Curing Yeast Infections

By Jude Mayweather

Yeast infection is the most common form of vaginitis.

Yeast infection usually happens when Candida albicans colonize and spread throughout your vaginal area. This occurs when the normal flora that is supposed to be present in that area isnt sufficient to deter the growth of harmful pathogens.

Yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease. However, getting yeast infections can be quite annoying. For one, youll notice an itching or burning sensation in your vaginal area.

You will notice your vulva getting swollen and youll also release a white discharge. Ironically, vaginal contraceptives and feminine washes can increase your likelihood of contracting yeast infections.

But yeast infections are readily cured. The only thing that keeps you from getting rid of all those symptoms is picking out a natural cure for yeast infection. To kick things off, you can try eating natural yogurt with live cultures. The bacteria present in your yogurt can destroy all those pathogens present in your vagina.

If that does not work, go for the diluted apple cider approach. This solution includes you bathing your body or just the affected area with a diluted apple cider solution. You have to take note that the solution only contains a 25% component of the apple cider. Getting the solution to be too acidic can result in burning and irritating your skin.

Another wonder when it came to yeast infections is garlic. You can eat a few cloves every day to help reduce the level of infection. If that isnt effective you can try inserting a few pieces of the garlic inside your vagina to speed up the healing process.

Yeast infections are very preventable. You can make sure that you no longer get those pesky yeast infections just by drinking cranberry juice.

It can decrease the adherence of bacteria onto the vaginal walls making it easier to remove them. - 30540

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