Uncommon Gout Causes

By Bart Icles

People affected with gout not only have to regularly check on the contents of the food and drinks that they ingest, as some of the ingredients being used may be harmful to them and bring about a sudden attack of gout. Some inherit the condition from their parents and so on, and are advised a medical regimen to help alleviate the pain and further prevent a recurrence. However, some gout causes are not commonly known to many.

Others have been diagnosed with having gout even though none of their immediate family members have ever suffered one. Although hereditary factors play a great role in determining a person's susceptibility to such a condition, some other hidden reasons need to be looked at to help find ways and means of addressing the problem.

People with an insulin resistance problem are more at risk to suffer from gout against those who don't have it. Insulin resistance happens when there is a high concentration of insulin in the system due to an imbalance in its production. This can lead to diabetes if left untreated, while also elevating the risk of developing gout in some individuals. Another factor that causes gout to happen and that is beyond the control of many sufferers despite following a low purine diet is of the consequence of having sustained a previous injury to a joint. Injured joints have the tendency over the years to accumulate a heavy build up of uric acid crystals and thus bring about gout.

Other reasons besides the presence of an injury to a joint that is linked to having gout can also be traced to placing undue stress on the joints, from lifting of heavy objects and to constantly making quick and sharp joint movements. People with hip problems, as also those with knee or ankle problems, such as the elderly or the overweight tend to become future sufferers of gout. The problem can mask itself as an attack associated with the injured joint, but may well be in fact being already an impending gout attack. For some, it may not occur at all, but for some unlucky ones the probability is high.

One gout cause can be due to exposure to very cold temperatures. For gout sufferers who reside in areas where there is a winter season, it may be in their best interest to temporarily move to some warmer places to avoid getting painful attacks. If, however, this cannot be done, then it is best to invest in thick clothes and apparels to keep warm at all times, and to stay indoors most of the time.

These not so common reasons may be beyond our control, but by just knowing how they cause gout attacks to occur can help address the problem correctly. - 30540

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