Mental Power Will Heal You

By Jay Polmar

Follow these instructions, record them and play them back to yourself on an mp3 player, cd player, tape recorder, or whatever technology you have accessible This works! Just record and play it back to yourself and follow the instructions:

Sit down. Close your eyes and draw in a deep breath. Im not going to try to put you to sleep as it is totally unnecessary. But, I will ask you to close your eyes so that your attention cannot be distracted by anything else near you.

Now, tell yourself that every word I say is going to be inside in your mind and be printed, ingrained and embedded on your brain. That message is going to stay permanently fixed, imprinted and embedded and without your will or knowledge; in fact, perfectly and unconsciously on your part -- you, yourself and your whole body is going to obey these commands.

1. Every day, three times a day, in the morning, at midday and in the evening at the usual meal times, you will feel a healthy feel of hunger.

2. You will experience a sensation that makes you think, I think it would be great to get something healthy to eat.

3. Then, you eat and you enjoy the flavor of your food without overeating. You are also careful to chew properly, and you transform food into some form of soft paste before you ingest it.

4. By doing this, you easily digest your food in a healthy manner and you feel fine in your stomach/intestines. Your body will assimilate what youve eaten and your body will make proper use of it to make blood, muscle, strength and energy, in a word -- life.

Since you have well digested your food, your bowel function will be absolutely normal and every morning on arising, you will feel the need of emptying your bowels without ever needing to take laxative medicines. Your properly eating of fruits and vegetables, grains, other healthy food items balances your entire system.

Furthermore, every night from the time you wish to go to sleep to the time you wish to awaken the next morning, you will sleep deeply, quietly and calmly without any nightmares. Upon awakening, you will feel perfectly well, cheerful and active.

If you occasionally suffered from feelings that werent totally happy and content; from now on, you will increase your feelings and thoughts of happiness. You will always be perfectly cheerful and happy, even without reason for your happiness.

From now on, you will be patient and with an even temperament. You will enjoy being always patient and being the master of yourself. The things that might have bothered you in the past now leave you totally unbothered and perfectly calm. There is your concept of, Dont worry, be happy.

Your mind is free from the negative thoughts and negative ideas and fear. You are positive, confident, aware and conscious of your thoughts and by being so you keep yourself on the path of being positive, confident, aware and conscious always.

If the negative thoughts creeping in, you simply say, Stop! Cancel. Cancel. Cancel. Say these words to yourself: I am King of my domain of positive living. I am filled with the light and love of the creative force. I am a winner in all things in life and I gain by helping others to help themselves. My mind, body and spirit all benefit from my positive lifestyle.

As of now, all of your organs are performing their functions perfectly. The heart beats in a normal way and the circulation of your blood takes place as it should. The lungs are carrying out their oxygenation functions and also the stomach, intestines, the liver, the kidneys and the bladder. If at present any of them is acting incorrectly, that abnormality becomes less every day so that quite soon, it will have vanished completely and the effective organ will have recovered its normal function.

If there has been any trouble in any organs in the past, they immediately start to get better from day to day and soon are totally and entirely healed. Say to yourself silently in your mind, Every day in every way, Im getting better and better and better. My unconscious mind acts upon the entire human organism for the natural, automatic healing ability.

From this moment on, any lack of self-confidence or any lack of self-trust whatsoever -- disappears little by little, day by day, and opens to accept total self-confidence based on the knowledge of the force of the incalculable power which is in all of us.

It is totally necessary for every person to have self-confidence. With it, you can accomplish far more in life. With confidence, you can accomplish whatever you want; which is good, honest, honorable, and beneficial to yourself and those you love, and the planet in general. Now, you have confidence in yourself and this confidence gives you the knowledge that you are capable of perfectly accomplishing whatever you want.

So, anything that you want to accomplish or achieve, something you always think that is easy and you make the words, no, dont, never, difficult, impossible, I cannot disappear from your vocabulary. They are not winners English. In simple English, I say, It is easy and I can do it.

By considering everything is easy, it becomes easier for you even though it might seem difficult for others. You do it easily, quickly, without stress, totally effortlessly.

You tell yourself, every day: From this moment on I am shown, guided and drawn to the right people, places, resources, information, insights and synchronizations to help me manifest what I desire.

From all the points of view, physical and mental, I now enjoy excellent health.

Better health than you have never had before.

Now I am going to count up from 1 to 3 and when I say 3 you will open your eyes and come out of the relaxed state in which you are now. You will come out of it naturally, without the feel in the least drowsy or tired.

Really, you will feel strong, vigorous, alert, active, full of life. You will feel more cheerful and strong in every way. 1, coming up slowly feeling rejuvenated and revitalized 2, feeling better and better. 3 you are now wide awake and feeling much, much better than before.

Record it, play it back 2x a day of 21 days, and pray and believe a miracle will occur. And it is going to happen.

Dr. Jay Polmar, a therapist, healer, hypnotherapist, and energy worker knows secrets to life and healing. In his 63 years he has helped thousands around the world and teaches some of these secrets in ThinkRight. - 30540

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