Some Common Reasons Behind Eyelashes Falling Out

By Melanie A. Thompson

Falling eyelashes has become more of a common occurrence than ever before due to a variety of reasons. Environmental factors are a big reason as the toxins and pollutants in the air can make eyelashes more prone to breakage. Other factors are medical as well as usage of bad cosmetics or allergic reactions to chemicals present in eye make up.

Sometimes mental stress causes the person to develop a habit of pulling the eyelashes or constantly rubbing this region. This psychological condition of trichotillomania results in eyelashes falling off.

Another chronic trouble is Blepharitis that leads to the eyes becoming red and watery. It is accompanied by a burning and itching sensation. Invariably the person starts to constantly rub the eyes. As a result the hair follicles get damaged and drop off.

Another malaise is called alopecia Areata. It results in persistent loss of hair in parts of the body having hair. It is very rare for this disease to be confined solely to the eye region.

Eyelids sometimes get crusted and in acute cases treatment becomes necessary. This too leads to loss of eyelash hair. This also leads to bacterial infections and makes the eyelashes weak. Sometimes a person may be allergic to certain ingredients in the cosmetic and this may also cause eyelashes to fall off.

Taking precautions or the right treatment will soon stop the breakage of eyelashes and hopefully your cry of why are my eyelashes falling out will become a thing of the past!

Some of the eye cosmetic stuff contains ingredients that lead to allergic reactions for particular users. It is best not to share eye make up including brushes among too many persons as this leads to spread of infection and falling hair. - 30540

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