Individuals With Skin Allergies Are Susceptible To Perleche

By Bart Icles

People from all corners of the world and from all walks of life get affected by a devastating and painful condition called Perleche. This is a very serious physical problem that can be a precursor to some potentially life threatening diseases. Because Perleche simply begins with a mild drying of the lips' skin, people tend to brush it away and pay no attention to it until it has already advanced into something more hideous and painful. Hideous to look at with its blood-filled, pus-soaked pores, and very painful every time it is touched or moved. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate individuals suffering from this condition, then you know the pain, suffering and embarrassment it brings.

Perleche is also called Angular Stomatitis, Angular Cheilosis and Angular Cheilitis and describes a specific kind of skin condition that directly affects the edges or soft folds of the lips. It manifests itself as cracks or slits that eventually turn into nasty lesions or ulcers. As the condition gets worse and the ulcerated skin becoming increasingly infected with bacteria and, or fungi, blood and pus may appear. This signals the gravity of the condition and if it is not immediately treated, will go on to become into something more potentially and seriously harmful to the individual. At any time during the time of the problem, it is highly possible for the bacteria and fungi to migrate into the mouth and throat, and finally into the body where it can cause untold harm to the body.

Individuals who have skin problems or allergies are the most likely of people to suffer from a case of Perleche. If you are one of these unlucky individuals who struggle daily from having cracked or dried lips often, then it's a great possibility that one day soon you will come face to face with this dreaded condition. So, before anything of this kind happens, it's better for you to consult your doctor or a good dermatologist to know how you can avoid getting Perleche and what to do in case the signs and symptoms are already present.

More people are turning to other methods aside from the usual medications being prescribed by doctors. It seems that modern medicines aren't the ideal solutions, and at most times, seem to worsen the problem more than ever. And the culprits - the bacteria and fungi are not only able to survive an attack from majority of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal creams being used, these are able to thrive in it while growing more resistant.

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