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By Rochelle Ahlenville

Are you looking for a menopause natural treatment? Good news! Every year over one million women in the USA and Canada start menopause. And just about every single one of them would be happy to have some relief from their menopause symptoms.

Menopause is a condition when the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body decrease. This is a natural process in the body and cannot be cured. The issue is, however, that menopause can result in symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, irregular periods, mood swings, frequent urination, brain fogginess and loss of memory- to name a few. So many women today, who are going through this transition in life, opt for a menopause natural remedy to reduce or eliminate these bothersome and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Tons of women are more and more worried about the negative secondary effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and hope to never take prescription medications to lessen their menopause symptoms. A highly effective way to reduce menopause symptoms without medicines is to use a menopause natural remedy like exercises such as yoga. Doing yoga has helped not only in the reduction of symptoms, but also in creating a mind-body connection in healing where a woman can meditate, breathe deeply and bond with other menopausal women who have similar experiences.

It has also been cited that weight bearing exercises and training for strength may help sustain strong bones. Current studies have concluded that physical movement by itself, can control hot flashes by at least 55%. Other studies of menopausal women have cited a 3.5% increase in lumbar spine bone mineral density for women who stuck to an exercise plan as opposed to a 2.7% decrease in a group of women who didn't regularly exercise. It is important to keep in mind that plenty of women do not have a set exercise workout and they may find the idea of a new routine scary. The nature of yoga as a meditative and gentle exercise practice may turn out to be a great fit with excellent results.

It is imperative that we emphasize the fact that yoga, when used as a menopause natural remedy, cannot eliminate all symptoms for all women, rather we should be clear that yoga is a practice of breathing, stretching and relaxation which can help the body deal with the side effects of hormonal fluctuations.

Moreover, yoga can help ease the psychological issues that can sometimes go with the physical changes in the body. Lots of women have found that yoga is quite helpful in their lives at this time.

There are yoga poses that can serve directly as a menopause natural remedy and can generally hone in on some specific menopausal symptoms. As an example, back bending can be a mood up-lifter. Inversion or opposite process poses, where the head hangs below the waist have been know to support positive hormonal functions in the body. These poses may require standing on the shoulders or head or may simply require bending forward.

Many yoga experts will argue that it is critical to balance your yoga routine with supportive poses and athletic poses. Standing poses such as the triangle have also been proven to support the menopausal transition. The most important aspect to employing yoga as a menopause natural remedy is to pay attention to what is working and what isn't. Just as the hormone levels in the body fluctuate, so will the need for you to change poses that work best with your particular symptoms.

When all is said and done, menopause is a unique experience for each woman. A menopause natural remedy such as yoga can help greatly in reducing menopausal symptoms and make this normal passage in life for women a much more agreeable journey.

Always make sure to discuss with your doctor any program of physical activity before you get started. Also discuss with your health care provider the effects of any medications whether they be pharmaceuticals that require a prescription or over the counter herbal remedies. This is your journey, take charge the natural way. - 30540

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