Yeast Infections And Your Health

By Anne Lemmings

Vaginitis is a common infection among women. Vaginitis is simply put as the inflammation of the vagina.

Vaginitis can come about by a number of causes and it can also take on several forms. Vaginitis often ensues when ones vaginal bacteria isnt able to destroy harmful pathogens.

Yeast infection is the most common for of vaginitis. This disease is so popular that most women will get a yeast infection at least once in a lifetime. The reason for why women get yeast infections is because Candida albicans colonizes their private areas. People with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to yeast infections than their healthier counterparts.

You must therefore keep the conditions of your vagina inhospitable for pathogens. To do this, you have to make sure that your normal flora is of sufficient number to counter any pathogen that decides to colonize the area. Vaginas are acidic for this reason. However, vaginal contraceptives and feminine washes can increase your chances of developing yeast infections.

The only consolation that you have upon knowing that you have a yeast infection is the fact that it isnt a sexually transmitted disease. There are several signs and symptoms that you will encounter with the disease. First, you are going to feel an itching to burning sensation in your vagina, accompanied by your vulva becoming swollen and having a white vaginal discharge.

If you are wary about taking antibiotics, you may try a certain natural cure for yeast infection. For instance, eating natural yogurt helps to cure yeast infections as yogurt contains the bacteria bacillus acidophilus which is capable of competing with and destroying yeast.

You can also do a few things to make sure that you wont get a yeast infection in the future. To do so, try dabbing dilute cider vinegar on your vagina every night.

If you find this to tiresome, you can drink extracts of olive lead and grapefruit seed. You can also fill up on cranberry juice. - 30540

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