What is MDS?

By Juno Pinkerson

A lot of people are somewhat familiar with different types of cancer like leukemia or MDS; however very few truly know what the causes for these illnesses are, or what treatment options are available. It is therefore very beneficial to have a clear-cut view of what myleodysplastic syndromes really are, before asking further questions regarding the subject.

Composed of a number of hematological conditions, MDS result when the body is lacking in a certain number of red and white blood cells. Issues with the bone marrow stem cell cause an abnormal blood cell production in the bloodstream which often leads to MDS. This form of cancer has been known as pre-leukemia and can develop into leukemia or cancer of the blood.

MDS Causes

Abnormal production and reproduction of blood cells is experienced by patients suffering from MDS. This defect in the blood-formingcells often worsens over time resulting in the gradual deterioration of the bone marrow.

Genetic factors play a huge role in the the development of MDS, specifically in children who suffer from the disease. However, effects from the environment can also cause healthy cells to develop abnormalities and to produce cancer-causing cells in the long run.

Exposure to toxic chemicals such as Benzene is one of the top causes of different types of cancer. Benzene is used in the production of various items such as gasoline, cigarettes and sodas. People who eventually develop MDS and other types of cancers are most of the time oblivious to the fact that have already been exposed to Benzene by ingesting, handling or inhaling the toxic substance

Caution Signs for MDS

Studies show that of all MDS patients, about one-third suffer from deteriorating health after their preliminary diagnosis; these patients are also very likely to develop acute myelogenous leukemia or AML. Some of the most common MDS symptoms include:

*Pale skin

*Bruising and bleeding

*Fatigue that is extreme

*Recurring infections

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