Vaginal Yeast Infection - Know More So That You Can Handle It

By Salli Smith

More often, people confused vaginal yeast infection from other vaginal infections and treat it as a sexually transmitted disease. This is understandable because the symptoms of yeast infection are almost the same with other infections: itchiness, soreness, burning sensation and discomfort.

Most often, people have difficulty treating this infection due to their habit of not knowing the causes of yeast infection. Here, you will understand more about yeast infection so that you can properly treat it.

Candidiasis or Candida infection is the medical term for yeast infection. It was named as Candida infection due to the yeast or fungi that are responsible for the infection, the Candida species. In the species of the Candida, the more likely to reproduce abnormally is the Candida Albicans. These fungi are commonly found in the skin folds of the human being. Once these fungi start to reproduce more than the good bacteria, the person will suffer from yeast infection.

You must understand that yeast infection is not caused by bacteria but by fungi. This means that you must treat yeast infection with fungal treatment rather than bacterial treatment. Otherwise, you are only killing the good bacteria that might hinder the production of these fungi. For instance, if you treat vaginal yeast infection by ingesting antibiotics, you are only accelerating the production of Candida species as the population of good bacteria is lowered.

However, what causes the fungi to reproduce inappropriately? There are numerous answers for this question but one possible vital explanation is the speed of the reproduction of fungi increases as the amount of good bacteria in the body is reduced. On other words, there are not enough good bacteria to balance out the effect of the fungi. As the fungi grow in number, the symptoms of yeast infection will gradually show.

In general, if you want to address the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection, you have to balance out the bacteria and fungi in your body. You may achieve this by drinking yogurt, products that contains good bacteria. You may also need to kill the fungi that cause turmoil. To do this, try eating garlic or placing garlic clove in your vagina. However, before doing any treatment make sure that you seek medical advice first to prevent possible side effects. - 30540

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