Methods Of Testing Blood Sugar Levels

By Richard Essi

Detailed in this article are 5 different methods that can be used to test your blood sugar levels. Though they differ in the way they do it, these diabetes testing methods are used for the same purpose. The best one for you is dependent on personal preference rather than anything else.

1. Blood sugar monitoring at home. This is the most commonly used method. It involves pricking your finger with a sharp needle (professionally designed for this purpose). You will then need to squeeze the finger in order to obtain a drop of blood which you will then place on a test strip. The test trip is then inserted into a meter which displays your blood sugar level.

2. Alternative meter test kits. Over the years, newer meters have developed which now allow you to test body parts other than your finger tip; these include your upper arms, your forearms, the base of your thumb, and your thighs. Testing blood taken from the finger is preferred by many though, despite of these additional options. This is simply because the blood sugar levels in your finger tips, show changes way quicker than any other part of the body.

3. Drawing blood through laser. Sometime in 1998, a laser device that was capable of extracting blood from a finger was approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).. The development of the device was a result of the widespread complaints about the pain and inpractibility of existing methods. It's a popular choice for those who feel uncomfortable piercing their skin with a needle.

4. Glucose monitoring system. This method utilizes a very small tube that can be left under your skin. Over the course of 72 hours, at which time the tube needs to be replaced, the device collects samples from you and measures the blood sugar levels in them. It's an underused system but should be considered by those who forget or don't always have time to take blood samples themselves.

5. The 'Gluco Watch'. Officially released after approval by the FDA is 2001, the Gluco Watch is a device that you wear on your wrist. Three times per hour it measures your blood sugar levels and displays the reading. As a non invasive method, it's become increasingly popular since it was made available. - 30540

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