How to Quit Smoking

By Barb Hicks

Everyone asks the same question: Why do you smoke? Every individual has their own reasons which can range from stress to boredom. However, the fact still remains that nicotine is addictive and you may feel helpless to break the chains of the cigarette smoking addiction.

Methods and ways to stop smoking:

You can not stop smoking unless you are ready to quit. This takes commitment, a plan, and a willingness to stick to it. You must keep in mind why you are quitting. Just like you have reasons for smoking, you must have reasons for quitting as well. If you can't think of one, your health is a very good reason. Another good reason is for your loved ones, as well as the money you could pocket if you were to stop smoking.

Today's medical advances provide smokers with hundreds of methods to assist with quitting the smoking habit. Whether you choose one or two or a combination of these options, they can assist in the journey to succeed. Let's look more closely at some of these options.

Do you believe in a higher power, someone bigger than yourself? Many people do and can use this method to help you stop smoking. Prayer changes things and if you believe, you can rely on your higher power to help quit smoking.

Acupuncture or Acupressure: These methods are used for many things from back pain to headache relief and even quitting smoking. Acupuncture uses fine needles placed in certain areas of the body while Acupressure uses applied pressure to certain pressure points located on the body. For many, this holistic method has proven very successful.

Aversion Therapy: Smoke a mouthful of cigarettes. One user tried this and stated the taste was so bad they never did it again.

Chewing Gum: This method is reported to assist with lessoning the craving for nicotine.

Cold Turkey: Completely quitting altogether and using your mind as a tool to assist you in quitting. The theory is that if you see yourself as a non smoker instead of a smoker trying to quit you will succeed.

Commercial Options:

Nicoderm CQ Nicotine Gum Nicotine Inhaler Nicotine Lozenge Nicotine Patch Nicotrol Nicotine Inhaler

Commercial nicotine replacement products contain nicotine, so it is very important that you do not smoke while using these methods. Heart attacks have occurred when people have smoked using these products which increased the nicotine in their bodies to toxic levels.

Water is not only healthy for your body, it also aids in washing the nicotine from your system. Generally, nicotine is fully released from the body within two to five days.

Another way to stop smoking is to stay away from others who smoke. Changing the location of where you smoke has helped others as well.

Quitting smoking will not be easy. There will be mood swings, irritability, and cravings for nicotine. You can overcome these symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine when you know what to expect, and have a plan to deal with them. - 30540

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