Hair Loss Prevention Facts For Dummies

By Nita Wooten

With the variety of conditions relating to male hair loss and baldness in general, a classification system was required. In the 1950s, Dr James Hamilton took steps to creating the measurement system, The Hamilton Scale; further revisions by Dr Oater Norwood resulted in the collective rename of the scale to The Hamilton-Norwood Scale in the 1970s. This article looks at the different stages of baldness indicated on the system.

Being bald is incredibly low maintenance. If you are a stage 6 or 7 on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale and wish to be completely bald, it is easy to stay in control of your hair. Options include clipping and shaving your hair, and once again hold financial benefits as there is no need to go to a Barber.

Checking the hairline is another important way of monitoring balding. A hairline working its way up to the crown is known as anterior recession. This is the second of the two main measurements of baldness recognized scientifically.

Skin experts recommend that bald men use moisturizer that has sunscreen integrated into the product. Even exposure to weak sunlight can increase the chance of skin cancer. Taking good care of your scalp can improve your health immensely.

Hair loss to an extent is normal. On average, people anything up to 100 hairs a day as part of their normal hair loss cycle, with hairs lost being replenished on a regular basis to allow a constant flow of fresh hair. It is when hair loss appears to be above average when action needs to be taken to stem the loss of hair back to normal.

It is common for men to feel a certain respect for influential bald men. In addition, the culture of shaven heads makes some bald men feel like they are part of a fashion clique. This can result in feelings of value and self-worth.

Male baldness has been proven to reduce the signs of aging. With the inability to determine whether hair is grey or not, there are less ways to distinguish the age of a bald people. This can prove beneficial to men who are in their 50s and 60s.

On average, 50 to 100 hairs are lost a day to be replenished by new hair. There are over 100,000 hairs attached to the scalp with the average lifespan of an individual hair between 5 and 7 years before replacement.

There are people who accept baldness as a coming of age. With a positive correlation between age and baldness, this could be seen as a very wise view to have. Only 1 in 4 men over the age of 80 are unaffected by baldness, according to a recent study.

If you are experiencing hair loss and your eating habits have recently deteriorated, there could be a direct link between the two. Your metabolism greatly affects your hair cycle. Dramatic changes to your eating habits can disrupt your hair discharge cycle and in turn can increase rates of hair loss.

As you can see, your health plays a key part in your hair's wellbeing. Keeping in good health can reduce the chance of hair loss and baldness. Investigate your family history of baldness as well to see if it affects you. - 30540

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