Read About 3 Things You Can Do to Further Your Treatment For Eczema

By Blake Helton

Most short term treatment for eczema focus mainly on healing your wounds and reducing your discomfort. Long term treatments, on the other hand, make your skin and overall health stronger. This means you heal more quickly and are able to prevent future outbreaks. Long term treatments also compliment short term therapies because your eczema flare ups are less severe. In this article, you will learn three natural, long-term techniques to help you better control and treat your eczema.

Ultraviolet, or UV, light is believed to be an important component of a long-term eczema cure. However, sun exposure is believed to make eczema more severe because the levels of UV and other forms of light do not remain constant. It is also too easy to get too much light. When you have too much light exposure it can dry out your skin and worsen your eczema. There are also often environmental irritants and allergens in the air that further trigger eczema.

There are drawbacks to getting your UV light naturally, but there is still substantial evidence to suggest that UV light is beneficial as an eczema treatment. It can help improve your skin's natural barrier ability and it is anti-bacterial, meaning it can kill foreign germs on your skin. In order to control the amount of UV light you are exposed to you should purchase a sunlamp from your local health store. You should sit under your sun lamp for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day to start improving your skin's health. This does not need to be a specifically allotted portion of your day, you can sit under the lamp while you read, do homework, watch television, or do similar tasks during your day.

Another great treatment for eczema is salt water. Like UV light, salt water can kill or neutralize the irritants and allergens your skin is exposed to. Furthermore, the minerals in salt water can actually promote your skin's natural barrier function to enhance your body's ability to protect itself from irritants and allergens that cause eczema.

A great way to use salt water is to soak in a salt water bath. This way you can immerse all of your skin. Soaking in a bath is also a great way to relieve stress. If you cannot soak in salt water, you should at least wipe down your skin with a cloth soaked in salt water. This will help remove foreign substances from your skin. Please remember that salt water will sting an existing eczema lesion so it is best to use this treatment preemptively.

When you are stressed it aggravates the reaction your immune system has to your eczema triggers. This stress releases toxins into your system which makes your eczema more severe and more difficult to heal. If you can reduce your stress then you can better control and treat your eczema.

There are several things you can do to help eliminate stress. One of the most important things you can do is to get plenty of sleep. Adequate sleep gives you the energy you need to handle a stressful day without being anxious or overwhelmed. Furthermore, your body enters a state of renewal when you sleep. When you get enough sleep you are giving your body plenty of time to heal eczema. You are also giving your body time to strengthen your skin in order to prevent an eczema flare up. In addition to sleep, you should try to relax, even if just for a few moments, throughout the day. You might even try massage or aromatherapy to help you relax.

Light therapy, salt water baths, and relieving stress will help strengthen your skin and improve your overall. These are very safe, natural tips that will help your skin better protect itself from future eczema outbreaks. If you follow the tips in this article you will soon find that you are healing more quickly, have flare ups less frequently, and that you can finally control your condition. - 30540

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