It's Not Unusual To Get Cysts On The Ovaries

By Amanda Clark

Cysts on the ovaries are very common in women, regardless of age or race. The fact remains that many women will get ovarian cysts at some point in their lifetime. There is no reason to worry about them as many are considered harmless. On occasion, women can also be faced with more serious types of cysts, therefore it is important as a woman to understand the difference.

Therefore, it is advised that regular checkups be scheduled for all women. Of course, with some cysts, symptoms will have you running to the doctor, or even the emergency. And with others, women will not experience any symptoms.

Some women actually experience an aching pain in the pelvic area, which could even extend to the finest in the lower back. Other women experience pain, as there period nears and during sexual intercourse.

It isn't uncommon for women to feel pain when going to the bathroom. Some also feel heavy in the belly, the bladder, and the rectum. All these are common and should alert women to make an appointment with their gynecologists. However, other symptoms that include sharp pains, fever, and vomiting require urgent attention.

As mentioned above, it is important for everyone to understand that ovarian cysts are quite normal, because during each month in the menstrual cycle, the ovaries produce something similar to cysts. Basically, they come and go. However, in some cases, they just continue to grow, and therefore grow into a typical cyst.

After a pelvic examination and an ultrasound, your doctor will decide what is the best treatment for your situation. Of course, the size and other determining factors play a role in his decision. Typically, he may not recommend any type of treatment at all, or use birth control pills or surgery to treat you. - 30540

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