What To Do About Cysts On The Ovaries

By Amanda Clark

When dealing with cysts on the ovaries some women can experience pain and bleeding. Many women have cysts on the ovaries every year but most don't even know it. An ovarian cyst is a small sac that fills with fluid and develops on the ovaries. They are usually fairly harmless unless they grow too large. Your doctor may recommend surgery to have them removed.

Mostly ovarian cysts are not cancerous in younger people. Older women may end up with cancerous cysts if they do not see a physician about it. Ovarian cancer can be made up of small cyst. It is pretty common for women to have small pea size cyst that you do not know are there.

It can be hard to know if you have cyst on your ovaries. You can not allows depend on symptoms to know if you have cyst or not. The symptoms often resemble the ones of other problems. If you are concerned about having cyst then you should have an exam done by your doctor.

Menstrual irregularity can be a symptom of cyst on the ovaries. Heaviness and fullness in the abdomen or pressure on the bladder and rectum can be a symptoms also. Menstrual cycles can become painful and having intercourse can be painful too. The pain may vary quite drastically.

The doctor can determine if you need surgery to remove them or not. If the doctor finds that the cyst is bleeding, painful, or twisted he will probably remove it. If you are going to have surgery then you will need an exam, blood work and urine work plus an ultrasound or x-ray before any procedures can be done.

You can decide between two different procedures. The first is a very noninvasive procedure called laparoscopic surgery. Next is the open surgery which can be very invasive. It can require up to two weeks to recover. The laparoscopic surgery only takes about a week to recover from the pain. It does not matter which one you have you are going to need to rest to give your body time to get over the surgery - 30540

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