Wrist Pain and Wrist Pillow: The Intimate Connection

By Tom Nicholson

Are you someone who suffers from wrist pain? One thing that you cannot do when you are looking at wrist pain is ignore it! It is, after all, easy to ignore at first. You may start by feeling a little tingle in your wrists or you might even notice that your hand is moving a little slowly. However, as time goes on, you will find that the pain will grow worse and worse and when you take it to a doctor, you might hear something that you do not want to hear. This is why you need to consider what you can do to identify wrist pain that you might be experiencing and why you need to look into the low tech and easy to access support solutions help.

Know Wrist Pain

The issue with wrist pain is that it can affect your quality of life across the board. When you are dealing with wrist pain, you might not be able to type as fast as you could before and you will likely not be as able to use your fingers or your hands as smoothly. You will notice a decrease in your ability to function.

Think about what might be causing the wrist pain and also remember that wrist pain is usually the symptom of another disorder. Some of the issues that can cause wrist pain include tendonitis, ganglion cysts, bone fractures, muscle sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. There are many things that might cause wrist pain and the more you know about them, the better your chances of diagnosis are going to be.

While there is little that you can do to guard against arthritis and ganglion cysts since these are often beyond your control, physiologically-speaking, you do have something to say about the onset of tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. As for bone fractures and muscle sprains, you just have to be careful in the performance of your daily activities especially where sports are concerned.

Getting Good Wrist Support

When you want to guard your body from the depredations of things like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, you will find that you should start by maintaining good habits. Consider avoiding things like heavy shop work, or sports like racquet ball or weight lifting. At the very least, make sure that you are trained so that you can avoid the repetitive stress injuries that go with these sports.

Another thing that can help you shore up the muscles of your wrist is the a wrist brace. A wrist brace will wrap around your hand and your wrist, giving you the ability to keep your wrist straight when you type as well as allowing your tendons to be supported. The issue is that you do not want wear a wrist brace for too long a stretch of time because it can also cause damage in the form of muscular atrophy.

A wrist pillow can be used as much as you like, however, and it can greatly support your wrists when you are typing at your computer. There are plenty of tutorials online that can help you make them yourself so see which ones you want to make!

Wrist pain can be prevented with the right approach to using wrist supports. The important thing is that you are well aware of the need to do so and everything else will almost always follow in its wake. - 30540

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