Understanding Genital Warts

By Anna Latrobe

Warts that develop in the genital area are known as 'condylomata acuminata', and they are passed on from one person to another through sexual activity where the human papilloma virus or HPV is transmitted. However it is not unusual for a person to contract the virus yet not develop warts, or at least not for a few months.

Warts initially show up in the moist areas of the skin and normally look like small pink lumps, however they can grow into larger cauliflower like growths that are a lot more uncomfortable for people

In a female genital warts sufferers, warts start off as small pink lumps in the vagina that can be itchy. It is advisable for a woman to see a professional medical practitioner if they think they may have warts, as they can grow on the cervix and the vagina canal which in some cases may be dangerous. Other symptoms of genital warts may be a bad smell, excessive vaginal discharge and even blood after sex

For males Genital warts are found on the penis and scrotum and may occur beneath the foreskin on men who haven't been circumcised. They are in general found in masses which are raised and rough and at the nastiest they will be clustered with a pearly appearance and a slightly darker surface.

Genital warts can be irritating and cause an uncomfortable itchy sensation, however they can be painless in certain instances. In severe cases the urinary tract can be obstructed which might cause bleeding, also an excessive amount of discharge may appear. The more time the virus is left without treatment then the worse it may become, as warts will multiply and the condition will become more severe. It is, without a doubt of real importance to discover a way to treat them successfully.

Usually when you visit a doctor and he/she thinks you have contracted genital warts, they will put a solution on the infected area to test for the HPV virus. pap spear tests are common in female patients. There are a range of different treatments that a doctor can choose from, however a topical cream is most commonly tried first.

Topical creams are usually the first line of defense that a doctor will try to remove the warts, however bare in mind that some creams are chemical based and toxic, which can be a problem due to the fast absorption into the bloodstream in some genital areas. Other treatment option include, liquid nitrogen for freezing, laser for burning and scalpels for cutting the genital warts off, all of which can be somewhat unpleasant for a patient.

Fortunately you can treat this condition without damaging your body by using a natural product and also in the reassurance of your own home without paying a hefty doctor's fee. - 30540

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