Methods of Alleviating the Ravages of Old Age

By by Anju Mathur, MD

Even though all of us grow old, there are many physical debilities and limitations attributed to old age that are easily averted. Resigning yourself to aging gracefully is not the goal.

A slowly crumbling body growing weaker with the years is not only preventable, but sometimes reversible. You have a choice. Advances in alternative medicine make longer and productive life possible.

You?ve heard the slogan that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, that maxim is paramount. Prevention is certainly wiser and less costly.

Natural medicine can apply safe, effective procedures that target the causes of aging. Natural hormone replacement and exercise and diet tailored for the individual are the basics of such procedures. The purpose is not to extend life to some advanced age, but to help the individual stay healthy and energetic throughout a lengthy old age.

With the right diet, lifestyle and hormonal and nutritional support, degenerative diseases and age-related health problems can be avoided or minimized.

Extra weight gain and fatigue, memory loss, muddled feelings, and weakness are all symptoms associated with age. These can be improved by these new methods. Some diseases resulting from old age can also be avoided or handled, such as late onset diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

The most important part of a program of rejuvenation would be replacement of the natural hormones that decline with age. The program would include detoxification of the body, testing and determination of what supplements the body needs and a doable diet for that particular type of body. Environment also plays a role and one would be urged to avoid environmental and personal toxins and lead an ecological life style.

A youthful old age is within your reach. It is not just a search for the fountain of youth, a dream of explorers of the past. Join the anti-aging program. - 30540

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