Six Great Gout Cures

By Bart Icles

If you or anybody close to you have gout, you would naturally look for gout cures that would really be effective. Normally, if you have gout, the attacks are frequent and really painful. They would really hinder you in doing your normal, day-to-day routines.

The best gout cures there are would be, of course, natural ones that you can do with no problems at all. All you need to have is self-discipline. Here are six of the most effective natural gout cures that exist:

1. You should avoid foods that are rich in purine. What is purine? Purine produces uric acid, also known as urate. Uric acid is produced through the xanthine and the hypoxanthine from purine. Uric acid is the final breakdown of purines which is then excreted through urination. If there is an excess, the excess uric acid is then stored in the body, which crystallizes and gets stored in the joints and the tendons, causing the pain that is brought about by gout attacks. Sometimes, a protrusion of the affected area would occur, a condition known as tophi. Some example of purine-rich foods are sweetbreads, sardines, liver, kidneys, scallops, gravy, lentils, spinach, crustaceans, beans, and scallops.

2. You should exercise. When you exercise, your muscles and your tendons become stronger and less susceptible to damage. Not only that, it helps reduce weight and, at the same time, make you maintain a healthy physique, both inside and outside.

3. You should apply hot and cold compress to the affected area. Alternating hot and cold compress on the affected area or areas during an attack is one easy gout cure that can be done by anyone. This formula helps dissolve the uric acid that has already crystallized. The hot water should be about ninety degrees Fahrenheit while for the cold compress, using ice cubes in plastic bags will do.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables daily. Their dietary fiber will help flush out naturally the excess uric acid out of the body. Just do not eat the vegetables that are rich in purine, like cauliflower, mushroom, asparagus, and spinach, to name the most popular.

5. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. This is because water would also help flush out the excess amount of uric acid in your system.

6. Cherries and cherry juice are great natural gout cure that can also be obtained anywhere. This is because cherries have anthocyanins, which are effective in remedying the inflammation caused by gout.

These natural gout cures can easily be done by anyone who is afflicted by gout. Making sure that you do them will ensure relief and, eventually, cure, for any gout attack episode that you will be having. - 30540

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