The Best Treatment To Defeat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Tom Nicholson

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you might need to reduce inflammation your body to either prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or at least subdue the symptoms. If you have inflammation, this can cause even greater swelling of the ligaments and joints so the pressure is put on the median nerve, which can cause CTS symptoms to flare up. How can you reduce your information?

Most CTS anti-inflammatory treatments begin with NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen or aspirin. If you have difficulties with aspirin or other NSAID medications, of course you won't be able to take these; in addition, some say that you should stay away from aspirin anyway if you've got carpal tunnel syndrome because the blood thinning caused by NSAIDs can simply make symptoms worse. If you can take these, though, you should be able to get over-the-counter versions of these drugs, and therefore not need any prescriptions. Make sure you take the drugs with plenty of water, so that your body can fully absorb the active ingredients and therefore make the best use of them. These drugs will come with instructions, which you should be careful to follow. They're not benign simply because they're over-the-counter. So make sure you follow directions, which will usually say that they should be taken every four to six hours, not to exceed a certain dosage within 24 hours. Make sure you follow label directions carefully. These drugs do cause side effects such as stomach bleeding if not respected, so make sure you do.

Once you've begun taking medication, you can help make it more effective if you limit the use of the wrist or hand that's inflamed for up to two weeks. After the two weeks have passed, tried to use your hand normally and see if pain and inflammation is reduced. If possible, wear a wrist brace at night to further immobilize the affected wrist and therefore minimize inflammation. If you still see little benefit after two weeks, go see your doctor; there are some very effective prescribed medications that are anti-inflammatory, although some of them may be steroidal in nature; this means that they'll need to be closely monitored because these medications do have side effects that can be detrimental.

There are also natural anti-inflammatories you can ingest simply as a part of your diet. Again, these aren't entirely benign, since although they are food and therefore "natural," they may be contraindicated if you take certain medications. Therefore, before you make any major changes to your diet, you should check with your doctor and make sure there are certain things you shouldn't ingest. There is one truly benign change you can probably make your diet, which is to reduce or eliminate your consumption of fatty red meat. These types of foods often encouraged inflammatory responses in your body, and simply eliminating them from your diet can greatly reduce inflammation. Instead of eating hamburger, each game meat like venison or lean, grass fed beef. Chicken and fish, too, are beneficial. Getting more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will also help reduce inflammation in the body. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of dairy and replace it with soy. Greatly reduce your consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates such as corn syrup, white flour and white sugar, as these can encourage inflammation in the body. Do get plenty of green, leafy vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits like berries (with no sugar added), drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of whole grain or complex carbohydrates. Minimize or eliminate "high glycemic" carbohydrates like corn and potatoes.

If you think this is excessive to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, at least give it a try before you make a final decision. You may find that making these changes so improves your symptoms that the small amount of deprivation you feel by following a much stricter diet is absolutely worth it. In addition, there are some exercises you can do to strengthen your hand, wrist and forearm so that your CTS symptoms are reduced or even eliminated. - 30540

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