Degree Deodorant Products; A Favorite Brand With Consumers

By Alan Baker

Because of its effectiveness in fighting odor and its array of refreshing scents; Degree deodorant stands out from the crowd of the myriad brands of deodorants that are on the market shelves. It has been proven over time to be what it claims it can be, and it utilizes new technology and marketing principles to get its point across.

The main motto for Degree deodorant is "stop odor before it starts", and that has been their pledge from the beginning. Their technology works in sync with your bodily functions to prevent the actions of bacteria and other factors from becoming a problem, and they literally have got you covered so you can be odor free in any stress situation.

For men, Degree deodorant products go the extra mile and bring many varied products to the table for those guys involved in any type of stressed or active situation, such as sports, or heart pumping risky maneuvers, or stressed out workplace goings on. Their main logo for men's products, is "Protects men who take risks" and that along with some fantastic marketing videos and catchy labels form the core of the push for the men's business. Some of the labels for the products are Degree Ultra Clear Cool Rush, Degree Men Aerosol Extreme Blast, or Degree Ultra Clear Silver Ice---all of them producing good visual responses in the consumer.

Then we have the world of women with their own set of deodorant problems, so Degree deodorant products go to work by creating the line of products for women called "Dare to feel." There is a complete line of products that contains both deodorants and fragrances and is called the Classic Romance collection and as every marketer worth his salt knows, you mention the word romance to a woman and it acts like a fish hook. The women's products include ultra clear products, clinical protection and invisible solids.

Then we have the world of teens and young girls who have their own marketing set of Degree deodorant products----namely "Protection for every OMG moment". This group of products designed for teens and their unique deodorant problems---namely Tropical Power, Just Dance, and Love, comes with not only the deodorants and fragrances, but also a club that teens can sign up for called, the OMG Girls Network----and that provides all kinds of neat stuff that they can get involved with including blogs. There is an expert available online to answer any questions they or their parents may have and give advice when needed.

One unique factor that sets Degree deodorant products apart from the rest found on marketplace shelves, is that Degree uses silver ion technology in producing its products. Silver is an odor fighter and has been used for years by the military and the space program for that purpose-----the silver is embedded in the apparel worn by the personnel. Likewise, Degree uses silver ion technology in its deodorant products for odor control.

Because of their unique marketing approaches, labeling and design of their products, and advanced use of odor controlling technology; Degree deodorant products stand out from the rest and maintain a position of popularity that remains constant over time. - 30540

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