Different Kinds Of Angular Chelitis Treatment

By Bart Icles

Angular cheilitis is something that you don't want to encounter. It is a fungal or bacterial infection usually resulting from chapped and ultra dry lips that are formed on the corners of the mouth. People who are usually exposed to very hot or cold environments tend to have drier and chapped lips. When lips are dried out, a lot of people tend to moisten them by licking, thus making it a moist. Since fungus and bacteria grow in moist areas, this habit would make them more prone to having angular cheilitis.

Angular cheilitis is a painful, annoying, not to mention, embarrassing condition. Even if it is not a life threatening condition, it hinders one to enjoy daily activities such as eating, laughing and even talking because using the mouth would be painful. This wound also decreases the person's confidence because its appearance looks kind of ugly. Because of all these negative effects, one should know how to prevent having cheilitis.

Since prevention is better than cure, we should be more aware of habits which would probably lead to angular cheilitis. Nail and pencil biting increases the risk having drier lips. They are more prone to getting chaffed and if you ignore putting a halt to this, you might wind up with cheilitis. There are also a lot of people who have very sensitive skin. If you are one of these people, try the product which you will be using the first time on a small patch of your skin. Observe for untoward reactions and if there are none, continue using the product. Some cosmetics, even toothpaste, contain chemicals which trigger allergic reactions with the skin. If not given much attention, it might produce drying effects to the lips and the area surrounding the mouth.

Angular cheilitis treatment is really simple. Before you do self medication, try to consult a physician to verify that you really have this condition. By consultation, you will be prescribed by the right type of medicine. If the doctor diagnosed your angular cheilitis as being fungal, you will be prescribed with a cream or ointment such as Mycolog II. It is a combination of an antifungal, which kills the fungus, and a steroid to help with the healing. Another widely prescribed treatment is 1% hydrocortisone. Although this is proven to heal angular cheilitis, its disadvantage is that it might take a long period before it takes ultimate effect.
Natural remedies are also highly recommended. This treatment works by drying the areas which have been moisturized and prone to the condition.

Some scientists proved that some of these natural treatments work faster because this condition will never survive a day in a dried out environment. - 30540

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