Men Can Replace Lost Hormones, Too!

By Anju Mathur, MD

Women who want to handle symptoms of menopause often seek a doctor's help to replace the dwindling supply of hormones naturally produced by the body. But if a man wants to avoid wrinkly skin, weakness and loss of strength, hair falling out, and low libido, what should he do? Why not the same? Replace the lost hormones.

Because women enter menopause and therefore lose the fertility that results in children, while men continue to be fertile later in life, traditional medicine has neglected hormone replacement for men. But the ability to produce hormones in the body dwindles off on a gradient with age in both males and females. Just because a man can still father a baby doesn't mean he likes being a bald, wrinkly, weak old guy.

Some people develop signs of age earlier than others. Mental well being can be affected as well as the outward appearance of the body. Hormone production usually starts to drop off after the age of 30.

These things are important to men as well as women - who wouldn't want to feel and appear younger? And recent research has shown that hormone replacement can benefit men just as much as women.

There are many hormones produced by various glands of the body, all of which affect aging. Testosterone is normally thought of as the male hormone, but replacing only testosterone will not bring about desired results. Growth hormone, thyroid hormones and even estrogen and progesterone can be important in hormone replacement for men, as well as other hormones.

To begin a hormone replacement program, the first thing to be done is medical testing, to find out which hormones are lacking and in what amount. Replacement with bioidentical (which means the hormones used as replacement are the same as the ones lost, not synthetic) hormones in specific amounts for each individual will then be prescribed by a doctor.

The quest for youthfulness has spawned many remedies throughout history - extract from goat testicles was once considered a remedy for men, as well as Dr. Hustler's Medicine Show tonic (probably full of cocaine which would make you feel youthful for a short time). But the real proven results combine hormone replacement along with a program of healthful diet and exercise.

Don't just worry about your lost youth. Actively do something to halt or reverse the effects of age. If you approach the symptoms with the idea of finding out what causes the problem and remedying the cause, you will get lifetime results. And you can skip the tonic and the goat extract. - 30540

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