Chanca Piedra - An Amazon Stone Breaker Can STOP Your Kidney Stones Forever! Permanently!

By Grahaam Maartin

Worse than giving birth! a big statement. But that's the general consensus of opinion of people questioned when asked to compare the excruciating pain of passing a "Kidney Stone" compared to child birth

The pain suffered by each person with a "Kidney Stone" varies between each individual. Small stones similar to sand or fine gravel may well pass through without much pain and discomfort. Changes in lifestyle can really affect us all in many different ways

Millions of people develop kidney stones every year and will have to face the potentially serious health risks associated with them in the present, plus the problems of managing them in the future.

when you get a 'kidney stone' and it starts to move, it can cause irritation in the tubes. This can make then become inflamed, which in turn makes the problem worse. The properties of Chanca Piedra actually reduces the inflammation and breaks the stone down, thus allowing the stone to 'pass through' often without discomfort.

You do not usually develop a kidney stone whilst you are young. Typically males are more likely to develop a stone between that ages of approximately 30 to 50 years. The ratio between men and women is about 4:1

However In the September 2000 issue of the HSI (Health Sciences Institute) researchers had uncovered a time-tested solution that can finally manage your kidney stones. It says "From the depths of the Amazon rain forest comes an herb that not only helps expel stones, but actually blocks them from forming. The locals know it as chanca piedra, the "stone breaker," and have been using it for generations".

Males between the age of 30 to 50 years old are considered more prone to develop "Kidney stones" than their younger counterparts. Women tend to suffer less, with the rate being about 4:1 occurring in men

Acute pain and major discomfort is a symptom of a Kidney stone. This normally concentrates along one side of the lower back. Sometimes the attack of pain can be that bad that it can make a person vomit and feel quite nauseous. This causes the sufferer undue distress in the process. if not treated possible kidney failure and urine flow blockage may result.

(According to HSI medical editor, Dr. Martin Milner, this also makes chanca piedra a possible treatment for menstrual cramping and hypertension.) The urinary tract is a tight, narrow tube. Chanca piedra relaxes that tube, opening it up and letting the stones move down with much greater ease. And greater ease means less pain. How successful is chanca piedra in expelling stones? Dr. Wolfram Wiemann of Nuremburg, Germany, an advocate of the herb, investigated the question. After carefully reviewing over 100 case studies, he found the herb 94 percent successful in eliminating stone.

But the stone breaker's benefit doesn't end there. Because Chanca Piedra prevents stones from forming! - 30540

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