Complications With Ovarian Cysts Infertility

By Amanda Clark

Ovarian cysts can be very scary, you may worry that the ovarian cysts infertility; however, you should not worry. Our family has suffered from ovarian cysts and we have had children. You should know these things about ovarian cysts and related risks.

Ovarian cysts are not synonymous with infertility; you can avoid complications with cysts through regular checkups with your doctor. Suffering from cysts can often by a family occurrence, just like cancer or heart conditions. When you are concerned about ovarian cysts, you should know that you are not alone.

All of the women in our family have suffered from ovarian cysts at some point. My mother had them right before menopause, after several miscarriages. On the other hand, my sister had many problems with ovarian cysts before she had her three children. Ever since her children, she has not had ovarian cysts. She still visits her doctor regularly to keep an eye out for warning signs.

I have experienced an ovarian cyst, but only one in all of my 39 years. The cyst was easily removed as an outpatient procedure, and a year later, I had my youngest daughter. Regular checkups are important to preventing complications with ovarian cysts. Additionally, birth control pills can help prevent ovarian cysts.

My youngest sister has never had an ovarian cyst, and she has always used oral contraceptives. Birth control, or hormone medicines, can prevent the body from developing cysts, as your body will not produce follicles.

It is important to remember that a number of families share risk factors such as cancer and heart disease, this is similar to the risk of ovarian cysts causing infertility. If you are at risk of this condition, you should visit your doctor and consider birth control pills to reduce the chance of the cysts. Keep all your appointments and you may not have any problems with ovarian cyst infertility. - 30540

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