Top Cancer Cure News: Resveratrol Research Breakthrough

By Thomas Sinclair

If we look at human history, doctors have been fighting with diseases such as cholera, syphilis, malaria etc. which killed many people. Due to medical research, people in our time are able to treat those diseases and prevent its onset.

However, with polluted environment and processed foods, there are diseases such as cancer that are still challenging the researchers. At the same time as researchers are coming up with solutions to prevent cancer, discoveries of its cure are on its way.

From the point where Dr. Sinclair found his magic ingredient - resveratrol, many sufficient researches have been conducted on its benefits. Resveratrol is a phytoalexin formed naturally by several plants under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi, which can be found in red wine where the highest concentration of grape skins is present.

Cancer and Innovative Research:

According to research published by by Robb et al. resveratrol acts as an agent in lifespan extension, cancer inhibition, (e.g. pancreatic cancer) and offers resistance to reperfusion injury and irradiation damage of cells.

Study on animals, such as mice, shows resveratrol interacts with multiple molecular targets and has positive effects on the cells of breast, skin, gastric, colon, esophageal, prostate, and pancreatic cancer, and leukemia.

In addition, resveratrol intervenes with all three stages of cancer - initiation, promotion and progression. It also possesses antioxidant and anti-angiogenic properties.

The studies on humans are currently being tested. Although it has not been published officially, resveratrol is claimed to aid in cancer prevention. The optimistic news are the science is getting closer to winning the battle with the deadly disease.

How to avoid Cancer:

To help prevent cancer one should consider applying a holistic approach:

  • Consume organic foods
  • Exercise Drink plenty of water
  • Add Broccoli and brussels sprouts to your diet.
  • Get Resveratrol as anti-oxidant, cancer fighting agent
  • Detoxify colon regularly
  • Do not use microwave and avoid cooking on Teflon type surfaces
  • Eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and E
  • Think Positive Smile and laugh x 400 times a day :)

    There are too many Resveratrol products that are offered on the market. Some products contain additional ingredients and some contain pure resverratrol. To fully recognize the effects of Resveratrol, one must consider full research on this product. - 30540

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