Mesothelioma Litigation A Route To Compensation

By Joe Harrell

Mesothelioma litigation is the only legal recourse available for the millions of asbestos cancer affected people to claim compensation from asbestos manufacturers for exposing them to the carcinogenic mineral without any forewarning or protection. Mesothelioma cancer cases is increasing day by day resulting in the sprouting of a multi-billion dollar industry where specialist lawyers, attorneys and law firms are striving hard to provide monetary compensation to those affected by this deadly cancer.

It is imperative that those looking for mesothelioma legal assistance should consider certain factors like the experience of the lawyer, his links and access to related resources and support groups and well versed with the laws in your state governing mesothelioma compensation. Usually, the time limits prescribed is one to two years since the diagnosis or if someone had passed away due to the cancer, his or her heirs can file mesothelioma litigation before the expiry of two years from the day of death.

The litigant needs to sit up with the lawyer and discuss the matter threadbare before filing litigation. It takes ample time for any lawyer to create an incontrovertible case. There is no guarantee that every lawsuit wins, but timely filing of the case coupled with honest discussion with a mesothelioma lawyer greatly increases the chances of victory. There are several options available, such as product liability where people contract the disease by using defective products containing asbestos. Sometimes doctors misdiagnose the disease resulting in delay in treatment and thereby death. In such cases, professional malpractice laws would come to the assistance of patients.

However, most asbestos related cancers occur due to exposure to asbestos at workplaces. Workers affected in this way can seek recompense from the employer. Even if the company is bankrupt, special federal laws are in place to ensure compensation. In addition, family members of victims of mesothelioma who are no more can also file mesothelioma litigation.

Numerous law firms are there which are capable of representing the cases. Many of them have succeeded in getting a handsome amount as relief to the victims. Only precaution to be taken is that before finalizing the law firm its credentials have to be verified. Otherwise the chances of winning would be low and if at all the case wins, the compensation amount will be very less. The time taken for the mesothelioma litigation can take a long duration of time also. This situation would be very difficult for the victims and the family members to tolerate. - 30540

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Cures And Preventive Measures For Mesothelioma Disease

By Heidi Wingrain

Mesothelioma stands high among the most threatening diseases which affect mankind in the present world. Inhaling asbestos fibers for a long time is the cause behind mesothelioma disease. In most cases the patients die within two years of diagnosis. The peculiarity of the disease is that it takes many decades to develop and show its first symptoms. This very fact proves to be a hindrance in timely detection and proper treatment.

Asbestos, which is highly useful mineral in industries, is extremely toxic. Once breathed in, the air borne fibers get accumulated in the mesothelium, which is a protective membrane that covers the internal organs. This results in excessive abnormal cell division and the extra fluid collected due to this thickens the sidewalls of the organs. This obstructs the proper functioning of the organs.

Mesothelioma disease is classified into three according to the areas of our body they occur. While the pleural mesothelioma affects the lung cavities, the peritoneal kind targets the abdominal cavities. The pericardial, which is the most potent among these, attacks the cavities of the heart.

There is no full cure for a fully developed mesothelioma cancer case, as of now. Traditional therapies like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can at best increase the life span by several years. The treatment procedures are hindered due to late detection resulting from the long gestation period required for the disease to show its first symptoms. In most cases, symptoms show up only after the cancer reaches advanced stages. However, if detected early and treated quickly, there is a fair chance that the disease can be removed totally thereby assuring the patient a prolonged healthy life.

It is therefore very important that everyone, who had worked in asbestos-based factories, asbestos pits and family members of such employees to undergo periodical checkups. The usual symptoms are breathing problems and related illnesses like cough, fever etc. Being a rarity, all cancer centers are not manned or equipped to diagnose and cure mesothelioma disease. The patient should approach only those physicians who exclusively deal with the disease, which would greatly help in timely and accurate diagnose, which would be followed by aggressive treatment to root out the cancer. - 30540

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The Way To Use Alternative Medicine For Elevated Blood Pressure

By Ray Jennings

There is a lot of interest in alternative remedies for high blood pressure today. This is understandable, since most regular medicines for elevated blood pressure have unattractive complications. These side-effects frequently include sleepiness, impaired judgment ( occasionally leading to heavy accidents ), nausea and allergic responses. Most alternative medicines for hypertension offer relief from the problem without these unwanted effects.

MAny of us will not feel symptoms that suggest we have high blood pressure. Correctly known as raised blood pressure, the problem shows itself quite unnoticed initially. Stress can end up in raised blood pressure, but stress, uneasiness and tension are not the same as hypertension. A doctor will diagnose hypertension when the patient's systolic blood pressure crosses 240 mmHg. Concurrently, diastolic blood pressure may go above 120 mmHg. If both these finding happen at the same time, there is no room for doubt.

When the patient experiences symptoms like recurring headaches, he or she might have noxious hypertension. This can lead to a number of issues, including kidney failure. Generally, elevated blood pressure is a big issue to patients suffering from diabetes. This is as diabetes has a tendency to weaken the walls of the heart and arteries. In such a case, elevated blood pressure can turn out to be a fatal complication.

Raised blood pressure is not an illness in itself, but it can lead to some organ damage. Folks with high blood pressure are awfully subject to strokes, coronaries, issues with the eye's retinas and kidney disease. Pregnant girls can actually not afford to ignore high blood pressure because it often leads to several issues.

Patients with high blood pressure must modify their lifestyles. Those that are fat need to start exercising continually. They must also eliminate excess salt from their diets and include masses of fruit, nuts and green veggies. If they live intense lives, they have to get rid of the stress-inducing factors. Doing this could occasionally include moving out of an overly loud neighborhood and making the switch to a less demanding job. Additionally, the patient will probably have to take certain antihypertensive medicine.

It is possible to live a full and functional life with elevated blood pressure without using pharmacological medicines. For instance, many patients have found considerable relief by using hawthorn. Research has proven that a major percentage of patients with type two diabetes using hawthorn for around sixteen weeks displayed a reduction in their mean diastolic blood pressure.

Fish oil is also advantageous for patients with elevated blood pressure. Fish oil contains DHA ( docohexaenoic acid ), which lowers elevated blood pressure usually. Garlic is a conventional elevated blood pressure defensive, and is extraordinarily effective because of its cholesterol-lowering properties.

Folic acid intake is also handy because this element from the vitamin B group lowers raised homocysteine levels. Many doctors also suggest adopting a diet loaded in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Additionally, patients with high blood pressure experience major relief by practicing yoga, biofeedback and other non-medical stress-reducing treatments.

Self-treatment of raised blood pressure with alternative medicine is popular but can be threatening if done ignorantly. Alternative drugs and herbal medicine are not always permissible to use by amateurs. To illustrate this point - there are certain herbal compounds that patients of raised blood pressure must avoid precisely. These include licorice, Ephedra, Asian Ginseng and essential oil of Rosemary. - 30540

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Natural Remedies For Piles - How To Shrink Piles Naturally

By Curtis Weber

Natural treatments for piles can be effective if used in the correct way. There is commonly a disposition to think that "natural remedies" are somehow less efficient than medication which is supplied on prescription or purchased over the counter, but for certain conditions, this is definitely not correct.

Generally, conditions which happen thanks to a victim's life-style can be tough to treat usually and often, standard medication is concentrated on alleviating the symptoms instead of actually curing the condition and piles is a case in point. Medication for piles is sold for the point of giving discomfort alleviation and shrinking the tissues. Indeed, certain meds will do this reasonably well. if you have tried these, you will know only too well that after you cease using them, your piles will reappear.

There's no getting away from it actually, but if you're in a position where you are bored of living alongside this condition, the sole way to get shot of piles is by treating the root cause. Now the good side of all this, is that it is really possible to be totally free of this condition inside a very short time and that there truly are ways of getting virtually instant relief-all by employing natural treatments for piles.

There are one or two natural remedies for piles which can help to alleviate some of the symptoms. However , to completely eradicate this condition from your life for good you'll need a methodical approach which is applicable for your own way of life which takes into account what has led to the piles in your personal case. There are various factors behind piles and these include pregnancy, straining caused by hard stools ( which can have many causes in itself ), diarrhea, general aging and anal intercourse.

Natural cures

* Soak a cotton wool ball in diluted witch hazel and apply to the piles

* Take a warm bath for 10-15 minutes

* Apply an ice pack to the piles ( this may be first wrapped up in a clean towel or kitchen paper )

* Soothing creams like petroleum jelly or zinc cream can help

* Drink masses of water as this could keep the stools soft and help avoid bowel problems

* Always take care when wiping after visiting the can. Think about using wet-wipes and permit to air-dry, or dry very carefully by dabbing, not rubbing. - 30540

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A Fall Will Happen Anytime Therefore Be Careful!

By Michael Russell

Orthopedics comes from Greek words ortho meaning straight and pais which is child. Previously orthopedics was once a sickness which concerned kids who had spine or limb deformities. Though the disease still prevails amongst youngsters, orthopedics also has an effect on adults. Orthopedic generally refers to drug or surgical treatment which is associated to orthopedics which may be a uneasiness or disorder of the spine, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin.

An individual can be struck by orthopedic health problems anytime, anywhere even because of an accidental because of varied reasons such as rushing, not walking properly, not exercising often and so forth. Due to very little mistakes like these a day will come when people need to go for a hip surgery, a knee replacement or surgical treatments which are even worse. These accidents will result in fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments, sprains, strains, tendon injuries, pulled muscles, bursitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, and abnormalities in the toes and fingers and growth abnormalities.

Though because of the progressive state of technology many devices and medicines have made their way into hospitals so as to help patients who are affected with this illness to live a normal life once more. A prosthetic device is one of those devices which can substitute a diseased joint. Continuing cellular research might help surgeons in stimulating the growth of ligaments and bones in patients one day in the future as well. These days inventions like orthopedic shoes, orthopedic mattresses, orthopedic neck supports, braces, canes, walkers, ankle supports and so on have assisted patients live a much easier life.

Orthopedic specialists all around the world have had a vital role to play in the health care of an orthopedic patient. Orthopedic specialists use medical, physical, rehabilitative, plus surgical treatment to assist relieve the hurt of some of these patients. For orthopedic specialists their practice is dependent 50 percent on surgical management and 50 percent on non-surgical or medical management. Surgical procedure is required so as to restore the knee, hip, and so forth.

An orthopedic specialist also works closely with other health care professionals and is a consultant to other medical doctors. Orthopedic specialists specialise in the treatment of the knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, hip, neck, and other areas as well depending on the practitioner. So as to become an orthopedic specialist an individual has to go through intensive study and training and might take up to four years for one to become a diplomat. As this course needs commitment and intensive research. - 30540

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Happiness is The Only Thing That Matters In the End

By Jamie Brown

This day in age, people are turning to religion in droves. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism has embedded it's ideology in the hearts and minds of millions globally. While all these religions deserve respect and tolerance, few in the west have a grasp on the complicated concept of Buddhism.

The end all and be all of online encyclopedias, Wikipedia grabs the first slot on a Google search for the term Buddhism and the breakdown reads like this: "Buddhism is a religion and a philosophy encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and practices, largely based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha (Pali/Sanskrit "the awakened one"). The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.

He is recognized by adherents as an awakened teacher who shared his insights to help sentient beings end suffering, achieve nirvana, and escape what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth. Buddhism is traditionally conceived as a path of liberation attained through insight into the ultimate nature of reality. Two major branches of Buddhism are recognized: Theravada ("The School of the Elders") and Mahayana ("The Great Vehicle"). Theravada, the oldest surviving branch, has a widespread following in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, and Mahayana is found throughout East Asia and includes the traditions of Pure Land, Zen, Nichiren Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Shingon, Tendai and Shinnyo-en. In some classifications, a third branch, Vajrayana, is recognized, although many see this as an offshoot of the Mahayana. While Buddhism remains most popular within Asia, both branches are now found throughout the world.

Various sources put the number of Buddhists in the world at between 230 million and 500 million." After living abroad in Asia for several years I have found that Buddhist cultures are more tolerant because the focus is on the 'self' and the meditation on the calming of the mind, concentrating on controlled breathing and the idea that meditation to bring one closer to peace is central to discovering one's self.

If you have the opportunity to investigate the practice of Buddhism, I would highly recommend it. I'm not saying to take up the path and convert to a religion but the calming affect that is central to this religions concept will bring a peaceful serenity to your life that you may find useful. All in all respect and tolerance for all religious perspectives is something that people are beginning to make a conscious effort to practice and understanding ideas from various religions can teach us an appreciation that can bring us all closer together. - 30540

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Stop Anxiety And Panic Attacks

By Adrian Logan

Learning to stop anxiety and panic attacks isn't difficult, but they can be very difficult to conquer on their own, without any guidance. Here is how I learned to stop these attacks forever.

When I first had periods of panic, the first symptoms I noticed was that my chest felt heavy, and it was difficult to breathe, almost like there wasn't enough oxygen in the air. I found out a few weeks later that the perception of breathing difficulties, along with an elevated and even painful heart rate, are the two biggest side effects of panic attacks.

* If you want to stop these panic attack, you need to realize that these attacks are nothing more and nothing less than your body reacting to stress in your life, which activates the biological fight-or-flight reaction.There is no physical cause and it will not pose any danger to you. These episodes do not harm your body.

* You might not even realize at first that you're having a panic episode. You might think you're having a heart attack, or your lungs aren't working properly, or you are sick, but all of these feelings are physical manifestations of problems that are actually entirely internal. Tell yourself that you are fine, these attacks don't kill anyone, and that this attack will pass, will help you get through your next episode.

* The next step is to find their cause. Did you have panic episodes like this a year ago? What about six months ago? What changed? If you can't think of any significant, stressful differences in your life, think back a month at a time until you create a shortlist of possibilities. It's even possible that many little problems contributed to one MASSIVE problem.

* Your panic attacks might be resulting from an elevation of problems or anxiety that had been building up over months or years and finally reached "critical mass" and not caused by extremely recent concerns. They might be symptoms of a slowly-growing mental affliction, like generalized anxiety disorder or depression, that your body went overboard because it was not able to sustain any longer.

* Finally if you want to cure your panic attacks yourself, the key for self treatment is to convince yourself that what you're experiencing are panic attacks and not something seriously wrong with your body. It may take a few doctor's examinations before you believe that. I personally required two visits to the doctor.

Can you imagine feeling relaxed and happy again? How about making your last panic attack your LAST panic attack? Here's how to do it. - 30540

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Kidney Stone Diet - How to Successfully Utilize It to Reverse renal Disease Development

By Jane Silva

Kidney stone diet is best for clients who have kidney stones. As the name suggests, this diet deals with all the procedures you have to have to deal with your renal stone.

First and foremost, kidney stones materialize because there is a calcification in your urinary system. They form predominantly on the kidneys but they can migrate to the lower urinary system (i.e. bladder). Therefore, they are naturally asymptomatic until they pass into the lower urinary system.

Up to 4% of the population in the United Stares have kidney stones. About 12% of the male population have renal stone by the age of 70. More than 200,000 Americans require hospitalization for treatment of stones every year. It is so never-ending to the point that half of the clients affected will advance another bout of renal calculi in the next 10 years.

Most conventional calculi are made up of calcium oxylate (70-80%), uric acid (10%), struvite (9-17%), or cystine (<1%). The most familiar manifestations and symptoms include low urine output, high urine pH (making it alkaline), excessive urinary excretion of calcium, oxalate, uric acid, or combination of these substances.

Type and cause of stone formation offer details on how to deal with renal stones. A wide-ranging dietary account taking might also be considered necessary to be able to point out the bit of the client's eating habits that generated the creation of kidney stones. In general, management choices include off-putting diet and modifications.

Here are some course of action on the kidney stone diet:

-Customize pattern of eating to special metabolic disturbances and individual dietary way of life to guarantee fulfillment

-Calcium restriction must be avoided

-Calcium and oxalate should be in balance

-Control ingestion of spinach, rhubarb, beets, nuts, chocolate, team wheat bran, and strawberries

-Do not surpass suggested daily allowance for vitamin C as it intensifies urinary oxalate excretion

-Animal protein should be regulated to 1 g/kg body weight

-Salt ingestion ought to be controlled to less than 100 mEq/dl

-Potassium intake should be commended (five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day)

-Add in high fluid intake to yield at least 2 liters of urine/day (2-3 L of water intake/day is recommended)

And let me emphasize once again, make sure you are following a scientifically proven kidney stone diet

From my encounter as a nurse, it is always better to undertake less invasive procedures until all choices become exhausted. Which is why following a correct nutritional regime and drinking plenty of fluids must be your first and primary thing to do.

Luckily, most clients pass the stone naturally from the ureter and bladder. If the stone does not move, if it causes impediment, or if X-ray recommends that the stone is exceedingly big to pass safely into the urethra, more invasive management is crucial.

The kidney stone diet is not firm. In fact, it helps you work around your common pattern of eating in order for you not to suffer as though you are in a strict regimen.

Low Protein Renal Diet For Chronic Kidney Patients

- 30540

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How To Control A Panic Attack

By Brock Davis

Dealing with the fear of another panic attack can completely take over your life. If left untreated, this fear can become totally debilitating as you run out of "safe" places to be. You need to find a way to control your panic attack fear.

If the more you fear having an attack, the more likely you will have one. This fear is irrational. But somehow your brain still continues to send distress signals to the body and the body responds causing those horrifying feelings during the attack.

Your chances of getting another panic attack will be greatly reduced if you can overcome your fear and have confidence that you can handle an attack.

You have to find a way to deal with the fear. There are several therapies available to you. It includes a short term solution involving prescription drugs. These can mask the symptoms but as they could be harmful, you should not take it for long term usage.

Cognitive therapy holds a lot of promise but this is a long learning lesson from a psychotherapist. Essentially it walks you through situations that you fear bit by bit until you can take it on all at once. It works for most people but takes a significant amount of time.

There is a third method that deals with the physical aspects of the panic attack as well as the mental. This method provides techniques that allow you to control the panic attack by disrupting the message being sent by the brain and performing exercises to control the body.

This method is able to provide quick panic attack relief. It also addresses the long term requirement of finding the trigger that sets your attacks off.

This method can help you builds your confidence in your ability to deal with future attacks and control the attack. Your fear of attacks will decline as your confidence. Thus you will experience fewer and fewer panic attacks. Soon you can start having a panic free life.

Would you like to learn more about the third way to control a panic attack? Find out the techniques and get introduced to a safe, quick solution to ending panic forever. Check out the resource below. - 30540

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Tips For Identifying Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infection

By Doc Walton

When you begin to notice the symptoms of male yeast infection it will be important to visit your physician and rule out a communicable disease. The symptoms of male yeast infection is very similar to the symptoms of social diseases and you want to make sure that you have a yeast infection before you begin a male yeast infection treatment.

There are many men who get a yeast infection but do not show symptoms for several weeks or months. When you are with someone who gets yeast infections regularly, it will be wise to get checked by a medical professional on a regular basis to make sure you do not have an infection and, if you do have an infection, get the proper yeast infection treatment before you begin developing the symptoms.

There are many women that get yeast infections regularly. Yeast fungus grows easily in dark, moist areas of the body. Men who are circumcised usually get yeast infections more than men that are not circumcised. The infection will often reside in the folds of the skin and may not be symptomatic until the area is irritated.

The most common methods that a male gets a yeast infection is from sex with an infected partner, overuse of antibiotics, low immunity, stress, and a poor diet. In all of these cases, except sex, the balance of yeast in your body is disrupted and causes the infection. Eating a healthy, low sugar and high fiber diet can help you to avoid most of the reasons that male yeast infections occur.

There are several symptoms that indicate the onset of a male yeast infection. A strong smell in the urine, and a burning when you urinate, are two of the early signs of infection. If the dome of the penis become red and irritated and there is itching, this is another symptom of the infection.

When the infection is in a more severe stage there may be a continual white discharge from the penis and there will be burning and pain during sexual activity. You may also begin to see small white blisters that are very painful and make wearing pants uncomfortable.

When male yeast infections are not treated, they can lead to very serious health issues. Once you have visited a medical professional and determined that there is no STD involved, you will be given several options for treatment. The treatments may include other the counter medication, antifungal prescription medication, or natural remedies.

The medications sold and prescribed for women are different than those for men. When you are looking for a male yeast infection treatment, finding the remedy that is designed for men and treats your specific symptoms will be important. The treatment of the immediate symptoms will be accompanied by other medication to treat the internal cause of the infection when necessary, as the root of infection is due to the overgrowth of yeast within the digestive tract.

Changing your diet is often one of the recommendations made as part of a male yeast infection treatment program. Avoiding sugar, which is the main food source of yeast, is often the most effective and lasting remedy. When the proper yeast infection treatments are used, symptoms of yeast infection are often countered within a relatively short period of time. - 30540

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Cold, Cough, Headache Or Earache-An Ear, Nose Throat (ENT) Clinic Is The Place To Be!

By Abhishek Agarwal

Ear, nose and throat specialists are doctor dedicated to handling general and also severe and heavy issues related to ear, nose and throat, also referred to as ENT. These doctors are specialist so they need as a separate branch while doing their studies. They are trained in such a manner that facilitate them in specializing in their diagnosis plus treatment be it operative or medicinal on any of those body parts. A good ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists in Singapore ought to be qualified and learned enough to be in a position to easily handle most ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems like cough, cold, hearing problems, sinus, to any disorder in the naval cavity such as allergies, nasal cavity blockages, polyps, thus on and thus forth.

As well as any problems related to the throat such as speech disorder, issues regarding the voice box, respiration issues, and several such other problems. Many a times ear, nose, and throat specialists are required to go through the patient's previous medical records in the case of serious ailments or allergies which can be life threatening as well.

At times several a patient is diagnosed with dangerous and life threatening ailments such as tumors, or maybe cancer which requires surgery so as for it tom be eliminated. It's necessary a correct specialist in Singapore takes an intensive examination of you and find out your weaknesses before they affect you in the incorrect manner. This is needed so as to assist you know the actual need of medicinal drug or surgery if needed in sure severe cases.

Prescriptions, medicament, surgeries and precautions are what make up the life-span of ailments in a person's life especially if it involves problems regarding the ear, nose and throat (ENT) .

Within the case of ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist in Singapore, the clinic have achieved several firsts in the world of medicines. For instance Singapore houses the primary dedicated ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists in Singapore Cluster in private practice. Retro-X implantable hearing aid happens to be the first in Southeast Asia to perform the surgery. Narrow Band Imaging technology Nasoendoscopy is the primary in the world to determine the use of this in early nose cancer detection. 1st ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic in Asia to own the 3D Accuitomo Cone Beam CAT scanner that is a low radiation X-ray machine for ear, nose, and throat (ENT) use. Singapore is the primary place to explain the utilization of 3DTC Angiogram pictures for laptop assisted advanced endoscopic Sinus surgery. - 30540

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Play It Safe In The Sun

By Byron Jonas

Protecting yourself from the sun is an imperative preventive health measure, especially for those who spend a large majority of time outdoors. If your children are involved in school sports or any other outdoor activities, make sure you take the time to educate them about how to be sun smart.

With just a few simple precautionary measures, you can protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of over-exposure. The summer sun often lures us into spending long days basking in it's warm rays and enjoying our favorite sports and outdoor activities. By being safe about the sun and protecting your children, we can avoid suffering the harmful side effects and dangers of over-exposure.

Especially when it comes to young ones, it seems that we are all just waiting for those long sunny days to come around; there is nothing like spending a beautiful day outside and enjoying the summer sun. However, parents need to take the time to educate their kids and make sure they know how to be safe in the sun.

Over-exposure to the sun is the cause of a number of short and long-term health effects, a fact that is often overlooked as the sun just feels so good! The most rapidly occurring negative effect that the sun has on our bodies is sunburn, which can vary across a wide spectrum of pain and intensity, the most severe cases even leading to hospitalization.

Premature wrinkles are one long-term side effect of too much sun; educating your kids about this early on is an effective way to make them aware of the dangers of too much sun. Preserving our youth is important to just about everyone, and by protecting our skin from sun damage we can do our best to avoid aging before our time.

Another much more serious side effect from too much sun is skin cancer. A beautifully-bronzed body was once a coveted beauty trait, but as we now know the price to pay for this is way too high. Skin cancer is a serious disease that can be easily prevented with simple measures. Especially during the summer and school sports seasons, parents need to make sure their kids are protected from the sun's rays.

Many people mistakenly think that the only time to worry about sun protection is during the summer months or on extremely sunny days. Surprisingly, sunburns can even occur when it does not appear to be overly sunny outside. Just another reason why you can never be too careful when it comes to sun protection.

It is much better to play it safe when protecting ourselves and our families from the sun. Experts advise using sun protection techniques anytime you are outside, which is a good rule to follow. It is also a good idea to use a daily moisturizer that has a SPF; this will protect your face every day from the damage-causing UV rays of the sun.

When your loved ones head out to enjoy the summer sun, make sure the sunscreen gets thoroughly applied first and also re-applied every few hours. With just a bit of common sense, you can enjoy the sun safely, all season long. - 30540

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What You Must Know Before You Make Any Decisions About Your Future In Nursing Homes

By Howard Moses Jenson

There are numerous different types of Care Services available including Residential Care homes and care services at home, also known as Domiciliary Agencies, which help you to stay as independent as practical in your own house.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection ( CSCI ) keep an updated report on all services after inspection. You should read this carefully so that you have a good understanding of the care services you require.

The CSCI have introduced a 'Star' quality rating for all support services, ( from zero to three stars ) which will be shown on the new inspection reports. Three Stars being excellent to 0 stars being poor.

Inspection reports can be read for the care service providers on the CSCI website

It is actually crucial to be certain that you regularly talk to your Care Service supplier to tell them if you have any concerns or whether you have got any changes to your wishes. If you don't make them aware, they can not provide you with the help that you require. It is also actually important to build up a good relationship with your Care Service supplier, remember the more they know about you and the difficulties you are having they can suggest changes to your care plan and how their staff can help you. A good Care Service supplier will be continually coaching their staff, so they maybe in a position to offer alternative improved care options that will suit you better.

Your Care Service provider will provide you with a written care plan, which should be reviewed frequently as your wishes change. The Care Plan will set out exactly what the Care providers will do for you, when and how. The government have a set of minimum standards the Care Service suppliers should meet. These standards require care providers to be polite, respectful and to make certain you are treated with dignity.

If they are providing food for you, they should offer you a choice of food, when and where you would like to eat it, and they should guarantee it's been prepared in accordance to your faith. Your mealtimes are a crucial part of the day and should be a pleasurable experience. Your carers should give you the time, space and help you need to be certain you enjoy your meals.

If you find the standards unacceptable, you are also able to leave at any time. If they are providing food for you, they should provide you with a choice of food, when and where you would like to eat it, and they should ensure it has been prepared in accordance to your faith and religion. Your mealtimes are an important part of the day and should be an enjoyable experience. Your carers should give you the time, space and help you need to be certain you like your meals.

Adult Placement Schemes Care houses for Adult Placements Care houses for Adults 18-65 Care houses for Older folks Care at Home [Domicillary Care] Nurses' Agencies - 30540

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Why People Need Sunscreens

By Jake Zertosky

Using sunscreen is an important part of a skin care regimen. It helps protect from the sun's dangerous ultra-violet (UV) rays and protect against sunburn. Sun damage can cause cancer and premature aging. There are a variety of different sunscreens on the market today.

UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, with an estimated one million cases each year. UVR damages the skin's layers that give skin its supple and youthful appearance. Repeated sun exposure can also cause liver spots and aging spots.

A skin protection factor, also known as SPF, of at least fifteen will be the best in protecting your skin from the sun. Moisturizers and after shave creams often contain sunscreens and can be used for daily sun protection.

Sun damage can harm the skin in more ways than one, causing premature sagging, wrinkles, and aging. The damage can't be seen on the surface but lurks underneath. The skin can appear weathered and older than it should with too much exposure.

Photoaging can cause wrinkles around the eyes and other skin related problems. Once sun damage has ravaged the skin it is very hard to reverse the damage. There are some laser surgeries and creams you can try but it's best to try not to have much damage in the first place.

It is recommended that all adults wear sunscreen except for children under six, who should not have prolonged sun exposure. Even on an overcast day the sun can still do damage. Sunscreen should always be reapplied after swimming or when sweating heavily.

If you're someone who likes to tan or who has skin that doesn't burn easily, at least get a tanning lotion with some sunscreen in it. It may take a little longer to get a tan, but at least you're filtering out the UV rays. There are also sunless tanning options, like sprays and lotions, that are more advanced now so they don't give an orange tint to the skin.

A self tanning product is low risk and dyes the top layer of skin only. The worst that can happen is an allergic reaction or a rash. Some self tanners contain SPF, so be sure to at least have an SPF of 15 to have maximum protection.

Some sunscreens have more protection than others and are better at protecting from the UV rays. There is even a product on the market now that is supposed to deflect the sun by one hundred percent. Be sure to always check labels before buying so you know what level of protection you're getting.

It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen before going out for a long time and having more exposure to the sun. Your skin will thank you and stay more healthy. Be sure to always have it when going out on the water reapply after every activity. Swimming especially can wash off the much needed sunscreen. - 30540

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Treatments For Tinnitus

By Terry Rusty

Over the years a number of treatments for Tinnitus have been proven to work to a certain degree. Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a ringing or the sound of air rushing through your ear with no external source to explain the noise. Treatments for Tinnitus range from antibiotics to maskers to what is being called as Tinnitus retraining therapy. Through out this article I will cover these particular treatments for Tinnitus.

Antibiotics - Antibiotics are used in the treatment of Tinnitus when an ear infection has been diagnosed. Due to ear infections being so common it is highly recommended that if your ear starts ringing out of the blue to head straight to your doctors office. If the ear infection is diagnosed early a ten day course of prescription medication is enough to cure it but if the ear infection is left untouched it can lead to Tinnitus, hearing loss and much more serious consequences.

Maskers - A masker in terms of ringing in your ears or Tinnitus is a device that is worn that basically drowns out the actual ringing with another noise a little more pleasant on the ears. Maskers work to a variety of success depending on the person and where they are on the Tinnitus severity scale. A number of company carry maskers which are worn similar to that of a hearing aid. A test to see if a masker would be appropriate from you stand by a tap faucet with the water turned on all of the way and if you only hear the water and not the ringing in your ear chances are a masker would benefit you. Some people swear by maskers saying that with the portable device they actually do not hear the ringing in their ears.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy - Tinnitus Retraining Therapy hits on all sorts of levels with the combination of personal therapy and maskers. The counselors will try to help you to learn how to avoid the Tinnitus sounds with the use of cognitive therapy techniques. Maskers are commonly used in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy during the beginning of the therapy and in the end some people will no longer require the use of a masker.

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that can lead to permanent hearing loss and can affect a person's day to day life. Along with the traditional treatments for Tinnitus there has been a number of breakthroughs that has seen the popularity of alternative medicine treatments explode in popularity and success. I would explore all available options and see which one will best help you to overcome and cure Tinnitus. - 30540

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How An Electronic Air Cleaner Can Change The Quality Of Your Health

By Fred Delci

Many individuals suffer from the stressful condition that having allergies could give.Sneezing, watery, puffy eyes are just two of the more common symptoms of a allergy sufferer but many have problems breathing as well.The likelihood that they will hit you is assumed to be at any time of the year, however, you will have the most probability of getting disturbed by it during the times when flowers begin blooming and pollens are scattered free off the air or during the springtime.It could also depend on the place of your residence as some areas are prone to carry such contaminants than other areas.Allergy relief electronic air cleaners or air purifiers and its any possible benefits will be tackled on this article.

Hypersensitivity can not only be taken outside and more often than not, your home is much more prone to contaminants than anywhere else therefore using an electronic air cleaner or air purifier at home can really be of use. Our homes are like enclosed spaces where we breathe in and out the same air on a continuous basis.Dust and dust mites are common phenomena in every home which can trigger an attack nearly instantly. The function of the allergy relief electronic air cleaner or air purifier is to purify the circulating air which you are breathing and eradicate all the floating particles which are behind the attacks.

Allergy relief electronic air cleaner or air purifiers can be conveniently used in any room and because most of them are portable, it can be lugged around any where in the house to put it on, simply plug it in. Some units of these units can get rid of other odors that can trigger attacks such as those coming from the perfume or air fresheners aside from dust and dust mites. They could also entrap all the smoke or smoke odors which also sometimes start an attack, so that you no longer have to be a passive smoker.A smoker usually carries the smoke smell on their hands, hair and clothes so every time you sit close to a smoker you can expect an attack forthcoming. The job of the electronic air cleaner is to entrap the smoke and the smoke smell and pass it through its filtering system to release only fresh clean oxygen which you then breathe in.

There is no problem in procuring electronic air cleaner or air purifiers as they are abundantly available in a wide selection of outlets like home improvement stores or stores which stock clothes, groceries and other types of home improvement items.Though many of these units were produced to be used at homes exclusively, they still come in different types. There are units designed for room use only and some for utilization around the house with some pieces that be placed into your car or truck are also available as well as units that are necklace-like in form which you can bring along with you to give you filtered air wherever you go. I have even seen an allergy relief electronic air cleaner built in to your cat box to remove odors!

May your health and wealth be great and prosperous. - 30540

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Renal Diet Tips To Drive Backward Your Kidney Function To Its Former Glory

By Rachelle Gordon

Renal diet has been bewildering the nephrology industry ever since the dawn of this decade. It is anticipated that only 30percent of the total number of nephrons are required to sustain beneficial renal operation. That means that the renal collapse system is perfectly sheltered from failure with a substantial backup system. On the other hand, it as well means that by the instance a distressed client has signs and symptoms of renal crash, wide kidney injury have already occurred.

Food adjustment is dictated by many components like accumulation of nitrogenous waste products, impaired emission of electrolytes, mineral inadequacies and constant cell eating. There is an unsolved phenomena acknowledged as wasting syndrome. The client with renal breakdown continually loses body load, muscle mass and adipose tissue.

Make sure you're following a scientifically-proven renal diet

The principle of this renal diet is to preserve a balance of electrolytes, mineral deposits, and fluid in patients who are on kidney dialysis. This is important since renal dialysis unaided cannot eradicate and pass through a filter all the wastes in the body. It needs a right diet to support the body in running the accumulated waste products.

Depending on the doctor's, electrolytes might be advised or restricted. The management of salt is a fragile matter. At times, the kidneys fritter away salt, and sodium consumption have to be encouraged to substitute it. More repeatedly though, the renal organs hang on to salt. Some accept as true that there ought to be moderate restriction with vigilant monitoring of urinary salt as guideline. Another issue is the monitoring of fluid status which gives imperative information in relation to salt requirements.

On a more personal boundary, renal failure and its accompanying therapies hits the family largely. There can be several stressors and life changers. A large amount of the care required by clients receiving persistent peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis and their important others concerns the social aspects of dialysis.

Research based renal diets are very different from the rest. It is a cautiously restrained manual on how to approach the signs and symptoms of kidney failure but still maintain an ample total of power level to support your daily behavior. It also specifies the accurate quantity of dietary protein, electrolytes, minerals, and hydration that are permissible for each patient.

As kidney failure spreads like wildfire , it is explicable that a lot of kidney diets have started to sprout out. There are also many scam sites out there who claim to have a "quick fix renal diet" so be vigilant. It is so imperative to do your research suspiciously and point out only books and guides that are written by people with trustworthiness and vast practice in nephrology.

- 30540

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What are Binaural Beats?

By Carrie Spry

Binaural beats are created by introducing two tones differing frequency into each ear. If we play one tone at 100Hz in one ear and another tone at 114Hz in the other ear, the brain will detect a phase difference between the two wavelengths of each signal or tone. In nature, detecting the phase difference is important for directional information.

A binaural beat is created when the signals integrate. Your brain will perceive a beat of 14Hz. Depending on the frequency of the phase difference it can sound like a wave or beat. If the frequency is low, it will sound more like a wave. If the frequency is higher is can sound like a very fast beat.

In order to make use of binaural beats, you must use stereo headphones. If speakers are used, the tones will mix in the air and produce a monaural beat. Monaural beats do have a place in the brain entrainment (bwe) world; however, if the track is meant for binaural, headphones must be used.

When listening to binaural beats, there may be a warbling sound initially until your brain adjusts. Also, having a hearing loss in one ear will not reduce the effectiveness of binaural beats because they maintain their intensity regardless of amplitude. Alternatively, masking the binaural beats with noise does not decrease their effectiveness, in fact, it has been shown to improve the entrainment process and have a more soothing effect.

Using binaural beats for bwe has been the topic of some debates. Binaural beats can be used to product beats from 0.235Hz to 26.25Hz. Above this frequency, the wavelength are longer than the distance of the skull. However, Dr. Gerald Oster concluded that these beats would be insufficient for bwe because the depth of the beat is only about 1/10 the volume of a whisper.

There are many companies that use binaural beats as the baseline in their products. These companies range from The Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync), Centerpointe (Holosync), and I-Doser. They mix their beats with ambiance, music, noise and sometimes guided instructions.

There are other methods which are more efficient like isochronic tones, monoraul beats, low-pass filter modulation, cross-feed modulation, pitch modulation and auto pan modulation. Each type of technology has its own limitations and methods. We use a combination of these methods to produce the best results. - 30540

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Discover How To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

By Danny Lewis

If you have been told that you have high cholesterol levels, one of the first things you may want to consider is learning how to reduce cholesterol naturally. Of course this is something that you will need to discuss with your physician, but at the end of the day more often than not they will recommend statins to control cholesterol levels, and while they will most certainly do the job, unfortunately they do have some pretty nasty side effects that come with them. Therefore, if you can learn how to reduce cholesterol naturally you can hopefully prevent yourself being on a lifetime medication of statins.

One of the first ways to lower cholesterol is by exercising. By exercising I'm not insinuating that you need to go and take out an expensive gym membership and go crazy in there everyday. Researchers have discovered that it is not the intensity that is key but the duration, so doing something as simple as walking briskly for 30 minutes on a daily basis will help you to reduce your cholesterol levels.

The next way how to reduce cholesterol levels is by cutting down on foods containing trans fats. On the whole, foods do not play a huge part in cholesterol levels, but trans fats do. You normally find that foods such as fast food have been cooked in them and ready made meals contain them. What you need to do is obviously cut down on take away food and if buying ready made meals ensure that they do not contain hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Another way to help balance your cholesterol levels is to increase the amount of fish oil omega3 that you consume. You can of course do this by eating 2 to 3 portions of oily fish per week: however the best way to do it is to use a fish oil supplement. The reason the omega3 from oily fish is so beneficial is because not only does it help to lower the LDL cholesterol, but it also helps to raise HDL cholesterol; and on top of that reduce triglyceride levels too. Also if your cholesterol levels have been high then chances are that may have been some buildup on the artery walls, the essential fats in this type of Omega3 will help to rectify that.

Another way that you may want to look into how to reduce cholesterol is by the use of a naturally blended supplement. These supplements generally tend to take several ingredients that have been proven to lower LDL production by the liver, raise HDL and also get rid of any excess LDL from the body. There are several out in the marketplace and if you do choose to go down this route then you must ensure the one you choose contains a substance known as policosanol. These naturally blended supplements can quite often be as powerful in their effects on cholesterol levels are statins, but without the side effects. - 30540

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Finally There is Hope For Guys - Prostate Cancer Prevention

By Veronica Carrillo

I know how it feels if and when you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's not a pleasant feeling at all. Many even think they are going to die right after the diagnosis without even having time for anything else. Well, that's not the truth. No matter what you have been told by the doctor, it's not over for you yet. You might feel the world has come to an end and you are surely on your way out of this world. This article tells you otherwise and shows you how and why you shouldn't give up because you have prostate cancer; it even gives you very helpful words of encouragement on how you can survive the condition.

Now, starting with what is testicular cancer. Testicles or gonads are an important part of the reproductive system of a male. A testis (together called the testis or the testicles) is going to be made up of 2 organs smaller than golf balls, and covered with their own covering protective sac called scrotum. The scrotum is found hanging beneath the male reproductive organ, the penis.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for death to happen because of prostate cancer, you should immediately get upbeat and find out what you can do to survive it. Read up on all that is to be studied on the condition and learn all you can about it, including the medications, treatments, etc. Specifically, talk to other people that have survived it and find out what they did, so that you can do the same thing to get the same results.

Thankfully, with the power of the Internet you can find lots of good prostate cancer forums out there where survivors of the condition hang out. Visit such forums and learn from the survivors. Find out what they did and how you can do the same thing. Apart from just finding out what they did, such forums help you by giving you access to people who have been able to survive the condition. Such forums remind you strongly that - if they can survive the condition, you can as well.

Finally, you should be hopeful and optimistic and you will also get the healing and cure that you deserve. In other words, you shouldn't lose hope or feel that you will surely die. Who knows? You just might end up getting even better results and live to be a far older person that those who even diagnosed your prostate cancer!

If you are not hopeful and optimistic I am not confident that any solution or treatment can work for you. If you ask those that have survived it, they will tell you that their hopefulness and optimism had a lot to do with the results they got. So, if you want similar results, you have to be hopeful and optimistic as well. - 30540

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Sandalwood Still As Important As Before

By Sandra O'Ryan

Historical and Current Uses

Sandalwood has been praised for centuries for its medicinal properties and ceremonial significance, as well as for its yellowish heartwood (middle of the tree). Taxonomically included in the Santalaceae family and the genus Santalum, this semiparasitic plant (partially use nutrients from other plants; sandalwood seedlings must first become attached to the roots of other plants) is distributed throughout southeastern Asia and the islands of the South Pacific. The most notable members of this group are Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) and Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum). Other plant species are sometimes substituted for sandalwoods, such as red sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus in the pea family) but are not of the true genus and are of inferior quality. An authentic sandalwood tree grows to a height of about 10 meters (33 feet) and has leathery leaves in pairs, each opposite the other on the branch. Both tree and roots contain yellow aromatic oil; the scent of sandalwood oil persists in the wood for years and used for ornamental boxes and statues. The extracted essential oil is highly prized in Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia and now the United States.

Sandalwood from the Mysore region (known as "sandalwood city") of southern India is generally considered to be of the highest quality sandalwood available, providing great commerce for this region of India. Of the traditional areas in Southeast Asia where sandalwood is found, India has been the front runner in creating plantations in which to continually harvest Sandalwood (The Australian Government has also set up reserves as well). Trade and harvest of Indian sandalwood is under strict regulation and the trees themselves are under government protection; only the government of India is permitted to own the trees. To produce commercially valuable sandalwood with high levels of fragrance oils, harvested Santalum trees are recommended to be at least 40 years of age, but 80 or above are preferred. However, trees at 30 years of age are still harvested but considered of inferior quality.

Much of the valuable wood is found in the roots of sandalwood and thus harvested by uprooting the entire tree versus cutting it at the trunk. In the last few years alone, the price of sandalwood has skyrocketed, mainly due to rising demand and limited supply. Increased demand has mainly come from the perfume and aromatherapy industry. Sandalwood essential oil and paste is used in Indian and Chinese medicine and of course aromatherapy botanical medicine. The perfume industry covets this oil for its ability to blend well with other perfume oils; hence, it is used extensively in hundreds of cosmetic products.

Over the centuries, the use of sandalwood and its products have been an integral part of several religious cultures. It scent, either as an essential oil or ground as incense, is thought to bring one closer to the Divine. Hindus burn incense made from sandalwood oil in burial pyres and at funerals. It's also used in temples to remind people of the heavenly realms. Yogis in India use the oil to anoint each other during ceremonies and before meditation as well deity statues often made of sandalwood itself.

Sandalwood May Help with Antibiotic Resistance

In late December of 2009 a length article by the Associated Press entitled "Pressure Rises to Stop Antibiotics in Agriculture" reported on rapidly emerging bacteria that are resistant to current antibiotics from supposed misuse of antibiotics in the agriculture industry. It was all over the internet in a matter of days. The article provides quotes from professors, researchers as well as government agencies all expressing deep concern and even alarm at the rate of microbial resistance to standard treatment. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) web page includes recent studies regarding antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA) (both of which cause great harm to humans and animals alike) linked to heavy uses in food agriculture. This scientifically sound web site also provided a press conference statement (way back in 2001) by Margaret Mellon, Ph.D., director of UCS Food and Environment Program stating that 70% of total antibiotic production is devoted to non-therapeutic uses in the cattle, swine and poultry industry. It seems plausible that over the last nine years since this press release, microbes have developed an armor of resistance to antibiotic treatments.

Hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic-resistant bacteria continue to be major health concerns worldwide. In a recent study conducted by the University of Keil, Germany in their Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 2009 Oct.; 37(7): 392-7) researchers found that sandalwood oil in vitro demonstrated an effective treatment for antibiotic-resistant strains as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (a cause of severe soft tissue, bone or implant infections in hospitals) and antimycotic (antifungal)-resistant Candida species. Another microbe that plagues humans is Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). This Gram-negative bacterium is thought to be harbored by over 50% of the world's population and is strongly linked to the development of duodenal and gastric ulcers as well as stomach cancer. A 2006 study by the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokushima, Japan (Journal of Natural Products 2005 Jun; 68(6): 819-24) found that the crude extract as well as isolated compounds of sandalwood essential oil showed antibacterial activity against H. pylori.

Uses Beyond Bacterial

The Australian and Indian Santalum species, found to be similar in chemical composition, are known by aromatherapists to have such therapeutic properties as anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic (reduces fever), antiseptic (as mentioned above), antispasmodic (relieves muscle spasms), astringent, carminative (relieves flatulence), demulcent (reduces irritation), diuretic (soft and soothing to skin), emollient, expectorant, as a sedative and general tonic. Their principle chemical constituents are alpha-santalol and beta-santalol. According to a study conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and South Dakota University (Anticancer Research 2007 Jul-Aug; 27(4B): 2185-8) application of the chemical compound alpha-santalol prevents UVB-induced skin tumor development in mice. Sandalwood is also thought to help alleviate the symptoms of depression as reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center (


The value of sandalwood in some cultures goes back centuries - from burning the fragrant incense in temples to using the oil in sacred ceremonies. In the commerce of today, sandalwood is highly prized by the perfume industry as well as those in aromatherapy. Recent science studies indicate that sandalwood and its principle component alpha-santalol have antiseptic as well antitumor capabilities. With the growing concern of antibiotic-resistant bacteria of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Candida in both hospital and public environments, serious investigation into the possible uses to of alternative therapies is well underway. Consideration of essential oils, and in this case Santalum album and Santalum spicatum are prime candidates for meeting modern medical needs. - 30540

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Colloidal Silver May Be Able To Give You A health Boost

By Rob Hutchings

Silver colloidal is one of the world's growing health trends this year; in fact a lot of online and local health food stores carry products that have silver colloidal in them. Silver colloidal usually comes in a form of a liquid or suspension. The microscopic particles of silver are manufactured with pure or distilled water in a controlled environment. There is such a vast body of medical and individual reports on its effectiveness in killing bacteria over such a long period of time that it would be very difficult not to take the potential beneficial effects of this material seriously.

Very little is precisely known about how the silver colloid manages to kill bacteria, whether it is because the particles are electrically charged and attach to the bacteria and compete with sites that would normally attach to and impair the function of the CD4 cells in the body's immune system, or maybe they interact with the microorganism's enzyme systems and control its growth or reproduction capabilities, it is not certain. But whatever the mechanism by which the silver colloid is effective there is a vast amount of data, much of which has come from professional or medical sources, that Silver colloidal can be exceptionally effective in controlling infection and relieving or sharing the load on the immune system during infectious episodes.

By augmenting the body's immune system, a person becomes more equipped to fight off diseases and illnesses if the silver colloid is killing off bacteria, germs, parasites, pathogens and in some cases viruses.
For many years, silver colloidal has been used by medical professionals to treat external infections like burns, wounds, scratches and many other skin ailments. In some cases, professionals also use medical dressings that have nano-crystalline silver embedded to treat burn wounds and other infection prone body surfaces. Lots of medical equipment also uses silver or silver colloidal in them; like catheters. By having an antibacterial material, like silver colloidal, in catheters, doctors can prevent further infections and complications. It has also been extensively used in eye drops that are used to treat conjunctivitis.

Not only is silver colloidal known to treat infections for wounds and burns, it has also antibacterial properties that have been reported as being very effective in treating several diseases. Some of these diseases include leukemia, HIV/AIDS, staphylococcus infections, intestinal and digestive infections, and even viral infections.
Interestingly a study conducted in 1990 by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine prove diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites, and viruses can be prevented and even eliminated through electrification of the bloodstream. The study showed that by running a mild current through the bloodstream, around 50 to 100 microamperes, can purify the blood and get rid of the alien microorganisms that are thriving on it. This work which was done in 1990 does not seem to have been followed up - it almost seems to have disappeared. Most importantly what it does show is that there do appear to be treatments that eliminate harmful cells in the blood stream and are effective with a wide spectrum of alien bacteria. It seems entirely possible that silver colloid could effect a similar blanket treatment for a very wide range of infection - the extensive reports in this area would seem to indicate that it is indeed more than just a possibility. For a variety of reasons neither of these treatments would be likely candidates to be taken up by pharmaceutical companies as amongst other things it would be difficult to establish a proprietary position and would be an inexpensive competitor to existing treatments.
Research on silver colloidal also shows that it can be effective in treating and managing viral diseases like HIV.

Silver colloidal is effective in controlling to an extent the effects of HIV because it probably prevents the virus from attaching to the body immune system cells in the bloodstream and reproducing. It is a difficult problem to address because the HIV virus is not predominantly in the blood stream, only 2% approximately, and therefore not readily accessible for bloodstream treatment. But where HIV patients' condition has worsened to the AIDS stage and the body has developed a weak immune system indicated by a low CD4 count, then Silver colloidal can be a very effective treatment method against infections and complications that arise during the fatal development stage of AIDS. By controlling the life threatening opportunistic infections that will undoubtedly occur during AIDS and at least giving the overloaded and damaged immune system a bit of support, then it may be expected that life can be extended and in some cases returned to normal functionality.
There appear many health benefits to silver colloidal; probably the most important being that it seems to work in conjunction with a person's immune system, decreasing one's chances of getting sick. It also prevents complications from developing from patients who are already infected with viruses or are sick with cancer or HIV/AIDS. - 30540

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Leukemia

By Veronica Carrillo

There are many different types of leukemia, but all are a malignant disease of the white blood cells of the body. The cause of all types is still uncertain. Each type is determined by the specific blood cell involved and the length of time the illness lasts. Leukemia exists in both an acute ad chronic form: it is detected when the blood is examined. When the cell group known as the lymphocytes is affected, the disease is called lymphocytic leukemia. When the monocytes are involved, it is known as monocytic leukemia. And when the polymorphonuclear cells are involved, it is called myeloid leukemia.

The British Journal of Cancer reports optimistic news for vegans. British scientists studied the diets of over 61,000 men and women for 12 years. At the end of 12 years, the scientists recorded how many subjects developed stomach, bladder, ovarian, and lymphatic cancers in the three dietary categories reviewed: vegan, pescetarian, and omnivore. For each type of cancer tested, vegans developed a significantly lower number of cases than did meat eaters.

Symptoms. In acute cases, the onset is usually quite rapid and resembles an acute infectious disease. The earliest symptoms may be high fever, diffuse aches and pains, and severe weakness. Painful ulcerations of the mouth are not uncommon. There may be bone pain. The course is unusually rapid, progressive, and downhill. There are hemorrhages of the mucous membranes of the mouth and into the skin. In the chronic case the disease develops stealthily and is discovered often during the course of a routine medical examination. The patient loses weight, appetite, and strength. He has night sweats and feels weak.

Causes of Leukemia There are no visible reasons of Leukemia as such but still artificial ionizing radiation, different type of viruses that cause the blood platelets balancing problem and also the smoking or tobacco habit is the reason of this disease to occur to certain extent.

There are some of the people in whom the maternal-fatal transmission has become the reason for the Leukemia occurrence. Also some of the people are found to have the genetic predisposition as the reason of this disease to happen.

Treatment of Leukemia The treatment is difficult yet not impossible as some of the medication treatment are required to get cured and beside this there are also the radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation are the treatments of this diseases. But still nothing gives guarantee as the diagnosis has no outer symptoms and the stage in which the diseases are approached is also important. - 30540

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Mesothelioma: Basics You Need to Know

By Sally Clapper

Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive cancer caused primarily by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is caused when asbestos is inhaled into the body and forms malignancies on the mesothelial, or protective sac linings, of the lungs, abdomen or heart.

Mesothelioma has three principal types. Pleural mesothelioma, which affects the lining of the lungs, is the most common and accounts for approximately 90% of cases. This type of mesothelioma is usually first recognized by the development of pleural plaques on the lungs. The other two types of mesothelioma are peritoneum, which affects the lining of the abdomen, and pericardium, which affects the lining of the heart. All types of mesothelioma can be either contained to one area or dispersed throughout the body.

Mesothelioma is most common in men. Two thirds of cases are diagnosed until the later stages of life because it can take decades for symptoms of the disease to develop from time of initial exposure.

There are three histological types, or microscopic anatomies, of mesothelioma: epithelial, sarcomatous, and biphasic. Epithelial is the most common, and refers to tumors that have affected the linings of small cavities in the body. There are different types of epithelium depending on the number of layers and shapes of the cells. Sarcomatous are more rare but more aggressive types of tumors that begin from the connective and muscle tissues.

Exposure to asbestos has been clearly established as a main cause of mesothelioma. Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral known for its thermal and fire proofing properties, was once widely used in many industrial and construction products. Occupational exposure is the most common; however it can occur environmentally as well.

It is estimated that over 8 million people in the United States have been exposed through the course of employment. Occupations most at risk are construction and railroad workers, naval and automobile mechanics, and ship repair workers. Family members can also be exposed second hand through asbestos being carried home on clothes or the body.

Approximately 2500 - 3000 cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed per year in the United States alone. Risk of developing the disease is slightly higher for those that live in contaminated area, such as next to large asbestos mines.

Despite research efforts, no cure currently exists. Although some have survived five years with treatment, median life span post diagnosis is usually less than a year. Those with epithelial histology have longer survival rates than those with sarcomatous or biphasic.

Accurate and early diagnosing of the disease is very challenging. Anyone with suspected or known history of asbestos exposure who is experiencing health problems should consult with their doctor immediately. If already diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is essential to find a pulmonary oncologist or occupational medicine specialist that you can build a trusting, comfortable relationship with.

Treating cancer comes with high medical costs. Most patients with mesothelioma have been negligently exposed and are eligible to receive financial compensation. Warnings should have been placed on asbestos containing products and employers should have protected workers, therefore an experienced mesothelioma lawyer can get you monetary help to make up for lost wages and to cover treatments and other associated costs.

Early diagnosis makes all the difference. If you are experiencing any symptoms and have a known or suspected exposure, do not hesitate in seeking medical advice. - 30540

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Home Remedies For Gout Pain Is Safe And Effective

By Bart Icles

Having gout problems can give you excruciating pain aligned with the illness that it is. As a gradually increasing number of people are being affected by this menace the same people are looking for ways to cure it or at least lessen the pain that it bestows upon all who have the gout problem. There have been home remedies for gout that has been proven to be effective, why not try them out instead of the predictable and, most of the time, ineffective way. Many people say that home remedies are effective compared to the conventional way.

Home remedies simply mean that we will use things that are readily available in our own homes. These things are those which were left ignored in the dark corners until one day some scientists discovered that they actually worked against this problem as old as time itself. On the other hand, popularity has been gained by the home remedies for gout problems.

Applying ice or cold packs for ten to fifteen minutes is one of the most popular home remedies against the gout problem. What this does is reduce the pain and inflammation. It usually is the first thing that you have to do whenever you have a gout attack. Also another thing for you to do is to exercise your joints once or twice a day. Getting to put your whole body to exercise is even more recommendable. Regular exercise nourishes your cartilage and helps your body to effectively dispose of any waste in the body.

Epsom salt is the thing for you if the pain is focused in your big toe. This is usually used as a laxative or bath soap. Epsom salt helps your body's blood circulation as well as lowering your blood pressure. Eating berries or nuts can also help you out greatly because these help in neutralizing your uric acid. If you can still manage it, increase your consumption of citrus fruits, leafy veggies, and green peppers because these are great sources of Vitamin c and bioflavonoids which help in reducing inflammation.

With all the different home remedies for gout pain available, why would you go for the usually and expensive conventional way when the unconventional and homey way works so well? The mentioned gout remedies are all safe and effective. The fruits and nuts remedy also is a great diet for you, so that in itself already has a double purpose. - 30540

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Angel Investor Mind Control: Is This Process Real?

By James Scott

Discovering the 'thumbscrews' of investors is crucial to getting them to take action. In over a decade of dealing with global investors there are several elements that I've discovered to be universal truths about the mind of the private investor (angel investor, accredited investor).

When talking to an investor for the first time, it's more important to listen than to speak. It's more important to ask questions than answer them. It's more important to discover their needs and wants than to exclaim your own. Your first conversation with an investor should be all about piercing the armor and finding the trigger points that prompt a reaction that gets to the center of their 'childlike' state.

What I mean by this is, investors, just like anyone else, has insecurities that are rooted in their childhood and what they are outwardly today, is typically a polar opposite of what they are on the inside. For example, an arrogant, chest beater seems proud and obnoxious on the outside but the reality is that they are over compensating for an insecurity that is rooted in an individual or collection of childhood incidents.

Maybe they were made fun of as a child, maybe they're father was verbally abusive, maybe their teachers would single them out in class opening them up to playground mockery. When talking to these individuals it's important to listen to their voice and intonation when the conversation topic changes. Take notes on their psychological adjustments to the conversation. After you feel you have discovered the triggers that induce the 'pleasurable' responses, end the call, and set your second phone appointment with them.

On that second call, you want to have your conversation ready to go using the triggers you found in the first conversation. Play off of those insecurities that you found, become their best friend without being chummy but it is your mission on this call to be the "guy that understand me" to the investor. You want the overall tone of this conversation to have the response from your target along the theme of, "wow, this guy gets me" , "I can see investing in this company".

By using this method and not coming across as 'fake', you have become an investment opportunity and a shrink all rolled into one. You want to be the one person that this investor can lower his guard to because everything he says, you seem to be the one person who understands him at his deepest level. You seem to naturally be tuned into his insecurities, emotions, needs and wants. Sound strange? Try this out on the next investor you talk to, I guaranty you will be shocked with the results. - 30540

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Mesothelioma, Mesothelioma Cures And Prognosis

By Heidi Wingrain

Mesothelioma cancer can be considered a man-made disaster for many reasons. The disease occurs as a direct result of continuous contact with asbestos which is a natural silicate compound. After mining, the raw asbestos is treated into desired shapes. It has been used for many purposes like cement manufacture, ship building, construction activities etc. Asbestos has many qualities which include resistance to heat, insulation capacity etc. But the minute fibers of the mineral can cause deadly mesothelioma and this was not known for many years. By the time it was discovered many had been exposed to the deadly disease. In many of these cases, mesothelioma prognosis is totally hopeless.

The cures of mesothelioma, mesothelioma prognosis and researches are topics to be dealt with in detail. The tiny asbestos particles which are inhaled, damage the mesothelium which is the protective covering of our internal organs. The infection gradually spreads and disrupts the normal functioning of the organs. Since there is no complete cure available for the disease, the prognosis of the disease is not advantageous. But there is a ray of hope prevailing that the researches going on at the different laboratories will help to find a proper cure for the disease in the near future.

The conventional methods followed by the doctors are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Out of these chemotherapy and radiation are medicine based. The treatment procedures have not given excellent results because the diagnosis is done many years after the person is exposed to the cancerous material. By the time the infection is detected, the patient falls very ill. If detected early there are better chances of survival, but the characteristic traits of the disease defeat the hope of an effective attack on the disease.

It is always better to improve the immunity of the workers and find ways and means to prevent getting exposed to the deadly material. The companies these days are providing masks and protective clothing to the workers in the workshops and mines. At the same time researchers have developed new therapies including gene therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy etc to treat the disease.

The joined efforts of various groups interested in the subject will help to overcome the disease. Though cures of mesothelioma, mesothelioma prognosis and prevention tactics are not fully developed now, vast improvements can be expected in the near future. - 30540

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