What You Can Do To Fight Prostate Cancer

By Steve Zappa

If you have been following the latest developments in medicine and science, you will know that prostate cancer is now the number one killer of men over the age of 45. Even though doctors have been trained about this killer and more is known about how to prevent prostate cancer, most men are reluctant to follow a good diet or simply do not know how to reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer.

There are several things that men can do to lower their risk of getting prostate cancer.

Here is a list of facts and suggestions collated from a number of sources that you should know about.

One out of every six men will get prostate cancer sometime in their life. It is so common that no man should feel isolated or like a victim. Just focus on taking action quickly at the first sign of problems.

It is almost certain that quick action will lead to successful recovery. The sooner you visit your doctor and get referred to a Urologist the better your chances of successful treatment.

New drug trials for prostate cancer are underway thanks to the discover in 2002 of the gene responsible for the spread of prostate cancer. This gene is still being studied with the hope of producing new drugs that target this gene. For now, Chemotherapy is the current form of treatment.

Dietary habits are the common thread in most of the literature about prostate cancer.

1. Dairy products should be eliminated and replaced by soy. Just a couple of glasses of soy milk a day can have dramatic effects.

2. Lyocopene. Tomatoes have lyocopene which has shown to prevent prostate cancer. One tomato a day provides 4 mg of lycopene. Tomato juice provides up to 25 mg of lycopene.

3. Other fruits and vegetables are also recommended, such as avocadoes, pumpkins, beans and carrots and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

4. Garlic is also recommended because it has allicin which decreases the spread of cancer cells.

5. Eat broccoli. Broccoli contains selenium.

6. Reduce your intake of salt and of seasonings. Cancer has been linked to the increased intake of salt and seasonings.

7. Drink green tea. Drink green tea every day.

The diet above will radically reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer. - 30540

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