A Mere 1 In Every Ten Men Know About HPV

By Rudolf Michaels

Only One In Every 10 Men Are Aware Of HPV

A new Danish survey with just about 20,000 Danish men, proves that only one in every 10 men aged' to 45 years, have knowledge of HPV - the virus which for men can cause penile and anal cancer and cervical cancer for women. Results proposes, that men walks around thinking that the HPV virus does not affect them. But men actually do have a great responsibility.

-They do, because HPV is a virus, mainly spread sexually. It is consequently really vital that men are aware, that they are carriers in relation to women and cervical cancer and that they can develop for example, penile cancer, anal cancer and certain forms of cancer of the head and neck region, "says researcher Ann Nielsen from the Danish Cancer Fighting, who is the major author of the survey.

The study illustrates that few men are informed about about HPV, and this is regardless of whether they are' or 45 years.

-For women, research prove that older women are more aware of HPV rather than younger women. Yet this does not apply to men, says Ann Nielsen.

While there has been further understanding of HPV and vaccines, Ann Nielsen does not feel that it has reached the men yet.

-When we interviewed the men, there were an incipient attentiveness of HPV. The first vaccine against cervical cancer was - at the time - just entering the Danish market, explains Ann Nielsen.

HPV is mostly sexually transmitted. At present all girls born in Denmark in'96 or later are offered a free HPV vaccination as part of the general vaccination program. Additionally, all girls born in'93,'94 and'95 received the offer of free vaccination. So far Danish boys will not be offered free vaccination.

Ann Nielsen points out that there really is a vast need for information efforts towards men. - Not simply related to sexual life. We also have to do with a target audience - fathers with children who are offered vaccination. It is very essential that their understanding is good, when they should consider whether their daughter should be vaccinated, says Ann Nielsen.

Need for knowledge American studies have also shown, that an increased focus on HPV means an increased knowledge. In the U.S., the number of anal cancer and head and neck cancer incidents has grown.

-We estimate that the same applies in Denmark. And we must not lose sight of the genital warts - something that many men and women suffer from. We estimate that around 10 percent of all men, at some time in their lives, become infected with genital warts.

Therefore, it is simply needed to have knowledge and awareness out to the audience, says Ann Nielsen.

The study is published in European Journal of Cancer Prevention. - 30540

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Some Common Reasons Behind Eyelashes Falling Out

By Melanie A. Thompson

Falling eyelashes has become more of a common occurrence than ever before due to a variety of reasons. Environmental factors are a big reason as the toxins and pollutants in the air can make eyelashes more prone to breakage. Other factors are medical as well as usage of bad cosmetics or allergic reactions to chemicals present in eye make up.

Sometimes mental stress causes the person to develop a habit of pulling the eyelashes or constantly rubbing this region. This psychological condition of trichotillomania results in eyelashes falling off.

Another chronic trouble is Blepharitis that leads to the eyes becoming red and watery. It is accompanied by a burning and itching sensation. Invariably the person starts to constantly rub the eyes. As a result the hair follicles get damaged and drop off.

Another malaise is called alopecia Areata. It results in persistent loss of hair in parts of the body having hair. It is very rare for this disease to be confined solely to the eye region.

Eyelids sometimes get crusted and in acute cases treatment becomes necessary. This too leads to loss of eyelash hair. This also leads to bacterial infections and makes the eyelashes weak. Sometimes a person may be allergic to certain ingredients in the cosmetic and this may also cause eyelashes to fall off.

Taking precautions or the right treatment will soon stop the breakage of eyelashes and hopefully your cry of why are my eyelashes falling out will become a thing of the past!

Some of the eye cosmetic stuff contains ingredients that lead to allergic reactions for particular users. It is best not to share eye make up including brushes among too many persons as this leads to spread of infection and falling hair. - 30540

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By Conrad Hanner

Sure, there are the medications, and there is the exercise that you must keep to when you are being treated for diabetes. Added to all that, there is the diet. It is still a balanced diet, but not in the conventional sense anymore. This time it is a diabetes diet.

You had your chance as a kid growing up, and you busted it. Now you have to live with the consequences of a diabetes diet. You needn't be so grim about it though; it's not like the foods are not sweet, merely that they are restricted.

Your life does not end simply because you got diagnosed with diabetes. The living is different, particularly with the new diet, but even you could do that with little trouble. Just get the new protein filled foods and begin cooking and eating them with the same glee you once used to enjoy all those carbohydrates.

A diabetes diet is mostly bye-bye to high-calorie and low-protein foods, and welcome to the opposite. You may have thought it was that bad, but really it isn't. You can love it too.

You have got to be careful what you eat, now that you know that you have diabetes. Never mind, a trip to the dieticians should help set you on the right track. Some things you need to cut back on, and others you need to pick up. Be sure you have it down right.

Common sense is the key to eating right when you have diabetes. You know what got you there in the first place by now, so you know that the reverse is what you need to be eating now. Confirm your suspicions with a qualified person, and then get right into it.

You need a regulation of sugar intake in your diabetes diet. Don't take the raw types, but the type that is cleverly embedded in your food so that the glucose can get into your blood. That should be safe enough. I do suggest that you pick up the proteins, though.

There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to once you learn about the diabetic condition after a diagnosis, not the least of which is the diet. What I can tell you about that is that you need to listen to the doctor or dietician. It is not a joke; you simply cannot eat just anything because if your condition cannot handle it, you could kick the bucket for it.

The food you have to be eating when you suffer from diabetes is not exactly bad; it's just something that you are not used to. What you need to work on is getting your system and your tastes adjusted to it. The sugar simply has to be less, and the proteins more.

A lot of folks dread their diabetes diet because they are being forced to eat what they must and not what they wish. That is what you need to break away from: the tendency to dislike it. Once you can have your mind focus on pleasures instead, you will get by, I assure you. - 30540

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Senior Home Care For Osteoporosis Patients

By Rachel Stewart

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes degeneration in bone density. It usually happens to people as they age, but if a person has not participated in sufficient physical activity, the loss in bone density can begin at a much earlier time. That kind of bone loss can lead to serious injuries.

These injuries will usually happen in the hips and the bones of the spinal column. If, however, the disease is caught early enough it is preventable. You can start to involve yourself in healthy activities like weight training, hiking, jogging, martial arts, or dancing and start rebuilding the strength in your bones.

Some people will be more at risk of osteoporosis than others, and there are many things that you can do that will increase or decrease that risk. For example, females over the age of fifty or anyone with a history of osteoporosis in the family will be more susceptible to the disease than others.

Many other factors can have an impact on you as well. If you use blood thinners to control blood pressure or if you have consumed large amounts of alcohol, you may increase your risk. Also, if you have had hormone blocking anti-cancer treatments or have experienced early onset menopause, or even if you just haven't participated in much physical activity, the risks could increase.

Also, if you have had deficiencies of vitamins C and D, if you smoke or have been a smoker, or if you have had a previous fracture due to bone loss, or any arthritis or thyroid conditions, especially if you have a thin or small body frame, you will have a heightened risk of developing the disease.

If the depletion of bone density is discovered after the onset of osteoporosis, there are therapies and treatments that can help strengthen the bones and reverse the effects of the disease. It is highly advisable to consult with a senior home care provider to discuss your needs and the available treatment programs.

A senior home care specialist will be able to offer you educated advice on how to plan your nutritional diet and act as a fitness trainer to help you develop the routines that will be most beneficial to you. If you start taking care of yourself, you will be more likely to avoid these problems in the future.

Once you have a regularly scheduled appointment with a senior home care provider, you will begin to feel the difference in your strength. You will, of course, have to be cautious with your body, but regular exercise will gradually start to increase the density of your bone mass. - 30540

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Calcific Tendinitis: What to Consider When Diagnosing

By Tom Nicholson

A painful condition of the rotator cuffs and shoulders, calcific tendinitis is the result of calcium buildup under the shoulder blade in the tendons of the shoulder and around the rotator cuffs.

While no solid cause for calcific tendinitis has been pinned down, blood levels of calcium indicate that it's not excess calcium in the diet. If you've been diagnosed with the condition, don't cut back on your calcium intake; it will just cause your body to scavenge the calcium from your bones to make up the lack (calcium is an important metabolic nutrient, not just what makes up your bones.)

Some have speculated that calcific tendinitis may be caused by a metabolic condition, or that those with kidney problems may be at greater risk of developing these types of calcium deposits. However, again, this is only a guess and not a definite diagnosed cause. It's also known that overuse of the rotator cuff or injury does not cause calcific tendinitis, either. You CAN develop rotator cuff tendinitis with overuse, which is tendinitis that occurs without calcium deposits in addition.

Those above the age of 30 are generally seen to be at greater risk of developing calcific tendinitis, since the condition is rarely seen in those under the age of 30.

What are the symptoms of calcific tendinitis?

Calcified tendinitis is typically symptom free; the calcium nodule builds up under the rotator cuff, and it isn't until it sheds crystals that any pain occurs. If the calcium deposit grows deeply enough, it won't be felt as a lump or anything, though it may cause shoulder impingement syndrome if you raise your arm over your head.

Oftentimes, what happens is that the calcium crystals in the deposits begin to shed off and cause the tendons to inflame. This is often the first symptom of calcific tendinitis, as many people aren't even aware they have until they experience this. Surprisingly, this is also when things may begin to "turn around" for the condition, because this is when the body may reabsorb those calcium deposits.

The onset of symptoms can be sudden, and the recommendation is that you stretch and maintain your full range of motion.

If the pain is very bad, it may be worth it to go to a general practitioner; an x-ray will show the calcium deposit clearly. In addition to aspirin, there's often recommendations to ice the shoulder, and to do range of motion exercises.

In some rare cases, your doctor may decide that it's necessary to go invasive, and use a hypodermic needle and syringe to break up the calcium lump and remove the pieces. In extreme cases, this may take an arthroscopic surgical procedure to do completely and remove all traces of it from the trauma site. - 30540

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Wrist Braces Are Useful For Alleviating Wrist Pain

By Tom Nicholson

One of the most general issues in postindustrial times is wrist pain. This problem has been dated back to the Industrial Revolution and was then referred to as "weaver's wrists", which covered a few conditions. A popular device that helps in the treatment of wrist pain is the wrist brace.

These days wrist pain will be caused by tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or a sprain. The job of the wrist brace differs in each case so you should get a proper diagnosis to see how to wear your wrist brace to promote a speedy recovery.

Tendonitis happens when the tendon sheath becomes inflamed from overuse. This is very common for athletes that play sports that require you put a spin on the wrist such as racket ball or tennis. The wrist brace will prevent the tendon sheath from moving. This is generally combined with anti-inflammatory drugs or icing. The wrist brace used for this problem will let the wrist flex up or down however not side to side.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is compression and inflammation of the nerve sheath for the median nerve that goes over the joint of the wrist. People usually feel both wrist pain and 'funny bone' pinched nerves in the hand, which will go from the base of the fingers all the way up the forearm to the elbow.

People get carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive stress injuries such as typing excessively or using a mouse too much. In serious instances, it can impair the use of the hand. Wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome function by preventing the wrist from moving in a vertical motion because most of the time this issue is caused by people having bad posture when typing. They do not move their wrists at an adequate angle where the nerve can be compressed.

Wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome are almost the same as a wrist brace used for tendonitis, however they are adjusted differently. They are not generally as tight on lateral movement and provide more support to the underside of the wrist. Many will have a rigid insert on the underside of the wrist to prevent you from moving your wrist like a hinge.

A sprained or broken wrist will sustain injuries to the ligaments around the wrist joints; however, unlike tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, these issues will heal with little physical therapy. The function of a wrist brace for a sprain is to prevent any movement of your wrist at all. This will of course influence how you can use the injured hand a lot.

No matter what the issue that needs you to wear a wrist brace, make sure you spend the time needed to read the instructions on your wrist brace. When putting it on, do not pull too tightly on the straps or you will prevent blood flow. Don your wrist brace whenever you feel a bout of your condition coming on. - 30540

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Ear Ringing Remedy - Simple And Quick Solutions

By Tommie Dixon

Did you know that there's a health problem called Tinnitus? It is a problem where each case differs from one person to another. When you all of a sudden experience a sort of ringing in your Ears or head that slowly intensifies and becomes a common event then you're afflicted with Tinnitus.

Patients hear noises that usually alter in power during different occasions. A number of people may have a case of determined and loud tinnitus while a few may not be aware that they have it. Because there is not any definite source where the sound is coming from, tinnitus can be tough to diagnosis and cure. Luckily , there are several different options for curing tinnitus and many of us have already found an ear ringing remedy that worked for them.

As the remedies for tinnitus are in depth, the neatest thing to do in order to find the best technique for your present position is to try them all out. And if you think that you have attempted all of the available treatments to make the ringing in your ears stop, then try some more by considering the tips below. One of these might just work for you.

1. Herbal and minerals options

Many people take supplements like magnesium and zinc to ease their tinnitus. Other most commonly used herbal additions include Ginkgo biloba and B Vitamins. According to Users, these can effectively cure tinnitus.

2. Homeopathic remedies

based on the indicators of your tinnitus, there are suitable homeopathic remedies available. So, you should identify the cause of your tinnitus first before getting into these sorts of remedies. You can even perform some research online for some symptoms which You might have and its corresponding homeopathic cure.

3. Acupuncture

This is another well known ear ringing remedy which tinnitus patients have found extraordinarily helpful in relieving their tinnitus. On the other hand, the consequences of acupuncture are not Permanent. - 30540

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What Is The Connection Between High Blood Pressure And Depression?

By Christian Goodman

I recently received an email from a person asking me if there was possible a link between depression and high blood pressure. He was kind of joking.

Research does reflect a link between the two. Both ideas have been studied; hypertension leading to depression as well as depression leading to high blood pressure.

A person has three times less chance of getting hypertension, if he is not suffering from depression. Research say so.

What makes things worse is that people who have depression are more likely to over eat, smoke and drink too much. And they're less likely to seek treatment for high blood pressure.

But as strange as it may seem. Even people suffering depression that lived otherwise healthy live, also were more likely to suffer high blood pressure.

The change in hormones due to anxiety and depression can be a huge factor in causing high blood pressure. Researchers have confirmed this.

Another important cause for high blood pressure is the medication taken for depression. It can cause as side effect.

Given these factors, there is a link between depression and high blood pressure.

Let's see what makes hypertension to cause depression.

When you read the label of many blood pressure medications, it will be mentioned depression as one of the side effects. This is how high blood pressure can cause depression.

Once again, we see that in order to solve a problem we create a new problem.

Although the person initially was kind of joking, it's no question he was right assuming there may be a connection between the two conditions.

And the major cause for all these problems is stress. There is no wonder hypertension and depression can therefore also be caused by stress.

These Practices can help high blood pressure regardless of the cause:

some people see a spike in blood pressure after just a drink or two, and in those cases drinking is not recommended at all. Therefore, you should stop excessive drinking.

Smoking is the main creator of blood pressure. So stop smoking.

Raw vegetables and fruits should be the first on your list. Eat good healthy food.

My several natural health guides also includes natural blood pressure exercise program and weight loss breeze - which uses simple exercises to increase the oxygen level in the body and improve metabolism.

EL331014 - 30540

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Getting To Know Angular Cheilitis A Bit More

By Bart Icles

Do you notice sore lesions developing along the corners of your mouth? If you do, you are most likely suffering from angular cheilitis. This disease can affect anyone of any age but is more prevalent among adults. It is also sometimes referred to as cheilosis, angular stomatitis or perleche. When you are affected by this disease, you will notice inflammatory lesions along the corners of your mouth. It can affect either or both corners of your mouth and might appear to be pinkish or reddish. In most cases, the lesions can develop into deep cracks or splits and in severe cases, the cracks or splits can bleed. You will notice that is quite painful to move your mouth and shallow ulcers or crusts can also form.

The elderly are more prone to developing this kind of disease. Most people think that this is primarily caused by poorly fitting dentures but cheilosis can have different kinds of causes. Experts believe that this disease is caused by a fungus commonly known as thrush. Other pathogens can also cause people to suffer from angular cheilitis.

In some cases, the disease develops as a result of nutritional deficiencies, especially when the patient has insufficient levels of vitamin B12 or riboflavin. People suffering from iron deficiency anemia are also more prone to developing cheilosis. This disease can also be a part of a group of symptoms that define other conditions like the Plummer-Vinson syndrome, which is also referred to as the Paterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome.

While most prevalent among the elderly, angular cheilitis can also affect younger people, especially children and teenagers. A certain form of this disease, commonly observed among young people, is characterized by chapping of the lips. Young people often try to moisten their lips by licking them to help alleviate the problem but more often than not, this only worsens the condition. A more appropriate solution would be to moisten the lips with the help of a lip balm or petroleum jelly.

This disease can last for a couple of days, but can also affect patients for weeks and even months. Angular cheilitis can bring great discomfort to patients, especially when they are talking or eating. Many people are still looking for an effective way to treat this medical condition but there appears to be no single fool-proof way of treating it. Nevertheless, the discomfort can be lessened with the help of topical creams and antibiotic preparations. - 30540

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Understanding Genital Warts

By Anna Latrobe

Warts that develop in the genital area are known as 'condylomata acuminata', and they are passed on from one person to another through sexual activity where the human papilloma virus or HPV is transmitted. However it is not unusual for a person to contract the virus yet not develop warts, or at least not for a few months.

Warts initially show up in the moist areas of the skin and normally look like small pink lumps, however they can grow into larger cauliflower like growths that are a lot more uncomfortable for people

In a female genital warts sufferers, warts start off as small pink lumps in the vagina that can be itchy. It is advisable for a woman to see a professional medical practitioner if they think they may have warts, as they can grow on the cervix and the vagina canal which in some cases may be dangerous. Other symptoms of genital warts may be a bad smell, excessive vaginal discharge and even blood after sex

For males Genital warts are found on the penis and scrotum and may occur beneath the foreskin on men who haven't been circumcised. They are in general found in masses which are raised and rough and at the nastiest they will be clustered with a pearly appearance and a slightly darker surface.

Genital warts can be irritating and cause an uncomfortable itchy sensation, however they can be painless in certain instances. In severe cases the urinary tract can be obstructed which might cause bleeding, also an excessive amount of discharge may appear. The more time the virus is left without treatment then the worse it may become, as warts will multiply and the condition will become more severe. It is, without a doubt of real importance to discover a way to treat them successfully.

Usually when you visit a doctor and he/she thinks you have contracted genital warts, they will put a solution on the infected area to test for the HPV virus. pap spear tests are common in female patients. There are a range of different treatments that a doctor can choose from, however a topical cream is most commonly tried first.

Topical creams are usually the first line of defense that a doctor will try to remove the warts, however bare in mind that some creams are chemical based and toxic, which can be a problem due to the fast absorption into the bloodstream in some genital areas. Other treatment option include, liquid nitrogen for freezing, laser for burning and scalpels for cutting the genital warts off, all of which can be somewhat unpleasant for a patient.

Fortunately you can treat this condition without damaging your body by using a natural product and also in the reassurance of your own home without paying a hefty doctor's fee. - 30540

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What is MDS?

By Juno Pinkerson

A lot of people are somewhat familiar with different types of cancer like leukemia or MDS; however very few truly know what the causes for these illnesses are, or what treatment options are available. It is therefore very beneficial to have a clear-cut view of what myleodysplastic syndromes really are, before asking further questions regarding the subject.

Composed of a number of hematological conditions, MDS result when the body is lacking in a certain number of red and white blood cells. Issues with the bone marrow stem cell cause an abnormal blood cell production in the bloodstream which often leads to MDS. This form of cancer has been known as pre-leukemia and can develop into leukemia or cancer of the blood.

MDS Causes

Abnormal production and reproduction of blood cells is experienced by patients suffering from MDS. This defect in the blood-formingcells often worsens over time resulting in the gradual deterioration of the bone marrow.

Genetic factors play a huge role in the the development of MDS, specifically in children who suffer from the disease. However, effects from the environment can also cause healthy cells to develop abnormalities and to produce cancer-causing cells in the long run.

Exposure to toxic chemicals such as Benzene is one of the top causes of different types of cancer. Benzene is used in the production of various items such as gasoline, cigarettes and sodas. People who eventually develop MDS and other types of cancers are most of the time oblivious to the fact that have already been exposed to Benzene by ingesting, handling or inhaling the toxic substance

Caution Signs for MDS

Studies show that of all MDS patients, about one-third suffer from deteriorating health after their preliminary diagnosis; these patients are also very likely to develop acute myelogenous leukemia or AML. Some of the most common MDS symptoms include:

*Pale skin

*Bruising and bleeding

*Fatigue that is extreme

*Recurring infections

If you believed you have been exposed to benzene, speak with an experienced attorney today so that your case will be evaluated. - 30540

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Angular Cheilosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

By Bart Icles

Each year, thousands of Americans suffer from angular cheilosis. This painful disease is also referred to as angular cheilitis, cheilosis, angular stomatitis or perleche. There have been studies around this disease and research shows that nutritional deficiencies are among its many causes. People who are deficient in vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and iron have been found to be more susceptible to this skin condition. It has also been observed that elderly people are more prone to suffering from this disease because they experience a loss of vertical dimension. This is mainly due to loss of teeth that can result to the over-closure of their mouth.

One form of angular cheilosis occurs primarily when temperatures are at low levels, like during winter. This form angular cheilitis often affects children and teenagers. This form of cheilosis is often characterized by the chapping of the lips, other than the formation of lesions along the corners of the mouth. More common forms of this disease usually have the following indications: sores at the lips and along the corners of the mouth, painful cracks or splits in the skin at corners and inside the mouth, and bleeding that occurs when the mouth is opened or closed.

There appears to be no connection between this disease and herpes or cold sores. Nevertheless, having this kind of disease can still be embarrassing and many people try their best to get rid of it. The lesions can be quite difficult to hide, especially when ulcers have already formed along with the lesions. When left untreated, this disease can give rise to other conditions like oral thrush that can develop inside the mouth of a patient. When not contained, it can also affect the tongue and it can appear to have a whitish coating.

A lot of those who suffer from angular cheilosis can experience attacks a few times each year and attack can last for months. In severe cases, an attack can seem to occur permanently. If you observe cracks developing along the corners of your mouth, it is best to seek medical help right away. Visiting your doctor can help you learn more about the treatment options available that can finally put an end to your suffering. The most common form of treatment recommended by doctors is through the use of an anti-fungal or an anti-bacterial topical cream, usually involving 1% hydrocortisone.

Other forms of angular cheilosis treatment are also available. These alternative remedies involve the use of common household objects and some of them have been found to be effective in curing this humiliating disease. - 30540

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Overview Of High Blood Pressure Remedies

By Angela Richards

A person who decides to explore different high blood pressure remedies that are effective will find a variety of choices available. Many remedies are available through both the Internet and Stores that will lower a person's blood pressure.

One in three of the adults in the US have high blood pressure. Many of them are unaware of this condition until they become ill and are checked by a physician. In many cases a person with high blood pressure is given medication to lower it, but they continue with the same lifestyle and this medication is also not as effective as it could be.

The main causes for high blood pressure are obesity and stress. A person taking a homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure will find that by taking a holistic approach of reducing their obesity or stress that the remedies will work much more effectively.

By beginning to eat healthier and adding some remedies to help with blood pressure a person can reduce high blood pressure effectively. Garlic, when purchased in odorless form, provides one of the best herbs for reducing blood pressure.

Most high blood pressure remedies include herbs that give a person the kinds of assistance they need for a holistic approach to their high blood pressure issues. These remedies usually contain antioxidants, diuretics, vasodilators, stress reduction herbs, and herbs that increase an individual's metabolism. When taken the remedy promotes weight loss and helps a person to regain balance in their life.

Recognizing and treating high blood pressure before it becomes serious is very important. An individual should receive regular check-ups to make sure that they are not one of the three people in the United States that has high blood pressure and doesn't know it. Getting a physicians advice before starting any high blood pressure remedies is also important. If a person may have a bad reaction to a particular remedy or herb a physician can let them know and a homeopathic professional can provide an alternative. - 30540

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How Symptoms Show Acid Reflux Help is Needed

By Bob Cox

Over the course of the last few years the medical term Acid Reflux help has caught the attention of many people. As they have learned more about it, they have paid greater attention to protect their body from getting this condition. Here are a few things about the condition and what you can do to ward it off.

If you didn't understand what acid reflux is, it is almost like chronic heartburn. What can cause the condition are the acidy foods that you eat on a daily basis. The food along with the acid travels through a tube located between the stomach and throat. Too much acid over time can cause the tube to weaken resulting in the acid and food returning up into the esophagus which will cause damage.

This is what causes the heartburn you experience. This happens to be one of the beginning stages of acid reflux. It is not uncommon to have heartburn on occasion. It is important that you take notice of the frequency of the heartburn. If it occurs two to three times per week on a regular basis, you will need to take steps to reduce your acid intake or strengthen your tube.

If you've infrequent heartburn or you are wondering what will help control it, there are medications over the counter that are highly effective in quickly reducing the effects providing you with relieve. There are other steps you can take to controlling heartburn and getting acid reflux help.

One of the first things you should do is educate yourself on acid reflux help, its causes and the variety of ways there are to prevent them. The more you understand the condition, the better you can prepare yourself to fight it.

Believe it or not if you control the foods that you eat frequently with a high amount of fat and acids will help you avoid acid reflux. Known foods with a higher level of acid are alcohol drinks, caffeinated soft drink, coffee, spiced foods, onion, pepper, citrusy fruits and sauces made of tomato are major contributors. It has been proven that drinking water after meals and throughout the day will diminish levels of acid in your body.

Reducing the amount of acid eaten at one time also helps. This can be done be eating lighter and smaller meals though the day. Don't go to sleep directly after eating. Consult with your doctor who can diagnose the condition and provide other means of successful treatment to protect you. - 30540

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Hemorrhoid Relief Now - Immediate Results, Natural Home Remedy

By Jacob C. Bruce

We just wanted to alert you to a problem that is going to affect 40% of the grownup population at some moment of their lives. It is named hemorrhoids and it's essentially every sort of vein inflammation around the lower rectal regions. If this happens, it is crucial to get proven hemorrhoid relief. Hurting from Hemorrhoids? Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Relief, proven and painless. Hemorrhoids sufferers reviewed and advised this Hemorrhoids remedy because it truly did work for them. A 100% holistic Hemorrhoids medicine that works, risk free and money back guarantee.

Blood on your toilet paper? Aching in your anal area? Pain during constipation? Any of these are potential signs that you are going to need hemorrhoid relief, and it's no laughing matter. While common, they will be annoying and discomfiting.

In the more dangerous stages, they can fall out as a swelling outside your rectum. So, what are the most general mistakes that we make, and then they contribute to create this common condition? Even If you found hemorrhoid relief already, avoiding the following three mistakes can start salving the problem step by step.

Eating too much processed food. This can be a tough one for many people. Still, it's well known that processed nutrients create harder stool and troubles in digestion. This causes constipation and all other issues, which can lead to hemorrhoids. The main key there, specially if you are hurting and trying to remedy hemorrhoids, is to lower your consumption of processed sugars.

Inactive life-style. A lot of long term sitting is going to cause extra pressure on the bottom area and this makes the perfect environment for a hemorrhoids to occur if combined with a strong force such as constipation or pregnancy. The answer is to make sure you don't sit for over 1 hour at a time, and don't forget to do exercises that help natural blood flow.

Eating of unnatural medication and creams. This creates the same potential problem as unnatural foods. Many of the fiber supplements have unnatural and artificial ingredients that can create side-effects elsewhere, and finally, they are not hitting the source of the problem there, and not providing fast hemorrhoid relief. The other downside of these creams which do not benefit is that they take away person's time and the hemorrhoids can get even worse over time if the root problem is not reversed.

So you should avoid these three mistakes, and you will not be worsening your hemorrhoids. It is very important to realize these in our contemporary life style of sedentary business office work and processed, convenient diets.

However, not all hope is lost. do have one hemorrhoid relief answer that has amazed us pleasantly. I'd like to review a totally risk-free, natural remedy that works within a two days. It's already been proven by 100s, if not thousands of success stories in the underground manner of alternative medicine. The method includes element resources, charts, audio lessons and essentially everything you want to soothe your hemorrhoids once and for all. I actually Phrase Variations it and just see the testimonials from users who have triumphed even severe hemorrhoids for good. - 30540

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An Allergy Relief Air Purifier And How It Serves You

By Bill Duncan

Hypersensitivity of all types exist and for those who have one (or more), it can make life an absolute misery. It's manifestations may be in the form of bouts of sneezing, puffy appearance of the eyes which are watering and a running or a blocked nose which makes it tough to breathe.While this can appear any time of the year, its favourite time of arrival is during spring when the flowers start to bloom throwing up lots of pollen in the air.The presence of these contaminations may vary from one location to another so it still depends on the area where you reside.Allergy relief purifiers are a relatively new discovery, designed to help sufferers but are they any good?

Allergies can not only be taken outside and more often than not, your home is much more prone to contaminants than anywhere else therefore using an allergy relief air purifier at home can really be of use. Our homes are like self contained spaces in which we continue to breathe the same air over and over. Dust and dust mites are common phenomena in every home which can trigger an attack nearly instantly. Things like dust and dust mites are commonly found in the home and they can set off an attack very quickly.The function of the allergy relief electronic air cleaner or air purifier is to purify the circulating air which you are breathing and eradicate all the floating particles which are behind the attacks.

An allergy relief air purifier offers portability that enables you to use the unit in any room of your house as you can move it along anywhere you want with the simple use of plugging it in and out of an outlet. One of these units can not only remove dust and dust mites, but it can eliminate odors that can set off an attack like perfume or air fresheners. The unconscious inhalation of such smoke or smoke smells can no longer hurt you as they can also entrap those so that such pollutants can't set off an attack.It is more likely that an allergy attack can be set off when a person nearby you smokes even though that person was done smoking and the actual smoke wasn't there anymore - still, the smell hangs on the person's clothes, hands and hair. The purpose of the electronic air cleaner or air purifier is to entrap the smoke and the smoke smell and pass it through its filtering system to release only fresh clean oxygen which you then breathe in.

You can find allergy relief air purifier in most home improvement stores, variety stores that carry clothes, groceries and home improvement supplies.You can get plenty of varieties of such units where many are made exclusively for use at home.The utilization of these units can be limited to room use only, all over the house and can even be placed inside your car or truck as well as units that you can wear around your neck that comes in necklace-like forms making it possible to bring it along so that you may only breathe filtered air even if you're going to other places.Have you ever seen an allergy relief electronic air cleaner inside a cat container to eradicate feline smell? Well, I have.

We are glad we can aide in your discovery of better health for you and your family. - 30540

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Common Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

By Brian Rodane

Your lungs remove carbon dioxide from your blood before enriching it with oxygen and sending it back to your heart. If cells within any of the lobes develop abnormally, they can become cancerous. If lung cancer (LC) forms, it can spread throughout the rest of your body.

One of the challenges of this disease is that symptoms do not manifest in a quarter of diagnosed cases. The affliction is identified through a routine computerized tomography scan or chest X-rays. The problem is that by the time a doctor is able to diagnose it, the cancerous cells may have already started to metastasize (spread from their original site). That is the reason it is important to recognize symptoms when they present.

Below, we'll describe the most common symptoms associated with lung cancer. The earlier you can detect them, the greater likelihood of successfully removing the diseased tissue.

Warning Signs Of A Cancerous Growth

As noted, 25% of diagnosed LC cases are discovered when a physician performs a CT scan or takes X-rays of the chest. If a tumor exists, it will show up as a small mass. Until other tests are done, it is nearly impossible to determine whether the mass is benign or malignant.

If cancerous cells are present and have begun to spread to other areas of the tissue, you may notice a marked shortness of breath. You might also develop a persistent cough; in many cases, it will be reminiscent of the cough of an habitual smoker. Some patients report that their cough is accompanied by blood. Other warning signs of the disease are chest pain, shoulder pain (in the event that the cancerous cells have spread to the nerves), and hoarseness.

If the cancerous cells metastasize and spread to the bones, you may experience a staggering level of pain. If the infliction spreads to the brain, it can trigger headaches, numbness in certain areas, and even seizures.

Complications From The Disease

Metastasis can quickly lead to life-threatening circumstances. When LC spreads, it infects the liver, brain, and bones. A condition called pleural effusion can also occur in which the space between the lungs and chest cavity fill with fluid. As a result, you might experience a shortness in breath.

Aside from chemotherapy drugs, treatment is usually limited to controlling the severity of the symptoms once the cancerous cells have metastasized. For example, in the case of pleural effusion, the fluid can be drained, but the underlying problem cannot be surgically repaired.

It is estimated that six out of ten people who are diagnosed with lung cancer die within twelve months of the diagnosis. It is the most deadly form of cancer in the U.S. As noted, the earlier it is diagnosed, the more effectively it can be treated. If you notice any of the symptoms described above, consult your doctor immediately. - 30540

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Published Studies Find That Medical Alternative Therapies Helps with MS

By Dr. Julian Reindhurst

People with multiple sclerosis suffer muscle spasms, pain and tremor. Studies find that medical marijuana may be helpful, but controlled studies are few.

An recent meeting, had fifty one people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and had them smoke 0% or 4% THC medical marijuana cigarettes daily for three days.

The level of spasms was reduced by as much as 32% and pain reduced by 50% after smoking medical marijuana, compared with 2% and 22% reductions after pretend cigarettes.

Five of the participants withdrew, saying the side effects made them feeling too high, dizzy or fatigued.

Other studies in patients with multiple sclerosis used a cannabis extract that can be taken orally. In a 2007 European Journal of Neurology study, nearly half of'4 patients experienced at least 30% improvement in muscle spasms.

A Neurology paper published in 2004 contradicted these claims by stating that there was no reduction in measures of arm tremors with the cannabis extract, although five out of- subjects reported feeling improvement.

These reports could have been from the mood altering effects of the drug or from some aspect of tremor not measured.

Subjects did feel high senasation, an effect that varied among individuals. Medical marijuana also affected analytical skills, such instances as problems with tasks of memory and complicated reasoning after the strongest medical marijuana cigarettes were used.

As problematic as this could be, the effects were tolerated by subjects as no one opted out of the study because they couldn't think straight.

it's important to have a choice of treatments because not everyone responds to or can handle the available medications and drugs.

Antidepressants are used for neuropathic pain but cause dry mouth, constipation and urinary problems, and must be avoided by people with conditions such as glaucoma.

Some people cannot handle aspirin-like drugs. Providing an alternative medicine is optimal. The three pain studies all concluded that smoked medical marijuana can bring relief to sufferers of neuropathic pain comparable to other analgesic drugs.

As with all other pain medicines, you have to keep taking it. - 30540

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Which Deerfield Optometrist Is Right For You?

By James Spellman

If you are having trouble with your vision, you need to have an eye exam as soon as possible. You can get a Deerfield Optometrist that can diagnose your eye trouble and treat it. Optometry is the specialty of medicine that is all about the eyes and vision. Don't put off going to the optometrist if you are having even a little problem because you never know when it could turn into something worse.

Many people aren't aware of their vision problems until it has advanced enough to cause problems in their sight perception. The best way to avoid this is to have eye exams on a regular basis. In doing this, your optometrist will be able to catch trouble before it gets to the point of not being able to treat. Find a good optometrist and stick to your appointments.

Vision loss can happen to anyone at any age. Routine eye exams need to start at an early age to be assured of catching any problems ahead of time. Children may have vision problems and not be aware of it until it is really noticeable. If your child seems to be having trouble in school for no apparent reason, you should first have an exam. Your child may be having trouble seeing the board in the classroom or being able to see the words in books. Make an appointment with a Deerfield optometrist to for your child.

A lot of times someone can have a medical condition and never know they have one. Blurred vision is one indicator of some of these sometimes life threatening illnesses, like diabetes. Your vision can foretell a stroke as well. Some women who see floating or flashing objects are prime candidates for a stroke. Make sure to find a qualified Deerfield optometrist and make a regular schedule of preventive eye exams.

The numbers of disease that can cause you vision impairment or even blindness are many. Some are simple to treat while others are not. However, the best way for any of them is to catch them early enough to be able to have a better chance at treating them. Cataracts, Glaucoma, and retinal Disease are some of these, but there are many more. Having a qualified and trustworthy optometrist who you visit on a regular basis is the best way to avoid the outcome of some of these diseases.

Some conditions of the eyes will require surgical intervention for treatment. You should find a board certified optometrist that you trust in case you may be a candidate for surgery. Trusting your eyes to just the first doctor you go to may not be wise. Research the doctor that you choose in order to make sure you have chosen a good one.

Choosing frames for your prescription may seem simple enough, but when you are fitted correctly by a professional you won't have to worry about frames that don't stay up on the bridge of your nose or wearing an irritated spot on the tops of your ears. Just looking stylish isn't the only part of choosing frames.

Taking care of your eyes is one of the most important things you will ever do. The best tip in doing this is to find a qualified Deerfield optometrist and keep up with regular eye exams. - 30540

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Treatments For Tinnitus

By Connor Terry

Tinnitus aka the annoying ringing in your ears is defined as the sensation of hearing an internal sound when there is no external source present. There are a number of treatments for Tinnitus that range from antibiotics to maskers and Tinnitus retraining therapy. Throughout this article I will outline each treatment.

1. Antibiotics - Tinnitus can be caused by a simple ear infection which can be taken care of with an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor which will hopefully stop your ears from ringing. Like all infections the earlier it is caught the better your chances are of a complete recovery so it is important that you make that doctor's appointment once Tinnitus starts to rear its ugly head. With all antibiotics it is essential that you take the complete course of medication to ensure that the infection is completely beaten. As will all drugs there are side effects that may be experienced by the person taking the medication.

2. Maskers - A masker in terms of ringing in your ears or Tinnitus is a device that is worn that basically drowns out the actual ringing with another noise a little more pleasant on the ears. Maskers work to a variety of success depending on the person and where they are on the Tinnitus severity scale. A number of company carry maskers which are worn similar to that of a hearing aid. A test to see if a masker would be appropriate from you stand by a tap faucet with the water turned on all of the way and if you only hear the water and not the ringing in your ear chances are a masker would benefit you. Some people swear by maskers saying that with the portable device they actually do not hear the ringing in their ears.

3. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy - Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is a new age approach where the hearing disorder is hit from both a cognitive side and the usage of technology advances such as maskers. Through counseling sessions with a Tinnitus expert the client will learn how to refocus their brain on a different noise which is hopefully less disturbing. At the beginning of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy the use of maskers is commonly used and the hope is by the end of the therapy sessions the client will no longer need this device. The success of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy seems to vary from person to person and expert to expert.

Tinnitus is a very annoying disorder that can lead to permanent hearing loss so it is important to catch and treat as early as possible. Along with the above Tinnitus treatments there are a number of products on the marketplace that have shown tremendous success in treating Tinnitus and stopping your ears from ringing. For more information please check out the links below - 30540

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The Most Common Gout Causes

By Bart Icles

Gout is one of the centuries-old diseases known to man. This potentially debilitating disease typically affects men who are in their 30s, 40s or 50s, but can also affect any male or female of any age. While several kinds of treatment are available, many people still as what causes gout so they can help keep themselves from developing this kind of dreadful disease. There are several gout causes, and they can vary from genetic traits to lifestyle problems.

One of the most common gout causes involves genetics. If your family has a history of gout, it is more likely for you to develop this dreadful disease. In fact, about'% of those who suffer from gout have a family history of this medical condition. This is usually due to an enzyme defect that can interfere with how your body breaks down purines. Another common cause of gout involves gender and age. As have been mentioned, gout is more commonly observed in men than in women. It also affects more adults than children, although it is possible for a 7-year old kid to suffer from this kind of disease.

Obesity is another common risk factor for gout. Being overweight can increase your chance of developing gout because you have more tissue to replace or breakdown. When this happens, you have more chances of producing excess uric acid.

The kind of lifestyle you lead is also one of the most common gout causes. Eating too much food that is rich in purines can increase your chances of being affected by this potentially debilitating disease. When you are already suffering from gout, it is best that you keep your diet free of purine rich foods. Drinking too much alcohol is also a primary cause of gout. Alcohol can greatly interfere with the proper elimination of uric acid from the body, so it is best that you try to drink moderately.

Other gout causes include exposure to lead in the environment, as well as the intake of certain medications. There are some cases wherein the use of medicines can lead to excess production of uric acid, which can result to having high levels of uric acid in our body fluids. These medications include diuretics or medicines taken to help eliminate excess fluids from our body. Other medications that are considered as risk factors for gout include salicylates like aspirn, niacin or nicotinic acid, cyclosporine (which is an immunosuppressant), and Levodopa (which is used in treating Parkinson's disease). - 30540

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What Is Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery?

By Brian Rodane

Until recently, most surgical procedures that were performed to eliminate lung cancer (LC) required the surgeon to make a long incision in the patient's chest. The ribs were either removed or spread apart in order that the surgeon could gain access to the affected site. While that strategy is still used for some types of lung cancer surgery, there are minimally invasive techniques that are being employed more regularly.

In this article, we'll provide an overview of the three types of surgeries that doctors perform on patients who are suffering from LC. We'll also describe how new technology and tools are making it unnecessary to open the patient's chest.

Types Of Surgical Procedures

If the disease is still in its early stages (stages I or II) and has not spread to other sites, a doctor will normally perform a wedge resection. This is a procedure in which the tumor is removed along with a small portion of surrounding tissue. Approximately one in four diagnosed cases can be treated with a wedge resection. It's worth noting that this strategy does not entirely preclude a recurrence of cancerous cells.

If the disease has spread within the lung, but is still contained within it (that is, it has not fully metastasized), a lobectomy can be performed. The doctor will remove an entire lobe. If more than one lobe is affected, the doctor may perform a pneumonectomy. This is the removal of the entire lung.

A pneumonectomy still often requires opening the chest cavity because the surgical team must have complete access to the site in order to remove the organ. A thoracoscopic lobectomy can be performed without the need to spread the patient's ribcage. This is a minimally invasive procedure during which a surgeon makes several small incisions into the patient's chest. He will then use robotic arms appended with surgical instruments to access the site and remove the affected lobe. The same strategy can be used to perform a wedge resection.

This minimally invasive lung cancer surgical procedure offers far more accuracy than can be achieved by opening the chest.

Other Forms Of Treatment

If the disease has metastasized, surgery will not be sufficient to eliminate it. Your doctor may suggest chemotherapy or radiation therapy, either as a primary treatment path or as an adjunct path. Both can be used for small-cell and non-small cell LC. Chemotherapy uses specific drugs (administered in pill form, intravenously, or both) to kill cancerous cells. Radiation therapy uses high-intensity beams to accomplish the same goal. For late-stage cases of LC, a combination of all three (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy) may be necessary.

Treating lung cancer surgically is no longer limited to opening the patient's chest. A growing number of surgeons are proving that minimally invasive procedures are safer, more effective, and can dramatically reduce the patient's recovery time. - 30540

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Vaginal Yeast Infection - Know More So That You Can Handle It

By Salli Smith

More often, people confused vaginal yeast infection from other vaginal infections and treat it as a sexually transmitted disease. This is understandable because the symptoms of yeast infection are almost the same with other infections: itchiness, soreness, burning sensation and discomfort.

Most often, people have difficulty treating this infection due to their habit of not knowing the causes of yeast infection. Here, you will understand more about yeast infection so that you can properly treat it.

Candidiasis or Candida infection is the medical term for yeast infection. It was named as Candida infection due to the yeast or fungi that are responsible for the infection, the Candida species. In the species of the Candida, the more likely to reproduce abnormally is the Candida Albicans. These fungi are commonly found in the skin folds of the human being. Once these fungi start to reproduce more than the good bacteria, the person will suffer from yeast infection.

You must understand that yeast infection is not caused by bacteria but by fungi. This means that you must treat yeast infection with fungal treatment rather than bacterial treatment. Otherwise, you are only killing the good bacteria that might hinder the production of these fungi. For instance, if you treat vaginal yeast infection by ingesting antibiotics, you are only accelerating the production of Candida species as the population of good bacteria is lowered.

However, what causes the fungi to reproduce inappropriately? There are numerous answers for this question but one possible vital explanation is the speed of the reproduction of fungi increases as the amount of good bacteria in the body is reduced. On other words, there are not enough good bacteria to balance out the effect of the fungi. As the fungi grow in number, the symptoms of yeast infection will gradually show.

In general, if you want to address the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection, you have to balance out the bacteria and fungi in your body. You may achieve this by drinking yogurt, products that contains good bacteria. You may also need to kill the fungi that cause turmoil. To do this, try eating garlic or placing garlic clove in your vagina. However, before doing any treatment make sure that you seek medical advice first to prevent possible side effects. - 30540

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7 Dry Skin Causes And Their Treatments.

By Peter Albertonach

Youve got dry skin, but why. What dry skin causes could possibly do that? Dry skin, its quite a scourge especially as you grow older. But what causes dry skin and what can you do about it?

There's many factors that can cause dry skin, and some are much more common than others.

Dry skin is much more common than you'd realize, especially as we get older, and there are so many people who are searching for treatments for dry skin. Some common dry skin conditions are easier to treat than others.

And dry skin can be so irritating. You skin can be dull and flaky, red, swollen and painful. And really really itchy.

Normal skin has an outer layer of oils that are naturally produced by the skin, and help protect our skin. But for various reasons these outer oils can be removed resulting in what is known as dry skin.

So lets have a look at 8 dry skin causes. Some easy to treat, some not easy to treat.

1. Long hot baths. Now of course like most women you love that bath as hot as you can stand it and for as long as you have the time. But that bath is stripping away those natural skin oils. A shower is better, not for as long and not as hot.

2. Skin care products and cosmetics. Is this a surprise to you? Is this the first time you've heard that many big brand name skin care products and cosmetics actually have ingredients in them that are dangerous to your skin?

Many of the ingredients used in big name products actually dry out our skin. For example mineral oil does just that. Mineral oil is common in skin care products, is a petrochemical derivative, in other words comes from crude oil. It dries and damages your skin but is used because it's cheap.

You are much better using high quality natural skin care products that won't damage your skin and will help you overcome your dry skin problem much more effectively.

3. Exposure to the sun. Sunburn is very damaging to the skin. It dries it out and can cause skin cancer. Avoid sunburn like the plague.

4. Weather. Dry cold weather can dry your skin, so if you live in a place where you get very cold dry winters you may get dry skin in winter. More humid summers and it may go away. Use a high quality natural moisturizer or even better a fully formulated natural skin care range that is designed to combat skin dryness.

5. Soaps and detergents. Modern soaps and detergents can also do this. And shampoos. Many of these contain harmful ingredients as well, and should be avoided. Deodorizing and anti bacterial soaps should be avoided, you don't need them. Any soap that makes a huge lather and makes you feel squeaky clean isn't good. Try changing your soap, choose a natural soap, deodorant free and fragrance free, and keep changing till you find one friendly to your skin.

6. Medical conditions like psoriasis, and drugs. There is a range of different medical conditions that can cause dry skin. For conditions like psoriasis and eczema consult your doctor, and be aware as well that there are some drugs that can also cause dry skin conditions.

7. Believe it or not itchy clothing can cause dry skin. So if your clothing itches junk it.

.There's 7 dry skin causes. But what dry skin treatments are there for this condition. As previously mentioned for medical conditions see a doctor or dermatologist. But in many cases you don't need to.

I have already suggested some dry skin treatments that will work for some. Keep showers shorter and cooler, use more natural soaps and shampoos, try soaps out until you find a good one for you. And be aware of choosing natural alternatives to any product that you put on your skin. They are often cheaper and safer.

And finally you should consider using high quality natural skin care products. Natural skin care products don't contain the dangerous ingredients that the big name skin care products contain. Rather they contain natural ingredients that moisturize very successfully, like Babassu oil from the nut of the Babassu tree, and avocado oil.

Surprising though it sounds, the very best natural skin care products, as well as working better and being safer than the big brand skin care products, and very cost competitive. That's because the company that makes them doesn't spend big on TV advertising then factor that into the price of the product.

So there you have 7 dry skin causes, most of which you should be able to treat yourself, using a combination of your new found knowledge about the causes of dry skin, together with a regime of natural skin care products. Those are the best dry skin care tips we can provide.

Find out more on my website. - 30540

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What Are The Causes Of Diabetes?

By Jason Williams

In both cases of either diagnosed of diabetes or having a fear for developing it you might want to grasp the information on its causes. At one time , no one knew about the causes for diabetes but the research on it for consecutive ten years has immensely helped not only in identifying the causes for it but in many cases even means of preventing it.

The greatest cause of diabetes was at one time believed to be inheriting it through the lineages. This still makes up a major cause of diabetes, but no more the leading cause. If somebody in your blood line has diabetes -- especially in the direct blood line of the generation earlier than you, it implies that you are at a higher risk of acquiring diabetes.

Being obese that is having weight in excess is the leading cause of diabetes.Your body becomes more resistant to Insulin when it is overweight. Particularly when your BMI, or Body Mass Index is more than 30% it is all the more true. Measuring the waist will let you have an idea if you don't know about your BMI. In females if the waist is more than 35 inches and in males if waist more than 40 Inches then it is a clear cut indication of a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Whether you are overweight or not, eating a diet which is poor in protein and fiber is a reason for diabetes. A life with little or no physical activity is another concern. You should exercise for at least three times a week, 30 minutes each time, and preferably 30 minutes a day, five days a week would be a better option.

Latest findings have revealed the role of infections such as strephylococci ,causing diabetes. As you grow older the chance of developing Diabetes increase thus indicating the role of age in causing Diabetes. Furthermore, just as diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, suffering from hypertension can lead to diabetes. There are a number of drugs that can actually lead to the causes of development of diabetes, such as Clozapine, Risperidone, Olanzapine, Ziprasidone, and Quetiapine.

If you find out that any of the following conditions relates to you then at once you should speak to your doctor for clarification. Changes in lifestyle can also assist in restraining the development of diabetes. If you are suspecting something then speak to your doctor who may check for problems if any. - 30540

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Pulsatile Tinnitus And Its Top Six Causes

By Luis Hancock

Many folks are stunned to find out that there are 2 kinds of tinnitus. The most typical type is named non-pulsatile tinnitus, with the least common and less familiar type being pulsatile tinnitus. You can usually tell one from another by the sort of sounds you can hear.

As the name implies, pulsatile tinnitus has a tendency to sound like your own heartbeat, whereas non-pulsatile tinnitus may seem like an assortment of familiar noises such as ringing, chirping, whirring or clicking. It is weird but possible to have these 2 kinds of tinnitus together, and folks who have both of conditions usually say the pulsatile part is the more troublesome. The focus of this article is to gain a better understanding of pulsatile tinnitus, its causes and how you can take step one to alleviating its symptoms.

Pulsatile tinnitus is a rare form of tinnitus, with only about 3 p.c. of patients reported to have it. It is sometimes referred to as vascular tinnitus and is mostly related to disturbances in the blood flow. The turbulence is then amplified and can be heard in the ears as a whooshing, thrashing or other rhythmic sound.

The Top Six Causes of Pulsatile Tinnitus :

1. A Benign Growth : Cancers of this nature are sometimes found in or near the ear. Often with a growth, deafness is also a typical symptom.

2. Brain Wounds : One sort of laceration is an aneurism, and another type is an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein. In all cases the blood flow is putting too much strain on the veins and must be dealt with.

3. Veinous Hum : Patients who are anemic, pregnant, or have thyroid Problems, may develop increased blood flow thru the jugular vein, which amplifies the sound of blood flow in the ear.

4. Narrowing Of The Arteries ( Atherosclerosis ) : Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of the artery due to cholesterol increase on the artery wall. This condition decreases the opening of the arteries. This usually happens in older patients with a history of raised blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, heartburn and smoking.

5. Benign Intracranial Raised blood Pressure ( BIH ) : In this condition there's increased pressure round the fluid that bathes the backbone and / or the brain. Usually this conditioned is caused by large.

6. High Blood Pressure ( Raised Blood Pressure ) : Some patients who take medication for their hypertension report signs of pulsatile tinnitus shortly after they began taking it. Still others report hypertension and tinnitus at the same time, and when they take the blood pressure medicine the symptoms go away. - 30540

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Discovering the Medicine of Essential Oils

By Harriet Bliss

Known for Centuries, Unknown to Me

I consider myself fairly well- educated and read intelligent magazines and newspapers, but for some reason, I have had little acquaintance with aromatherapy, or aroma-botanicals as my friend prefers to call them. I have spent many university classroom hours reading about the interactions between plants and insects, plants and other plants and of course plants and humans. Yet, what was not offered in all the lectures I attended and books I read were the wide-variety of medicinal properties of aromatherapy. Below is brief synopsis of my discovery of aromatherapy and the science that confirms what has been right under our noses for centuries.

Going Beyond Scent

I have been using natural and alternative wellness treatments for my health for years, yet I had only associated aromatherapy with getting a massage or putting lavender on my pillow for a better night's sleep. Unbeknownst to me, aromatherapy has been used for centuries and currently used in medical facilities in France. Now, with a rising interest and even demand for alternative and complementary medicine (CAM), research is being conducted on the benefits of aromatherapy for infections, psyche, nerves, hormones and to some extent inflammation, allergies and metabolic conditions.

New Meaning and Association for Aromatherapy

Contrary to my own vague association, aromatherapy is more than smelling certain scents. Jane Buckle, RN, Ph.D. concludes that there are four main types of aromatherapy: clinical, stress management, beauty therapy and environmental fragrancing. I think many of us have an association of aromatherapy when it comes to beauty therapy and good smelling fragrances from the aroma of essential oils, yet the clinical and stress management aspects of aromatherapy have been hidden from view.

To wrap my investigative mind around what truly is aromatherapy, I needed to get more of a simplistic definition. The general idea of the meaning of aromatherapy is that it is therapeutic uses of essential oils from aromatic (fragrant) plants. These oils are usually extracted from plants using water or steam distillation and typically used in diffusers as well as topically. Once the aromatic essential oils are extracted, the oils are rather unstable in nature - when the oils are exposed to air, they change from a potent liquid into an aromatic vapor within seconds.

In ' Advanced Aromatherapy', the author explains that the main chemical component of essential oils are terpenes and it higher homologues as well as phenylpropane derivatives. Yet it must be pointed out that the synergy of each oil has it own unique qualities as well as specific chemical components.

Nature's Own Synergies

The affects of this high-tech civilization that we live in are far reaching. Yet, one that is often overlooked or forgotten is the loss of nature - both in our surroundings and in personal knowledge and interaction. In this modern age, it seems that humans have separated mind from body and body from soul. Aromatherapy simply is nature in a bottle.

Probing into my biology textbook, I read about plant defenses in a whole new light. Plants produce chemical compounds, mostly terpenoid compounds, in order to defend themselves against predators such as insects and animal herbivores as well as against fungai and other microbes. These terpenoid compounds also are used in plant to plant competition, where established plants inhibit germination of other plants. And of course plants use scent in attracting beneficial insect and bat pollinators. (4) (5) Thus, it is evident that the role of essential oils is vital to the continual establishment and growth of plants.

Creatures and Aroma

Remembering my general observation of various animals, I wonder now why the usage and medicinal properties of plants is so unfamiliar in our culture. I have known for years that horses select various plants to facilitate detoxing of metabolic toxic buildup, as well as select certain plants for antiviral and antiparasitic uses. I remember in learning in one of my graduate classes about Chimpanzees eating certain plants to cleanse their accumulation of internal parasites.

I also know from my graduate work in entomology that insects have fairly well developed chemoreception and some are attracted to plants by their scents. It seems strange thinking about it now (the light bulb just turned on) why plants and their essential oils are not more widely used in everyday life, but as I have pointed out above that is now changing. In part two of this paper, I will investigate the physiological pathways of absorption into the human body and the current research on clinical and stress management uses of aromatherapy. - 30540

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Keeping Your Baby Safe from Yeast Infection - Babies Are Not Immune to Yeast Infection

By Salli Smith

Baby free from diseases and infections are what every parent would wish for. Thus, most parents would usually do everything to protect their babies from getting sick. But parents should also be aware that yeast infection can also occur in babies. Yeast infection in babies usually occurs in their mouth and this is even a common childhood sickness.

The reason for this is that babies do not have protective bacteria in their mouth making them at risk from contacting oral yeast infection or thrush. This is an infection that babies should not have as this is very irritating. So as a parent, you should ensure that your baby is safe from thrush.

Thrush can cause irritation and discomfort to your babies. This is the reason that babies cry a lot when they have this infection. Thrush is usually characterized by the presence of white patches in the baby's mouth and the sides of their mouth.

Causes of yeast infection in babies are also similar to adults. The overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans is what causes the infection. This is because this fungus is also present in babies. Candida is actually present in everybody. Their presence, per se, is not really problem. The problem comes when they are overgrowing and dominating over good bacteria causing yeast infection.

Babies would usually acquire thrush when they are taking antibiotics. As we know, antibiotics can kill not only bad bacteria but also good bacteria. This lowers the defense system of the baby allowing Candida to grow and multiply. This will result to your baby getting yeast infection.

Yeast infection can even be acquired from the mother. This is because mothers are also prone to yeast infection during pregnancy. Pregnancy can lead to hormonal imbalance which can lead to the overgrowth of yeast in the body. Thus, if yeast infection is not cured before childbirth, this can transfer to the baby because the baby may swallow some of the secretions in the birth canal during childbirth. So, if you do not want your babies to contact thrush, make sure that you are free and safe from yeast infection during childbirth.

And believe it or not, yeast infection can also be contacted through the breast milk. But mothers have to be cautious in determining where the infection comes from. This might be due to other factors and not breast milk. Remember that breast milk is the best medicine for infections in babies as this contains pro-biotic that will help increase your babies protection against harmful bacteria like yeast.

So to make sure that your baby is safe from yeast infection, you would have to consider in what area the infection can occur. There can be infection of the diaper area which means you would have to keep your baby dry to avoid infection. And also, do not let the diaper stay too long before you change it. You also have to make sure that you allow some fresh air on the baby's bottom when you remove the diaper. And if your baby has contacted infection in the diaper area, it would be best if you use a mild anti-fungal cream. - 30540

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Why You Might Need Diabetic Shoes.

By Kipling Royston

Consider opting for Orthopedic Shoe, in case your feet experiences constant pain. All day long you would be working on your feet and what takes the strain is your feet. When you wear shoes that don't fit well, you will experience recurring feet pain. Free yourself of such problem by wearing Orthopedic Shoes.

Here is a look into the conditions under which you can use Orthopedic Shoes:

If your toes are painful due to problem such as Bunions and Hammertoes, you need to wear Orthopedic Shoes. You will find considerable relief from such feet problem by wearing such shoes.

Most of the time, women prefer wearing high heels. The result of wearing such shoes is that feet ball starts paining. In course of time, feet can experience considerable pain and discomfort all over. Instead of wearing high heels, you can wear designer Orthopedic Shoes to have a stylish look and at the same time give you feet good comfort.

Often you tend to buy shoes, just because they look good, often leaving out the fact that they do not fit so well on your feet. When you compromise on feet comfort for style, you land up getting corns and calluses on your feet. By wearing Orthopedic Shoes, your feet have significant comfort and it fits well for you.

If you are into sports and lots of physical exercises, you can experience problems like heel pain and heel spurs. In such situations, using Orthopedic Shoes will help to greatly reduce such problem and allow you to do your normal physical or fitness activities without discomfort.

By choosing the right Orthopedic Shoes, you will find considerable respite from painful feet problem. You will find that you can do more work with considerable comfort than otherwise by wearing such shoes.

If you have to move around or work in environments wherein the floor is slippery you definitely need to use Orthopedic Shoes, as they have good anti-slippery features that help you get a good grip.

In earlier times, Orthopedic Shoes were given to people with certain feet condition or only elderly people wore them. Today, you find them in many models and they are available for everyone. There ares separate Orthopedic Shoes models available for both men and women. These shoes are available in many varieties and you can select one based on the level of space and comfort that it provides.

When you go out to buy Orthopedic Shoes, look into the many features offered by the shoes before you buy. Try them on and move around so that you are sure that your feet are comfortable wearing them. Check they can be easily opened and closed. If you need, you can also opt for custom-made Orthopedic Shoes. These shoes will be designed more specifically according to your feet's shape and so they will be suitable for you.

Try out Orthopedic Shoes and avoid the problem of painful feet, altogether. If you neglect your feet problem, they can give rise to complications later in life. On the other hand, wearing such shoes immediately enables you to carry out your daily activities easily, without experiencing any painful feet problems. - 30540

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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Wrist Bases

By Tom Nicholson

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve in the wrist is under pressure due to swelling and can cause discomfort, numbness or even shooting pain in the wrist and lower forearm. There are many people in the workforce that suffer from this very common condition and are under a physician's care in order to take care of the symptoms and help ward off any further damage to their wrists and hands. If you are one of these people, or think that you may have symptoms of carpal tunnel, there are many tools that you can use in order to help your condition.

The first step is determining if it is indeed carpal tunnel that you suffer from. You will need to seek out the advice of a family physician or local practitioner for a complete diagnosis. They may ask you questions about your daily activities as well as examine your hands for any pain or swelling. In some extreme cases an electromyography (EMG) test can be required to observe the nerves and muscles in your hands and wrists and compare them to known cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are not satisfied with your doctor's conclusions, you are free to seek out a second opinion. No one knows your body better than you do, so if you feel you are misdiagnosed, be sure to have another doctor check you out before adhering to a treatment plan.

Carpal tunnel can be treated easily, but if you ignore it, t hen it will just become worse, causing excessive and avoidable damage to your median nerve. You will lose feeling in your hands, perhaps experience some tingling, and in the worst case scenario you will experience shooting pains up and down your wrists. These pains may become so intense that you'll have trouble living your life or even holding down a job. While resting will alleviate the pain for a short time, you need to seek out proper treatment or it will just get worse.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can sometimes be caused by another medical condition entirely. Diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus or many others can cause swelling of the tendons and put pressure on your median nerve in your wrist. This can give you carpal tunnel symptoms and should be treated accordingly. Rather than splinting your wrist, you should have treatment plans in place for the underlying condition that is causing the carpal tunnel rather than just treating the wrist itself. Band-aid solutions for the symptoms of carpal tunnel will only temporarily relieve the symptoms and will return if the main medical condition is left untreated to cause problems later.

What you need to do is a couple of stretches every single day, and talk to your physician or chiropractor to find out exactly what you need to do. They'll be able to tell you all of the exercises that you need to do in order to stay in optimal health. They'll also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs that will help to alleviate the symptoms. This is a very serious condition, and you need to take care of it as quickly as possible or you will end up regretting it. Searing pain shooting up and down your arm is not normal and you cannot live with it, so it's best that you don't even try. Use the steps that have been mentioned in this article and employ them in your life. - 30540

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