Angular Cheilosis - A Nightmarish Problem To Avoid At All Costs

By Bart Icles

Imagine yourself waking up one morning from a restful night's sleep. You get up from your bed, wash your face or maybe even take a relaxing shower to shake out the cobwebs of sleepiness from your body. You look in the mirror to study and admire the face looking back at you. It's a fine handsome or pretty face to be sure, and suddenly you notice some tiny patches of red and peeling skin on the folds of your lips. You take a closer look, but as you touch it and open you mouth wider to have a closer look, the tiny, needle-like pain hits you like a hard slap. Do you react in panic or just brush it away as just something passing and harmless? Either way, you should do something fast about it as you may already be experiencing the onset of a case of Angular Cheilosis attack.

There is nothing more irritating and embarrassing than being stricken with Angular Cheilosis. The cracks may be quite small for now, but later on could develop into a more severe condition that could entail many sleepless nights, problems with eating and drinking your favorite foods and drinks, as well as serious health conditions affecting your throat and lungs if not treated correctly and promptly.

Angular Cheilosis can stem from a variety of reasons such as, vitamin deficiency, long exposure to very hot or cold weather, skin allergies from harsh cosmetics or drugs, incompatible foods, constant lip-licking and biting, ill-fitting and contaminated dentures, stress and other factors having a direct effect on a person's physical and mental state. Whatever they are, knowing the exact cause or causes can be of great help, so it's advisable to immediately see a doctor or dentist to get the proper avenues of treatment to remedy the problem immediately.

Bacteria (the good ones that help fight off the infectious ones), naturally lives and thrives on our skin and is our bodies first line of defense against skin diseases. Whenever a deadly pathogen such as the fungus Candida albicans or thrush attempts to cause harm to us, our bodies immune system goes to work and signals its defenses to fight back. However, if our immune system has been compromised due to lack of vital resources found naturally in the food that we regularly eat or may be sometimes neglect to eat, like lean red meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, milk and other healthy foods, then we lose.

The skin dries up and becomes flaky or crusty. And at this stage, when the skin's cells are unable to repair itself, deep small cracks appear, creating a perfect environment for more bacteria or fungus to thrive and multiply. Blood and pus develop as the infection gets worse, making the skin red, tender and painful to touch or move. From then on, things get more complicated and you - the victim, will be experiencing one of the worst nightmares of your real life. - 30540

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