Heroin Addiction and Heroin Withdrawal Treatment

By Gabriel Killian

Dealing with heroin withdrawal symptoms is something no one would wish on their worst enemy. Treating your heroin addiction may seem almost impossible. But the fact of the matter is that it can be much easier than you think. By knowing the most about the various heroin facts, heroin addiction treatment and how to fight the heroin withdrawal symptoms, you can become well equipped to take on your drug addiction and enjoy a long happy drug free life. Breaking free from the chains of addiction can be the most liberating experience a person can go through. The information below can help you fight your heroin addiction, provide heroin facts, aid in dealing with heroin withdrawal symptoms and how to get heroin addiction treatment.

* Know the heroin facts! Learn as much as you can about the drug, the addiction, and what is gone through to get it. Being informed is the first place you should start when learning how to fight your drug addiction. Knowing also the bloodshed that's involved can help strengthen your convictions in getting drug treatment help. Everyday people are dying in horrible drug wars in order to smuggle drugs in to the U.S. Police are losing their lives while fighting against the war on drugs. This particular information stresses the importance of doing the right thing. Heroin addiction also greatly affects loved ones and long term friendships. Heroin is a killer, but it will take EVERYTHING from you before it does.

* If you are trying to kick the heroin withdrawal symptoms from home without the use of medications and trying to quit cold turkey, try to have someone be available to stay with you and take care of you while your sick. Taking warm baths and drinking a lot of fluids can help ease the heroin withdrawals and fever chills by relaxing your nerves. You may want to get some anti-diarheal medicine and maybe pick up some melatonin to help you relax. If the heroin withdrawal symptoms become intolerable, then you may ask to be taken to the emergency room. It may cost you a bit, but it is still less expensive than being an active addict.

* Make a plan of action and stick to it. Get prepared for treating the various heroin withdrawal symptoms by paying bills ahead of time (if possible), cleaning your house, getting someone to stay and help you, buying the needed medications, getting sports and weight management meal replacement drinks are also a good idea. You want to be prepared as possible so you can go through the withdrawals without worrying about the other crap going on in your life. Its also highly important to take as much time off as needed to recover fully.

* You can also supplement your recovery with certain medications such as Suboxone, a substitute for methadone, the big difference is that you do not have to stay on suboxone nearly as long as you would on methadone. Suboxone can significantly reduce, if not eliminate completely the heroin withdrawal symptoms hence it is a partial opioid against. It is a lot easier to break free from it also than it is with methadone. Ask your doctor about medication options you may have.

* Going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings may be extremely helpful when looking for a support group. Going to N.A. meetings can also prove to you that kicking your heroin addiction is 100% possible, and that others, just like you, have gone through the same things and have made it out alive. Going to N.A. might be the best decision you've ever made, and most of all, IT WORKS!

* Drug rehabilitation can help as well in your recovery from heroin addiction. Drug rehabs can medicate you, provide you with counseling and a support group and provide you with heroin facts and drug addiction facts you can use to better understand your addiction to drugs.

* Get as healthy as possible before you attempt to quit. Drink sports drinks, weight gaining drinks, take vitamins, exercise, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids. While you are going through heroin withdrawals, it takes a toll on your body, so the healthier you are, the better off you'll be while recovering.

Knowing the various heroin facts, understanding heroin treatment and knowing how to fight the heroin withdrawal symptoms, you will be well equipped to fight your addiction head on. Know that many others have experienced the exact same pain you are going through and have beaten it! Remember, you are not responsible for your addiction, but you ARE responsible for your recovery. Take it easy and don't beat yourself up. You are a wonderful person and deserve to enjoy the everyday things that others do just as much. Keep you chin up and your head high and nothing will stand in your way! - 30540

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