Ovarian Cyst Pain - The Pain Is Indescribable For Many

By Amanda Clark

If you have fell a victim to ovarian cyst pain then you are not alone, millions of women suffer from Ovarian Cyst pain all differently. Ovarian cyst pain can occur in some as a mild sharp pain and while for many it is a pain that they can't describe because it hurts so badly.

Ovarian Cyst can be in women of all ages young and old it is described as a sharp shooting pain in the area where the cyst is at and can shoot across the back and even down the legs.

There are various different ways that the cyst can be treated which include pills, medication and possibly surgery. If you know that something isn't right and you are having pain in your ovary area that radiates downward or across your back then you may have a cyst the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor immediately.

Cyst is mild but can lead to many serious health problems if left untreated and one that is detrimental to women is infertility. All women want to bear a child or two and to be infertile because of a cyst is shaming and hard. That's why it is very important to let your doctor help you in any situation that may arise so that this can be avoided if possible.

A lot of doctors will start you out on birth control if your cyst is minor and can be resolved shortly and quickly, if not and they see it getting worse then they may go on and perform surgery to remove the cyst.

Many women have had multiple cysts which make for a miserable time and cause a lot of pain. Majority of cyst are just dead tissue and nothing to be alarmed over but some are cancerous so it is up to you and your doctor on how to handle the cyst. - 30540

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