Rotator Cuff Exercises That Will Make a Improvement

By Tom Nicholson

We perform a myriad of tasks due to the wide range of motion that our shoulders allow us. Lifting objects, scratching our back or even throwing a spin ball are some of the tasks that we can accomplish due to the mobility of our shoulders. Nevertheless, this mobility also causes the shoulder to become vulnerable to a host of injuries. Aging, stress and other factors can cause a number of problems in the rotator cuff of the shoulder which is the most susceptible part of the shoulder. Therefore, the only way to prevent any kind of shoulder injuries is to toughen the rotator cuff with the help of rotator cuff exercises.

Like any other muscle, the development of the rotator cuff muscle requires stretching, toning, and training. This will help make it more resistant to injury, strain, and the effects of advancing age. A stronger rotator cuff is less likely to get injured.

All exercises involving the rotator cuff have some very stringent ground rules which can prevent exercise related injuries.

Here are some rotator cuff exercises which can be done to strengthen and tone this muscle.

Start With A Warm up

Stretching and warming up is an essential part of all exercises. The lack of a proper warm up can lead to sprains and other injuries. Arm circles are a simple exercise for this purpose. You can do twenty repetitions of these exercises in a set and a total of three sets.

* With your arms at your side, raise them until they are at shoulder level. * Continue to raise them until they reach above your head. * Then lower them slowly behind your back until your arms are back down at your side in the starting position.

If you're familiar with doing arm circles, this is the basic concept with this warm up. Simply make slow imaginary circles by rotating your arms at the shoulders. Warm up exercises like these are designed to get the blood flowing to your muscles and get them ready to exercise.

Rotator cuff rotations

Stand with your feet flat on the floor and balanced. Raise your arms so they extend from your shoulders and are parallel to the ground. Bend your forearm to create a right angle with your elbow. Slowly rotate your shoulders and rotator cuffs. Do 12 reps for each set and three sets altogether. As you progress and gain strength, you can add light weights and then increase the weight slowly to build muscle.

Add Lateral Raises To The Routine

This is one of the most well know rotator cuff exercises. You can hold a weight in either hand and then lift your arms sideways to the point where they are parallel to the floor. This exercise is generally done in three sets of twelve reps.

There are also additional exercises that will work well to strengthen shoulder muscles like the rotator cuff group of muscles. These are a good beginning workout. When you finish, don't forget to cool those muscles down. Simply repeat the exercises you did for the warm up.

Last but not least slowly build up on the rotator cuff exercises since rushing will only cause injuries! - 30540

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