Quit Smoking now with Hypnosis

By Patrick Glancy, BCH

A quit smoking program using hypnosis should e fairly involved, and I'll tell you why. Smoking is a habit that generally gets involved in many parts of your life. So it only makes sense that you need hypnosis to address all the different behaviors involved. Hmm, maybe not an uplifting thought for this first paragraph, but consider this: good quit smoking programs are already made, ready for you to obtain and use. The easier the better

You're the only one that knows what it's like to experience and fight with your cravings. The cravings may very well feel like something nobody else can understand.

A good hypnosis program, using modern hypnosis techniques, can directly address your particular problem areas. A quality session works to remove cravings (emotional associations) from your mind. When that is done, you experience a simple choice to smoke or not, rather than a struggle against a craving.

That's nice, but there's more to be done. Let's use hypnosis to start new cravings, like for drinking water, exercise, and breathing fresh air. Let's create an urge for relaxing distractions. Have things to do to fill-in the time you used to spend smoking. How many cigarettes did you smoke per day? How many minutes per cigarette? It adds-up, doesn't it?

How about that daily stress that wants to be relieved? If you can't smoke to relieve it, what to do? Let's use hypnosis to relieve your stress too? Sounds good.

Increasing your confidence would be nice to, right? A little hypnosis to build or re-build how you feel? In particular, building the confidence and belief that you CAN quit smoking this time, and feel great while you do it. (One of the ways we learn habits is repetition. I'm fairly certain this is not your first try to quit smoking. Did failing in previous attempts make a little doubt that it will work this time? Better use hypnosis with that also.)

And just in case, you might as well use hypnosis to address your eating habits. Make sure they stay in control during your quit smoking process. Just knowing that this is one more part of the process should ease your mind.

If you have this kind of help, combined with your own desire and motivation to quit smoking, what's stopping you? There is all kinds of help out there. Make sure you get all the pieces of the quit smoking puzzle that you need. - 30540

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