Looking for Hemorrhoids Relief

By Sandy Rowde

It takes one to suffer hemorrhoids to understand why individuals with hemorrhoids are clamoring for hemorrhoids relief. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum caused by too much pressure. Simply it is called a varicose vein in the anal canal.

To help you with dealing with the condition are several hemorrhoids relief centers. A hemorrhoid relief center is expected to diagnose properly the degree of hemorrhoids the patient has. Aside from sophisticated equipment and machine to treat hemorrhoids, a hemorrhoid relief center should also take into consideration the home-base/natural methods of treating hemorrhoids or procedures that can provide relief to hemorrhoids. Home-based hemorrhoids relief treatments are more applicable to small scale to medium size hemorrhoids.

Most hemorrhoid relief centers have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that will put any patient at ease. A bright and friendly ambiance can likely lessen the irritation and discomfort the patients might be feeling because of their hemorrhoids.

But before one should scout for a hemorrhoid relief center, one should know first the different remedies for hemorrhoids.

- Avoid strenuous activities that involve putting a lot of pressure into your body because too much pressure might aggravate the condition of your hemorrhoids. Try not to stand for a long period of time in just one position, or sitting for a long time with no cushion between your butt and the chair.

- Avoid straining when defecating. Never push so hard during bowel movement because this will just put too much pressure on your hemorrhoids vessels that it might rupture and bleed.

- Develop a healthy diet. Increasing your water intake and eating of fiber-enriched foods will help you get relief from hemorrhoids. Doctors recommend to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and to eat at least 40 grams of fiber foods per day. The presence of these essential elements in the body can aid digestion and help in softening stool. Soft stools are important in order to avoid constipation and straining during bowel movements.

- It is also advisable to maintain a regular exercise habit. Keeping your body physically active does not only relieve stress, it also helps you lose some extra pounds; thus, making your body lighter and fitter.

- There are medical procedures for the more severe cases of hemorrhoids. Rubber band ligation is one of the famous procedures in getting rid of hemorrhoids. A rubber band is being wrapped around in the swollen tissue in order to prevent blood flow in the area. In this manner, less blood will circulate in the affected area which will lead to its shrinking.

One other medical procedure for hemorrhoids is galvanic electrotheraphy, wherein an electric current is being used to shrink the hemorrhoids. Also, another way of ridding off hemorrhoids is through hemorrhoidectomy. It is a surgical procedure wherein the hemmorhoid is being excise and really scraped off. This is the most recommended procedure among hemorrhoids that are already in its grade 4 (the highest degree of complication or pain among the four grades of hemorrhoids). - 30540

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