky clean isn't good. Try changing your soap, choose a natural soap, deodorant free and fragrance free, and keep changing till you find one friendly to your skin.

6. Medical conditions like psoriasis, and drugs. There is a range of different medical conditions that can cause dry skin. For conditions like psoriasis and eczema consult your doctor, and be aware as well that there are some drugs that can also cause dry skin conditions.

7. Believe it or not itchy clothing can cause dry skin. So if your clothing itches junk it.

.There's 7 dry skin causes. But what dry skin treatments are there for this condition. As previously mentioned for medical conditions see a doctor or dermatologist. But in many cases you don't need to.

I have already suggested some dry skin treatments that will work for some. Keep showers shorter and cooler, use more natural soaps and shampoos, try soaps out until you find a good one for you. And be aware of choosing natural alternatives to any product that you put on your skin. They are often cheaper and safer.

And finally you should consider using high quality natural skin care products. Natural skin care products don't contain the dangerous ingredients that the big name skin care products contain. Rather they contain natural ingredients that moisturize very successfully, like Babassu oil from the nut of the Babassu tree, and avocado oil.

Surprising though it sounds, the very best natural skin care products, as well as working better and being safer than the big brand skin care products, and very cost competitive. That's because the company that makes them doesn't spend big on TV advertising then factor that into the price of the product.

So there you have 7 dry skin causes, most of which you should be able to treat yourself, using a combination of your new found knowledge about the causes of dry skin, together with a regime of natural skin care products. Those are the best dry skin care tips we can provide.

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