Ambi Fade Cream Ingredients For Skin Bleaching

By Kelly Weiren

Ambi is a popular brand of skin care products which includes the Ambi Fade Cream. It has become a household name when it comes to effective treatments for reducing freckles, sun spots and other forms of skin darkening. The product can even visibly reduce age lines. This probably explains why the product is also attracting a huge following from those who want to achieve a more radiant complexion. According to the product's marketing campaign, results from using the product will be visible in two weeks. This might be true for a small number of users but it can actually be misleading for a majority of consumers. Here are some of the things that you should know about this product.

What makes it work?

Ambi Fade Cream boasts a triple action method that includes ingredients and components like Alpha Hydroxy, Octinoxate, Vitamin E, and the initial active ingredient called Hydroquinone that takes up 2% of the formulation (together with Octinoxate). Basically, these two make up a bigger percentage of the entire formula.

Is it safe?

For many years, a lot of cosmetic products and skin care products contained hydroquinone until the substance was banned in 2001 due to its potentially dangerous side effects. Even if it is very promising when it comes to lightening your skin, the long-term effects of hydroquinone are very dangerous, since it has cancer-causing elements that can promote hydroquinone hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, it is also linked to disorders such as blood diseases, ochronosis (skin thickening and darkening), and adrenal gland abnormalities.

On the other hand, octinoxate functions like sunscreen that blocks the sun's UVB. It is also commonly added in most sunscreens regardless of its instability when exposed to sunlight. The instability is described by the ingredient turning into Z-octyl-p-methoxycinnamate that cannot absorb UV rays effectively. Furthermore, since it can easily be absorbed by the skin, octinoxate may lead to developmental and reproductive toxicity, making it unsuitable for children and pregnant women.

Even if Ambi Fade Cream claims that it only has a small percentage of those elements, it can still cause the aforementioned side effects. This safety issue trounces the cream's purported benefits - such as immediate results and easy online availability.

Aside from having hydroquinone, Ambi Fade Cream can only be used by those with normal skin and not by those with sensitive skin types. The full list of its ingredients is not completely disclosed because of its possible adverse effects, casting doubt on the product's reliability. - 30540

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