Piles - Effective Remedies For Fast Relief

By Ai Qin

Piles are internal hemorrhoids. There's an estimated 1 in 10 people worldwide who suffer from this condition, and as all sufferers know, these painful flare-ups happen all too frequently and, usually, at the worst possible time.

Even though these are considered to be "internal", extreme flare-ups can create what is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid. These are tissues swollen to the point that there's no room to go but... Out. They will normally recede on their own within a few days, but with a little luck and the right choice of treatments, it can happen much faster.

No matter how bad the pain is, try a pain reliever first. These usually provide the fastest relief and the longest lasting results, although it is still considered to be a short term therapy. Pain relievers won't do much other than make you feel better. However, don't overdose! High concentrations of these drugs can lead to multiple organ failure and, frankly, the trade off just isn't worth it.

The next most effective treatment is a topical ointment that helps to numb tissue. You can use either a specially prepared product for hemorrhoids (and these usually come with an applicator), or you can use anything that numbs the skin such as a child's teething gel.

Since piles tend to be a recurring problem, also consider prevention along with short term pain relief. The longer you suffer from piles, the weaker your tissues become, thereby exacerbating the problem itself. Increase fiber with equal amounts of water, add plenty of vegetables, and watch the improvement. If you can reduce your periods of constipation, you will reduce your painful flare-ups.

If you find that these remedies are no longer controlling the pain and discomfort, it is definitely time to discuss options with your doctor. Even though surgery does have some post op pain and even some down time, there are many new surgical procedures that allow a faster return to work. Whichever procedure you choose, you should be pleased with the results: no more piles! - 30540

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