Keeping Your Baby Safe from Yeast Infection - Babies Are Not Immune to Yeast Infection

By Salli Smith

Baby free from diseases and infections are what every parent would wish for. Thus, most parents would usually do everything to protect their babies from getting sick. But parents should also be aware that yeast infection can also occur in babies. Yeast infection in babies usually occurs in their mouth and this is even a common childhood sickness.

The reason for this is that babies do not have protective bacteria in their mouth making them at risk from contacting oral yeast infection or thrush. This is an infection that babies should not have as this is very irritating. So as a parent, you should ensure that your baby is safe from thrush.

Thrush can cause irritation and discomfort to your babies. This is the reason that babies cry a lot when they have this infection. Thrush is usually characterized by the presence of white patches in the baby's mouth and the sides of their mouth.

Causes of yeast infection in babies are also similar to adults. The overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans is what causes the infection. This is because this fungus is also present in babies. Candida is actually present in everybody. Their presence, per se, is not really problem. The problem comes when they are overgrowing and dominating over good bacteria causing yeast infection.

Babies would usually acquire thrush when they are taking antibiotics. As we know, antibiotics can kill not only bad bacteria but also good bacteria. This lowers the defense system of the baby allowing Candida to grow and multiply. This will result to your baby getting yeast infection.

Yeast infection can even be acquired from the mother. This is because mothers are also prone to yeast infection during pregnancy. Pregnancy can lead to hormonal imbalance which can lead to the overgrowth of yeast in the body. Thus, if yeast infection is not cured before childbirth, this can transfer to the baby because the baby may swallow some of the secretions in the birth canal during childbirth. So, if you do not want your babies to contact thrush, make sure that you are free and safe from yeast infection during childbirth.

And believe it or not, yeast infection can also be contacted through the breast milk. But mothers have to be cautious in determining where the infection comes from. This might be due to other factors and not breast milk. Remember that breast milk is the best medicine for infections in babies as this contains pro-biotic that will help increase your babies protection against harmful bacteria like yeast.

So to make sure that your baby is safe from yeast infection, you would have to consider in what area the infection can occur. There can be infection of the diaper area which means you would have to keep your baby dry to avoid infection. And also, do not let the diaper stay too long before you change it. You also have to make sure that you allow some fresh air on the baby's bottom when you remove the diaper. And if your baby has contacted infection in the diaper area, it would be best if you use a mild anti-fungal cream. - 30540

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