Wrist Braces Are Useful For Alleviating Wrist Pain

By Tom Nicholson

One of the most general issues in postindustrial times is wrist pain. This problem has been dated back to the Industrial Revolution and was then referred to as "weaver's wrists", which covered a few conditions. A popular device that helps in the treatment of wrist pain is the wrist brace.

These days wrist pain will be caused by tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or a sprain. The job of the wrist brace differs in each case so you should get a proper diagnosis to see how to wear your wrist brace to promote a speedy recovery.

Tendonitis happens when the tendon sheath becomes inflamed from overuse. This is very common for athletes that play sports that require you put a spin on the wrist such as racket ball or tennis. The wrist brace will prevent the tendon sheath from moving. This is generally combined with anti-inflammatory drugs or icing. The wrist brace used for this problem will let the wrist flex up or down however not side to side.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is compression and inflammation of the nerve sheath for the median nerve that goes over the joint of the wrist. People usually feel both wrist pain and 'funny bone' pinched nerves in the hand, which will go from the base of the fingers all the way up the forearm to the elbow.

People get carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive stress injuries such as typing excessively or using a mouse too much. In serious instances, it can impair the use of the hand. Wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome function by preventing the wrist from moving in a vertical motion because most of the time this issue is caused by people having bad posture when typing. They do not move their wrists at an adequate angle where the nerve can be compressed.

Wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome are almost the same as a wrist brace used for tendonitis, however they are adjusted differently. They are not generally as tight on lateral movement and provide more support to the underside of the wrist. Many will have a rigid insert on the underside of the wrist to prevent you from moving your wrist like a hinge.

A sprained or broken wrist will sustain injuries to the ligaments around the wrist joints; however, unlike tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, these issues will heal with little physical therapy. The function of a wrist brace for a sprain is to prevent any movement of your wrist at all. This will of course influence how you can use the injured hand a lot.

No matter what the issue that needs you to wear a wrist brace, make sure you spend the time needed to read the instructions on your wrist brace. When putting it on, do not pull too tightly on the straps or you will prevent blood flow. Don your wrist brace whenever you feel a bout of your condition coming on. - 30540

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