Are All Natural Health Supplements Worth Taking?

By Peter Sunartic

We seem to be getting fatter and less fit, and despite the fact that the government spend trillions on health. Cancer rates are going up compared to a hundred years ago. So if mainstream medicine isn't making us healthier should we all be taking all natural health supplements?

Now I'm not saying mainstream medicine is failing us totally, they have made some huge breakthroughs in recent years. Look at how the cure rate for cancer has gone up. But we still seem to be getting cancer at a higher rate than ever before.

So although cure rates are better it's about the incidence of disease. Mainstream medicine focuses on cure, but all natural health supplements and many other forms of natural and alternative medicine focus on prevention.

And there is plenty that we can do to help prevent bad health. We can eat a diet that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruit and low in bad fats, the saturated fats and keep off the sugar and salt. And we all need to exercise regularly. But there is a lot of evidence that taking high quality natural health supplements is a huge part of preventing disease.

There are a range of reasons for this. There is growing evidence that modern horticultural practices like intensive and monoculture farming is robbing the soil of essential minerals and vitamins that should be in the vegetables and fruit we eat. And of course if they're gone from the soil they won't be in the fruit or vegetables.

Ditto the obscene use of chemical fertilizers, and the jury is out on GM food, though I for one don't want to eat any of it.

But there is also evidence that there are so many different natural substances that could be hugely beneficial to our health, and even if we know about them we are unlikely to be able to satisfactorily add them to a daily diet.

Today I have been reading some of the latest exciting research about curcumin and resveratrol, two natural substances that have been discovered and studied in the last few decades. Both are showing extreme promise against various ailments, and there are many who are already taking all natural dietary supplements which include curcumin and resveratrol. But how do you get them in a good diet? Hard to know.

There are some outstanding niche health care and dietary supplement companies that are doing cutting edge research into the benefits of all natural supplements and are producing supplements containing all these ingredients and way more, but I'll bet you've never even heard of these companies.

One company in particular makes nutritional supplements of the highest quality and these supplements have 77 different active ingredients, all natural, that are all known to help with a wide range of different health problems. They combine all 77 in a world leading delivery system, one of the most important components of dietary supplementation.

There's no doubt there is plenty of evidence that we should be taking a high quality range of nutritional supplements. Our rates of disease are rising and whilst modern medicine is doing well at cure we need to be concentrating ourselves on prevention. And there is no doubt either that one of the best preventions is intelligent use of good dietary supplementation.

Great dietary supplements focus on prevention, and keeping us healthy so we never need to rely on modern medicine, and I for one don't every want to depend on a doctor.

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