Removing Cysts - Simple And Easy Procedures

By Amanda Clark

Removing cysts is nothing to worry about. A cyst is nothing more than a sac of fluid; a pimple of sorts. They can occur internally or externally and can be benign or malignant. Some doctors like to remove all cysts no matter where they are located. Other doctors will prescribe various medications to help with pain, such as in the case of ovarian cysts, or even recommend a course of birth control pills which contain a specific blend of hormones.

Removing cysts is usually a simple procedure assuming only the cyst is being removed. If an ovarian cyst is to be removed it is usually done on an outpatient basis, using only local anesthesia vs. General anesthesia in most cases, and it is done laparoscopically.

There are very few complications to worry about other than the usual: post op infection or bleeding. Most doctors will run a routine biopsy of the tissue.

When an internal organ is involved, the surgery can be more complicated. N many situations, whenever possible, the doctor will usually choose to drain the cyst prior to surgery to avoid the possibility of having it rupture during the operation, causing peritonitis.

The scalp is another area that suffers from cysts. With all the hair products we tend to use, combined with natural scalp oils, it's no wonder that cysts in these areas are so common. Some can become quite painful, others can exist an entire lifetime without being a problem. The ones that typically end up needing treatment are those that become irritated with constant brushing or zealous washing.

If they do get bothersome it's best to have your doctor drain them. It's a simple needle extraction done in his office with a topical anesthetic such as Novocain. In some situations the fluid may be too thick for a needle extraction and he might need to resort to removing the entire cyst. - 30540

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