Natural Colon Cleansing, All That You Need To Know.

By Rpbert Read

When considering a colon cleansing product you have to ask yourself some tuff questions, because cleaning your colon can be a serous issue. Do you wake up disorientated, stiff and lethargic? Do you need a pick me up in the morning? Does you energy level go up and down during your day? Do you have dietary health concerns? These are tuff questions that require serous answers.

Your bodys toxicity levels are what all these questions relate to caused by the build up over time of toxins in your digestive tract. Plus the number of un-natural toxins your boby encounters everyday in our modern world. Toxins like chemical fertilizers, grouth hormones, air and water pollution. These things did not exist one hundered years ago, but they all end up trapped in your colon, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

How does a colon cleansing help you? It increase your energy, it cleanse your digestive tract, it breaks up fecal matter, it stops blotting, it reduces water retention and it supports your colon and other vital organ health.

So really the only thing to consider is what to look for when deciding on the right product. Natural ingredients are always the best when feeding a natural organism, like you and me, here is a list of all natural detoxifiers that one should look for in any good colon cleansing product.

*Grown in the Pacific North West Buck Horn bark or Cascara Sageada spanish for sacred bark has a natural laxative effect. It promotes evacuation and prodution of normal stool function. While conditioning the muscles of the digestive tract it stemulates hormone production controled by the pituitary gland. This has a positive effect on the gallbladder, liver and pancreas.

*Turkey Rhubarb is a natural intestinal cleanser. It clears the colon and lymph system of accumulated decaying fecal matter as well as congested mucous.

*Bentonite Clay is a non-toxic clay that absorbs water, while forming a gel, as it draws toxins out of the bowel tissue.

* Slippery Elm balances the intestinal fora by stimulating the nerve endings of the stomach. It has a smoothing and detoxifing effect and causes the secretion of mucous fluid.

*Aloes has natural healing powers its used here as a lubricant.

*Flax Seed promotes overall good health and alleviates the occasional constipation.

*Senna contains compounds called Hydroxyethane glycosides known as sennosides. They stimulate the colon by increasing smooth muscle contractions and also stimulate more fluid secretion.

*Worm Seed detoxifie's the intestinal tract of unwanted organisms without eliminating the bacterial flora necessary for digestion.

*Black Seed detoxifie's the digestive system with its high amounts of dietary fiber.

*Olive Leaf Extracts active ingredient Oleuropein has a smoothing effect and helps to regulate bowl movements.

*Thyme Oil Powder is used as a purifying agent.

*Garlic Extract 12-1 promotes immune health and digestive flora.

*Certified Organic Cloves helps your colon rid itself of unwanted organisms.

*Peppermint stimulates essental digestive juices and helps produce bile.

As you can tell by the things that these natural herbs do your colon and digestive tract in general can use all the help it can get to keep itself clean and functioning properly. The best thing I can tell you after you take a colon cleanser is to eat yogurt as a regular part of your diet drink plenty of water and don't wait until your system gets out of balance again to repeat this process. Its kind of like taking a bath, you need it once a year, whether you think so or not. - 30540

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